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Google launches ads measurement system for cross-device campaigns on YouTube, DoubleClick, GDN

The ads measurement system that Google initially created for analyzing YouTube campaigns now includes data from the Google Display Network and DoubleClick. Google announced the expansion and the beta release of Ads Data Hub this week.The expanded scope of the cloud-based system further underscores the industry’s shift from relying on cookies to user and device IDs for tracking and reporting on ad performance as mobile usage has surpassed that of desktop. Ads Data Hub is designed to help advertisers measure the value of their campaigns as ads are distributed over an ever-expanding number of devices. Omnicom Media Group signed on as an early test partner.Ads Data Hub offers anonymized cross-device impression-level data from campaigns running on YouTube, Google Display Network and DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Marketers can hook in CRM, DMP or other marketing databases into the system to analyze campaign impact on the customer journey.Ads Data Hub runs in Google’s data warehouse, BigQuery. Ma…

Google warns authors, publications against misusing links in syndicated articles & posts

Google’s out today with a warning for anyone who is distributing or publishing content through syndication or other large-scale means: Watch your links.Google’s post reminds those who produce content published in multiple places that, without care, they could be violating Google’s rules against link schemes.Google says that it is not against article distribution in general. But if such distribution is done primarily to gain links, then there’s a problem.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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Why some ad tech vets have doubts about Havas’ new transparency platform

While a digital ad needs to be clear to make the sale, the digital ad industry has been racking up zillions of sales in ad placements while being as clear as a muddy pond.This week, the pond’s muddiness was confronted by major ad group Havas, which launched a platform that the company says is the first to offer full visibility into the programmatic digital ad system in real time. This comes on top of recent efforts at transparency-related solutions from Havas competitors Omnicom, WPP and Dentsu Aegis.Called the Client Trading Solution, the Havas platform is intended to let advertisers track their exact ad spending as well as the real-time performance. To find out if this new platform matters, we pinged some ad tech veterans.Jay Friedman, COO of programmatic media firm Goodway, doesn’t think this Havas offering will make much of a difference — and he doesn’t think the key problem is transparency.“Whether a brand has access to the dashboard, the invoices, or any other information, there…

How to create remarkable offers and increase your conversion rate

Boosting your conversion rate isn’t as easy as simply running some A/B tests or changing the copy on your landing page, hoping for a bump in conversions. Sure, that’s easy to do now, with web design tools for all experience levels and testing tools that empower marketers to dive into every aspect of their analytics.Maximizing your conversion rate is, however, as easy as a simple lesson in reciprocity. No, I’m not talking about which color button users are most likely to click on. I’m talking about the power of great offers, the principle of influence stating that when someone does something for you, you feel obliged to give back. For marketers, this means offering something truly valuable for site visitors, that will compel them to complete whatever lead generation action is in place.You can lay the groundwork for this two-way street with a few key steps.Know your audienceMaking a valuable lead magnet requires a firm handle on what kind of information your audience is seeking. After a…

What a 32-step journey to a Bruno Mars album can teach marketers and tech companies

Kathy Hutchins / My mom likes Bruno Mars. She also likes to hike and run. So she was excited when she got an iPod shuffle for her birthday, because it meant she could finally combine everything she liked in an extremely lightweight, easy way.Or so she thought.The iPod shuffle proved to be a nemesis to the family. Her birthday was in December. By May, two of my brothers and my stepdad had all tried and failed to add music to it. I heard tales of their woe over the phone.What was making this so hard? Why was this so hard? And where was this customer journey breaking down before Bruno made it to the iPod?The inside-outside experience gapMarketers, designers and developers are always trapped in their own heads. That’s what a computer is, essentially. You’re building an experience that is exactly tailored to everything you do. Virtually.The way you respond to colors and words, the things you notice first, what you look for when trying to solve something, the shortcuts you u…

How video impacts mobile web performance and UX, part 3: detecting and remedying issues

Video has become an important tool in the marketers’ tool box. Video storytelling is a useful and increasingly popular way to engage customers.But if your video doesn’t work properly or cripples your website or app performance it will become a major frustration to customers, marketers and techies alike.In the previous two parts of this column on data and download speed and autoplay and audio we learned:Video dominates mobile data trafficWhen implemented correctly, mobile video should not impact the speed that pages load on a mobile deviceMobile users start to become impatient after waiting just two seconds for a video to load; by 10 seconds a fifth will have given up.This column will explore how to detect, avoid and remedy issues with videos to give your viewers the best possible experience with your video content and keep them engaged and watching your videos.Jump to:How to detect problems with video
How to avoid problems with video
How to remedy problems with videoHow to detect proble…

The 7 Most Effective Lead Generation Strategies For Serious Content Marketers

No business can survive without attracting leads.It does not matter whether your business is online or offline, if you’re not generating quality leads, that business will definitely suffer.This is one area of marketing that most people often find challenging.Research carried out by the B2B Tech Marketing Community shows that: “The primary challenge B2B marketers often face is generating quality leads.”You might have tried several lead generation tactics before, but none have worked for you.And believe me, it’s hard. But the problem isn’t that you can’t do it.The problem lies in your strategy.However, remember it’s not only generating leads; you need to attract quality and targeted leads.If you’re just focusing on generating any lead, sooner or later you will find out you’ve wasted your time and effort.It’s just like struggling to fetch water from a river and then pouring the water into a pot with a lot of holes. I’m sure you know what the outcome will be.Don’t do this. You need to be …

Looking for a marketing automation platform? This guide takes the guesswork out.

All new for 2017, MarTech Today’s B2B Marketing Automation Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide is the source for the latest trends, opportunities and challenges facing the market for marketing automation tools.This 44-page report includes:profiles of 14 leading vendorspricing charts and capabilities comparisonsrecommended steps for evaluatingIf you’re considering a marketing automation platform, let this report be your guide. It will help you determine if your company needs a marketing automation tool, what capabilities you should look for and the typical costs involved.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download your copy.

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Marketing Day: Facebook news, AMP ads & CRO tools coming to AdWords

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Crafting a successful holistic search approach
May 25, 2017 by David Freeman
Columnist David Freeman believes that integrating paid and organic search into a single holistic search strategy can increase efficiency and help marketers make smarter, more data-driven decisions.The consumer decision journey in the increasingly complex search retail marketplace
May 25, 2017 by Christi Olson
As e-commerce continues to grow, retail marketers will need to invest in digital marketing. Columnist Christi Olson makes the case that search can strengthen your online retail strategy at every stage of the buyer journey.Facebook rolls out software tool to make AMP, Apple News pages more like Instant Articles
May 25, 2017 by Tim Peterson
Facebook’s tool will automatically convert Instant Articles to Google’s AMP and Apple’s Apple News formats.Taboola’s grid of re…

Crafting a successful holistic search approach

Now more than ever, brands are looking to maximize ROI for their marketing spend. Yet when discussing holistic search strategy and planning, I often get: “Everyone talks about holistic search, but no one’s doing it.” This always surprises me for three reasons:Both paid and organic search are targeting the same consumer.Holistic search strategy and planning is very straightforward to implement.It can maximize both performance and efficiency.For these reasons, holistic search should be a central part of any campaign. Below are the five areas that I believe are essential to crafting a successful holistic search approach.1. One purchase funnel, one shared keyword setUnderstanding the consumer and their search behavior is essential. This provides the insight that allows us to build a comprehensive picture of both the path to purchase and the consumer’s informational needs at each step of the purchase journey. From here, key topics and themes can be identified and extensive keyword lists de…

The consumer decision journey in the increasingly complex search retail marketplace

In the retail space today, it’s no longer business as usual. Retail is in a constant state of flux as more and more brands announce store closings; we’ve experienced a staggering 97 percent increase in store closures year over year, according to the National Real Estate Investor.But it’s not all doom and gloom. E-commerce sales are growing — in fact, according to Business Insider, “Though the US retail average growth rate in the first half of 2016 was just 2 percent for total retail, it was 16 percent for e-commerce.” Digital transformation is taking over the retail space as retailers scramble to adapt, survive and thrive.One of the unique challenges in this new landscape is how to market brands whose products are sold across multiple distribution channels and online marketplaces. Retailers need to decide if they should sell their product(s) through their own website or across other third-party distribution sites, such as Amazon, Target, Nordstrom, Alibaba or countless others.Retailer…