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Is your creative agency killing your campaign?

Let’s talk about your creative agency — the team of marketing gurus who take all the messy, disjointed advantages about your company that you provide them with and turn it all into a polished campaign. They did a SWOT analysis, the pitch is polished, and you spent exorbitant amounts of your marketing budget to get their campaign in front of your market.Then, the seemingly impossible happens: crickets. Was it the creative itself or something else? Let’s explore the possibilities.The creative may not be the issueOne of the biggest mistakes your agency is probably making is believing you. While you prefer to think that your agency is in the business of getting you great results, that’s actually their secondary goal.Their first goal is keeping the agency in business — a goal which requires making clients like you happy. It’s the reason you’re assigned an account manager whose only job is to refine how the rest of the team’s jargon is conveyed to you, their client.This relationship creates…

Optimizing for voice assistants: Why actions speak louder than words

“Hey Siri, remind me to invent you in 30 years”In 1987, Apple came up with the idea of a “Knowledge Navigator”. You can see the full video here, but it’s a concept that’s remarkably – and perhaps, not coincidentally – similar to our modern smart device assistants, Siri among them.Its features included a talking screen, reacting to vocal commands to provide information and sort calendars.In theory, we’re there, 30 years later – though the reality doesn’t always quite match up to the dream.Even when it does work, voice hasn’t always been exactly what people were looking for. The thing most adults said they wish their voice search systems could do was find their keys (though teens said they most wished it could send them pizza).Although we’re getting to the stage where that’s possible now, the majority of developments in voice have been voice search – talking to your phone to find out information.Showing search results for “Why can’t you understand me, you stupid phone”But while talking …