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Mobile marketing and in-store sales: what’s the correlation?

Today’s consumers research products on the go, using their smartphones to find and choose at which nearby business to make a purchase or eat a meal. Most visit the store they select on the same day.Yet most marketers can’t – or don’t – optimize their digital presence or measure the impact of their digital campaigns on in-store sales.On June 6th, join our digital marketing experts as they explore online and offline connections across multiple digital channels. They’ll discuss best practices to drive foot traffic, plus key metrics to measure the impact of digital search marketing, organic search, social media, and ad campaigns on top-line growth.Register today for “Mobile Marketing vs. In-Store Sales: Help! What’s the Correlation?,” produced by Digital Marketing Depot and sponsored by MomentFeed.

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Marketing Day: Google ad-blocking news, LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences & more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Is your information architecture costing your e-commerce web shop millions in lost sales?
Jun 2, 2017 by Trond Lyngbø
Solid information architecture is a key ingredient in any successful SEO program, as it can help or hinder search engine crawlers. Columnist Trond Lyngbø provides tips for e-commerce sites looking to optimize their site structure.Social bookmarking pioneer Delicious heads to the dead pool
Jun 2, 2017 by Matt McGee
Recently acquired by Pinboard, the site will stay online but will stop taking bookmarks on June 15.Don’t be tardy! Back-to-school searching starts in July — plan campaigns now
Jun 2, 2017 by Purna Virji
It’s not too early to start planning your back-to-school campaigns. Columnist Purna Virji from Bing suggests some ways to help you win over back-to-school searchers and stay a step ahead of the competition.The marketing…

Is your information architecture costing your e-commerce web shop millions in lost sales?

If you need water and decide that drilling a hole in Hoover Dam is a good idea, you’ll be rewarded with a thin stream that lasts for a long time. But if you want a lot of water, why would you stop with just one hole?I use this analogy whenever I speak to e-commerce firms about getting traffic through SEO. If you aren’t ranking on Google for all your profitable keywords, you’re going to be stuck with a trickle of traffic that represents just a fraction of your full potential.Wouldn’t it be nice if you could direct some of that unrealized traffic back to your website? Today, I’m going to talk about one way to help do that: by building out a logical and intuitive site architecture.Get started on the right foot with site architectureThe few e-commerce companies that are highly successful invest time and expertise into planning their website structure correctly from the beginning. By laying the foundation for your information architecture on the firm ground of expert analysis based on your…

Social bookmarking pioneer Delicious heads to the dead pool, once the internet’s top social bookmarking site, is shutting down later this month.The announcement Thursday came from Maciej Ceglowski — owner and creator of Pinboard, a competing bookmarking service — who says he bought Delicious last month from its previous owner, Delicious Media. (Ceglowski’s announcement has a good, brief overview of Delicious’ troubled history and repeated ownership changes.)Ceglowski says Delicious will go into read-only mode and stop accepting new bookmarks on June 15, but he plans to keep the site online after that date.As for the ultimate fate of the site, I’ll have more to say about that soon. Delicious has over a billion bookmarks and is a fascinating piece of web history. Even Yahoo, for whom mismanagement is usually effortless, had to work hard to keep Delicious down. I bought it in part so it wouldn’t disappear from the web.Delicious users will be able to convert their bookmarks to a Pinboard account ($11 per year) or wait until Ceglowski…

Don’t be tardy! Back-to-school searching starts in July — plan campaigns now

I know what you’re thinking. School is just winding down, and you want me to start planning back-to-school campaigns already?Yup. And here’s why: Back-to-school shopping and searching shift into high gear in July. And if you’re not ready, you’ll miss out on the second-biggest shopping holiday of the year.The second biggest — who’d have thought that, right? Back-to-school spending is second only to the December holiday season.Research shows that families with K-12 kids spend an average of $674 on the hottest sneakers, fashion trends, electronics, calculators and binders — and even more money for college-bound students.In fact, according to the National Retail Federation, in 2016 back-to-school spending hit $75.8 billion. (Can I hear a collective “ouch” from all the parents out there?)Which means for digital marketers, planning needs to start now. Below you’ll find two assignments (plus helpful insights) designed to help you move to the head of the class this back-to-school season.Assig…

The marketing career advice that no one gave me

As I started my professional career, I also started down another lifelong path of passion: bike racing. Early on, bike racing for me was all about riding, about putting in the time. The more I rode, I thought, the stronger I’ll be, and therefore the better at racing I’ll be.And for a while, this was true.But in bike racing, you hit a point where the competition is strong enough that just putting time in the saddle isn’t enough to ensure racing well. It’s at this point that you have to learn how to train for racing.Learning to race took me several years and many demoralizing races. But it was during this time that I learned one of the most valuable lessons for racing, my professional career and life:If you’re not moving up, you’re moving back.For racing, this is all about positioning and how to hold your position in the pack and race smart. This is important because the other 99 riders in the group are also trying to do the same exact thing you are: win. Which means that you have to be…