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3 ways to scale your SEM efforts when you are hitting a wall

It happens to every AdWords practitioner at some point. We launch our campaigns, split out exact match and broad match, mine for queries, work on expansions, test different initiatives, run betas, etc. – and then we hit a wall.What do we do next? How do we continue to push forward and scale our paid search accounts to capitalize on intent?Below are a few strategies to break through the SEM wall and grow your account in an effective yet efficient manner.Use Dynamic Search Ads for query miningThis is an obvious one, but many folks forget or tend to not use DSAs as they fear them going rogue and eating up spend without performing. First off, what are DSAs?DSAs are a campaign type in Google that allows Google to crawl your site, matches ads in real time to shoppers, and directs them to the landing page most relevant to their query. (I have written in more detail about DSAs and the various targeting types in a previous article, ‘Capitalize on volume and long tail in Q4 with Dynamic Search …

For Interbrand’s CMO, the path to the top began in a Madison, Wisconsin farmers market

Fifteen years ago, Andrea Sullivan joined Interbrand as part of its client services division in New York City. During her tenure, she has worked in a variety of roles for the brand consultancy, from being one of the co-founders of its corporate citizenship practice to leading all of client services for North America.After serving as Interbrand’s chief marketing officer for North American, she was named global CMO of the organization in June 2015.“Interbrand is the largest of our kind in a smaller industry,” says Sullivan, “We have 24 different offices around the world, so hopefully, we are wherever our clients need us.” She says her role is to ensure the organization is creating thought leadership that fosters leadership conversations among industry CMOs.In addition to her role as Interbrand’s CMO, she is also the co-founder of ONE HUNDRED. Part of the Omnicom agency, ONE HUNDRED is a consortium dedicated to the nonprofit sector, offering a number of services from advertising and bran…

Salesforce’s ‘State of Marketing’ Report: Customer experience takes center stage

AI is booming and customer experience is the key.So says the Fourth Annual “State of Marketing” report from Salesforce. In April, the company surveyed 3,500 marketing execs in 10 countries, not all of whom are customers.One of the big takeaways in this year’s report, Marketing Cloud Director of Product Marketing Meghann York told me, is the adoption of artificial intelligence by “high-performing” marketers. They and other marketers see AI tech as a way to boost efficiency, extract the most value from data and ramp up personalization.The report separates respondents into low-, medium- and high-performing marketers, based on how satisfied they are with their current outcomes. Twelve percent of respondents self-identify as the most satisfied high performers, and the report sees them as leaders.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Pega, Merkle launch Unified Data Management Platform

Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Pega Systems and performance marketing agency Merkle have announced the launch of their Unified Data Management Platform (DMP).The companies said that this new offering keeps paid media in sync with customer engagement, confronting some of the problems marketers have in keeping their ads up to date with customer reactions.Recently, Pega launched a Paid Media Manager that allows direct management of paid online ads, improving on its previous ability to deploy ads only in batch.The Paid Media Manager is integrated with Pega’s key tool, its AI-powered Customer Decision Hub that helps brands take the next best step with their customers. And both components communicate with any DMP through interactions set up by Merkle.The integration of the three components — Paid Media Manager, Customer Decision Hub and DMP — allows Pega’s brand clients to immediately update their advertising to known customers based on the customers’ responses.[Read the full article on Mar…