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4 under-the-radar UX flaws that are killing your conversion rate

As all business owners who operate an ecommerce website know, it can take a while to hit full stride in terms of conversion rate.When results are underwhelming, the first instinct might be to make big changes across the board.What a lot companies fail to realize is that a great deal of buying decisions take place subconsciously. Design errors can seem minuscule, but have a huge impact on the bottom line.It’s very possible there are a number of UX flaws in your layout that are turning visitors off at first glance. Here are a few things you may have overlooked in your approach.1. Lack of visual hierarchyWeb design is about so much more than just making a platform look pretty and appealing. The bulk of the process is about adhering to goal-based functionality. Using visual elements such as color, positioning, contrast, shape, size, etc. you can strategically organize the page so users get a strong impression of how important certain components are. Basically, it’s about where you want yo…

ShoutMeLoud June 2017 Income & Traffic Report – Russia Trip & More

Howdy Shouter,After great demand, I’m back with another monthly income report. This is a part of our transparent work culture where we share everything we learn so that users like you can also become your boss. If you want to read my ideology behind publishing income report, you should read this article & you can also browse all past income reports here.Last few months have been a rollercoaster for me as many things have been happening. In the month of June, I had to travel to two different countries for work: Turkey & Russia. These trips were unexpected and added a lot of value to my personal growth. I have written about Turkey trip here & will be publishing about Russia trip on my personal journal blog this week.We are in the mid of 2017 & if you ask me: Harsh, what’s your highlight for the first half of 2017?Well, to be honest, workways my first half was slow & not as productive as I wanted it to be. I thought building a house would be like hiring …

Marketing Day: Social media automation, modern commerce & Facebook video ads

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:A winning process yields winning results: Conversion optimization tips from SMX Advanced
Jul 3, 2017 by Brendan McGonigle
Itching to run that next big test? Columnist Brendan McGonigle shares insights on conversion rate optimization from SMX Advanced.Imagining the possibilities of marketing and artificial intelligence
Jul 3, 2017 by Rob Rasko
Ad tech isn’t dead. In fact, thanks to artificial intelligence, it’s evolving. Columnist Rob Rasko discusses the ways marketers are currently taking advantage of AI to transform their strategies.Social media automation: Oxymoron or godsend?
Jul 3, 2017 by Seth Price
When it comes to engaging with consumers on social, automation can save you both time and money. Contributor Seth Price outlines four things to consider when automating your social media content.What’s the future of modern commerce? Or, why did…

A winning process yields winning results: Conversion optimization tips from SMX Advanced

Earlier this month, keeping with the traditions of a welcoming summer, Seattle opened its doors to data junkies, optimization nerds and the search-obsessed in celebration of yet another SMX Advanced.Not speaking this year, I had more flexibility to sit in on some of the many useful presentations. Among the most compelling was a session led by Jeremy Epperson of 3Q Digital and Khalid Saleh of Invesp titled, “Conversion Optimization: Turning Quick Wins into Winning.”In my role at Yandex, Russia’s largest search engine, my primary responsibility is to help North American companies succeed in Russia. Russia is a top 7 Internet Audience in the world, so I’m frequently approached by North American CMOs with a desire to “test the market.” Of course, my initial reaction is, “фантастика!” (“Fantastic!”) In today’s digital petri dish, let the data determine direction — testing is always a good start.Both Epperson and Saleh not only communicated the value of testing, but also emphasized the nece…

Imagining the possibilities of marketing and artificial intelligence

The headlines say ad tech is dying or even proclaim that it’s dead.Consolidation is inevitable, no doubt, but I suggest that ad tech is evolving. Anyone who says that ad tech is dying is simply looking in the wrong place.Sure, buying and selling ads in squares and rectangles is becoming commoditized, and users are boycotting them. And why not? It’s 20-year-old format; you can argue that it’s lived past its lifecycle.But it’s important to look past the crowded landscape and see what’s ahead — there are lots of new and exciting solutions in advertising technology. Artificial intelligence is the area where I see incredible possibilities. Here’s why.As digital advertising matures, artificial intelligence (AI) will become ubiquitous. However, there are gaps in the evolution of AI and advertising solutions that will require a whole new set of service providers creating solutions to fill specific voids.From my point of view, ad tech isn’t dying, it’s simply morphing to meet the needs of toda…

Social media automation: Oxymoron or godsend?

As social media feeds fill with thousands of updates every hour, users have put a premium on original content that is timely and relevant to their interests. Brands looking to engage with consumers on social face getting lost in the noise, or even worse, eliminated altogether by ever-changing user preferences and platform features.All of this can make automation (the idea of “set it and forget it”) feel like a dirty word, but the truth is, it can be a godsend for marketers.If done wisely, there’s no reason your company shouldn’t benefit from a little planning and scheduling on social media — especially when it saves time and money, and allows you to spend more time on the things that really matter for your business.Below are four strategic ways to start automating your social media content (and freeing up your busy schedule).1. When to automateSocial media should be fun and engaging, not a tiresome chore. When managing social media accounts, we’ve all experienced the struggle of scour…