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WeLens introduces software to manage group screenings of 360-degree video VR

VR is rapidly becoming a way for brands to directly demonstrate the user experience of their products, or to visualize the care with which their products were created. But, since 360-degree video VR was initially created as a solo experience, the management of group screenings has not been a top priority.To handle that chore, Palo Alto, California-based startup WeLens is out with a solution called LensPass for managing group presentations at trade shows, showrooms and other locations. The company says this is the only offering that can manage and customize large scale VR screenings of 360-degree video.The problems, founder and CEO James Levy said in a statement, have been that “devices need to be manually setup one at a time, there’s no way to control and track devices, and the result is chaos, stress and elevated tech support costs.”The company says that LensPass, its first product release, eliminates the need for technical staff to run these kinds of VR screenings. Founded last year…

Amazon Prime hits 85M member milestone, researchers say

With Amazon’s third annual Prime Day just days away, new research out today estimates that the program has grown by 35 percent in the past year.Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) has been tracking Amazon Prime’s growth for the past couple of years, and its latest research estimates that there were 85 million Prime members as of June 30, 2017, the end of the second quarter. CIRP’s June 2016 estimate had the number at 63 million. And a year earlier, the number was just over 40 million — meaning the program has essentially doubled in size in the US in the past two years.Amazon doesn’t give out exact Prime membership figures, so estimates are the best anyone can do at this point. But, in a regulatory filing earlier this year, Amazon did specifically call out $6.4 billion in revenue from a line item labeled “retail subscription services.” That led other analysts to estimate Prime membership at between 65 and 80 million.Making the estimates more difficult is the fact that Amazon…

8 key steps for a successful Instagram takeover

Instagram takeovers are a great and mutually beneficial way for brands and influencers to work together.To make the most of an influencer’s huge audience base, many brands are collaborating with them and allowing them to take over their Instagram accounts for a brief period of time to showcase their personality and signature style while sharing promotional content. These so-called Instagram takeovers are becoming an increasingly popular marketing strategy for brands looking to grow their audience and find new ways to promote their content.With Instagram advertising features such as Stories and video, there’s so much you can do to make the most of Instagram takeovers.To ensure success, here are eight key steps to remember for a successful Instagram takeover.1. Identify your goalsBrands need to first outline what they want to achieve through an Instagram takeover. These goals can range from user engagement to product or event promotion and brand awareness.Focusing on getting the most ou…

What we learned from SEO: The Movie

Have you ever wished for a nostalgic retrospective on the heyday of SEO, featuring some of the biggest names in the world of search, all condensed into a 40-minute video with an admittedly cheesy title?If so, you’re in luck, because there’s a documentary just for you: it’s called SEO: The Movie.The trailer for SEO: The MovieSEO: The Movie is a new documentary, created by digital marketing agency Ignite Visibility, which explores the origin story of search and SEO, as told by several of its pioneers. It’s a 40-minute snapshot of the search industry that is and was, focusing predominantly on its rock-and-roll heyday, with a glimpse into the future and what might become of SEO in the years to come.The movie is a fun insight into where SEO came from and who we have to thank for it, but some of its most interesting revelations are contained within stories of the at times fraught relationship between Google and SEO consultants, as well as between Google and business owners who depended on i…

Give Instant Video Feedback To Your Remote Team Using Loom Chrome Addon

Becoming an online entrepreneur comes with its fair amount of pros & cons.Especially if you are someone like me who has a remote team and uses tools like Slack, Trello, and others to manage everything, you know how tough it is to give feedback.I used to give verbal feedback using Skype calls, or text-based feedback using email or Slack. I tried a lot of different methods. However, I recently found a free Chrome addon called Loom which has proven to be one of the greatest feedback tools I’ve ever used.Most of my feedback is given regarding writing or design work, and it’s crucial for the person who is getting the feedback to also see what I’m seeing.Well, that’s the problem that the Loom Chrome addon solves.What Is Loom & How It Will Help You In Online Business?Loom is a Chrome addon that can be used to record your browser, any particular app, or even your complete desktop. You can quickly record anything and share the recording with a client or remote employee or during a team…

Marketing Day: People-based marketing, new AdSense formats & Forbes most influential CMOs

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:How to determine if that ‘free audit’ solicitation email is legit
Jul 5, 2017 by Dianna Huff
It can be tough to determine if a ‘no obligation’ audit email is legitimate. Thankfully, columnist Dianne Huff shows how you can identify scams — and how to get basic website audit information for free.More content, less traffic: Part II
Jul 5, 2017 by Conrad Saam
Trying to determine whether it’s worth your time to invest in ever more website content? Columnist Conrad Saam lays out a framework to help you decide.People-based marketing requires good people
Jul 5, 2017 by Jose Cebrian
Columnist Jose Cebrian believes that to get the most out of marketing technology, you need to hire the right people who can help you use it to its fullest.Google goes after mobile native advertising with new AdSense formats
Jul 5, 2017 by Ginny Marvin
Publishers can now add …

How to determine if that ‘free audit’ solicitation email is legit

One of my small business clients forwarded an email to me with the question, “Do I want this no-obligation audit?”I stand behind the work I do, so I have no qualms if a client wants to use tools, or even reports, from other agencies to see how their websites stack up to the competition.But in this case, as soon as I saw the email my response was, “AAAEEE! No, don’t do it!” Why? Because it was one of those spam/scam-type emails.I get these emails from clients on a regular basis, so I thought it would be good to break down how to quickly spot a scam email. In addition, I’ll show how you can easily locate the relevant audit report information for yourself using Search Console.The scam: Free ‘no obligation’ auditAs you can see in Figure 1, the email appears to come from a real person: Alan Walker, Marketing Consultant; he’s letting my client know the company website is full of errors and that his large design team will fix all of them.Figure 1: The “no-obligation” email The email gives thr…

More content, less traffic: Part II

At the end of last year, I shared the results from three of our projects showcasing how we had increased traffic by reducing a website’s overall page count. Simply put, many of our clients had way too much content — pages and pages of content that not only didn’t generate traffic, but also had the unintended consequence of hurting traffic sitewide by diluting keyword and topical relevance. By consolidating pages and reducing the total page count of these sites, we saw some dramatic improvements in overall traffic.The purpose of this article is to lay out an analytical framework to answer an important question: How do I determine if I should continue to increase the content on my site?First, I should note that I work in the hypercompetitive legal industry — and lawyers have been belching out web content at a stupendous rate after hearing time and time again that “Content is king” and that “Google likes fresh content.” Law firms around the country have hired small armies of low-end writ…