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The 10 best Google Doodles of all time

Since 1998, Google has used its homepage to host an invariably inventive ‘doodle’.The Google Doodle actually began its life as a humorous out-of-office message for the company’s co-founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page. To let everyone know they had gone to the Burning Man festival, they placed the festival’s icon behind the second ‘o’ on their own company’s logo.It is fitting that what has become a forum for sophisticated artistic and technical expression began life as a stick figure. We can trace the Doodle’s development over time from a simple stick man to an interactive multimedia hub that educates and entertains on a variety of subjects.Google began experimenting with Doodles to mark historical events soon after the original Burning Man example and, such was its popularity, the Doodle became a daily fixture on the Google homepage.Undoubtedly, Google has taken a few knocks recently. The record fine levied against it by the E.U. made global headlines, the Canadian government ruled t…

Attributing affiliate value: Looking beyond consumer journey position

The popularity of the already well-established affiliate channel continues to grow as part of the marketing mix. US affiliate spending will total $5.37 billion in 2017, according to an eMarketer report, a 12 percent increase over 2016’s $4.78 billion. The same report states one of the reasons for this growth is that it is highly measurable — a key characteristic of performance marketing as a whole.However, the demands on affiliate marketers to accurately measure performance are becoming more sophisticated as the modern consumer journey becomes increasingly complex. As such, more marketers are realizing the importance of attributed measurement than ever before: Almost 60 percent of US marketers expect to carry out cross-channel measurement and attribution in 2017, according to a study.As affiliate marketers look to measure performance across the whole consumer journey for a better understanding of the value of their work, more affiliate networks are promoting their own attribution capa…

EaseUS Todo Backup Review

Malicious programs, power failures, corrupted data, faulty drives, there are just so many things that can make us lose our files. Keeping backups is a great precaution and an easy way to secure our files.But, creating backups manually can be a pain and managing a great number of backups at once manually, is an even bigger pain.That is where backup programs come in and we’re taking a look at one of them today, it’s called EaseUS Todo Backup.What is EaseUS Todo BackupTodo backup is a backup program that makes backing up and restoring our files an easy process. It comes with a lot of features, packages, pricing options, and it’s easy enough to use even for someone who never had to backup a file in his life.Highlight Features of EaseUS Todo BackupEasy to install and useReliable and secure backup optionWindows 10 compatibleProsA wide variety of features and pricing optionsSystem backupThe ability to copy a disk sector by sectorThe ability to schedule backupsNo reboot required to use itCons…

Vintage Italia’s CMO credits his father with being the most influential person in his career

As the CMO for Vintage Italia, Adam Cohen oversees marketing, strategic partnerships and events for the brand’s Pasta Chips and Pasta Bow Ties product lines.His latest marketing initiative is a collaboration between Vintage Italia’s Pasta Bow Ties and Tipsy Elves, a holiday-themed apparel company that is known for its ugly Christmas sweaters.“We’ve co-designed festive packaging for our bestselling Honey Butter, Meatball Parm, Creamy Ranch, and Smooth Cheddar Pasta Bow Tie flavors,” says Cohen, “The bags have been re-imagined with classic holiday characters like reindeer, elves, snowmen, and, of course, Santa.”Cohen says the campaign will be a cross-platform effort on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, as well as an ad component with iHeart Radio’s Jingle Bells concert series. The brand will also be launching a sweepstakes via its social channels where followers are given a chance to win tickets to iHeart’s Jingle Ball.“Naturally, we had to take it a step further and carry these designs …

IAB Tech Lab releases MRAID 3.0 for creating in-app rich media ads across platforms

The IAB Tech Lab announced the release of MRAID 3.0 on Thursday. This version of the Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions builds on the universal specs for creating in-app rich media ads that can automatically run in any MRAID-capable app, across devices and operating systems.“MRAID will be the bridge for in-app advertisement that allows the industry to focus on being creative instead of being bogged down supporting proprietary implementations,” the IAB Tech Lab said in the announcement. “MRAID 3.0 provides compelling interfaces for the creative to understand where and how it fits in an application, and enables it with a much better way to deliver the brand’s creative experience to the user.”The release comes after a public comment period during which the IAB Tech Lab says it received more than 50 comments and suggestions that resulted in improvements and additional new features.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Snapchat launches new features, including Paperclips for links within Snaps

Snapchat is taking a step that Instagram simply hasn’t, with new features on both its iOS and Android app that include allowing marketers and any content creators to add links to their Snaps.The most notable announced feature is Paperclips, allowing users to attach websites to Snaps, simply by tapping the Paperclip button within the Vertical Toolkit and adding the URL. Users viewing the Snap can then swipe up to open the website in Snapchat’s built-in browser.Until now, this feature was limited to paying advertisers; now, it’s open to the entire user base. Benefits include adding more commentary to a Snap or background information, or simply letting the viewer know where they can learn more.Of course, to avoid abuse of community guidelines, Snap has a number of safety tools and provides information about potential harm some links may do to a user’s system. Objectionable links can also be reported by viewers.Other features announced include some funky new options, including backdrops w…

Marketing Day: WeLens 360-degree video VR, Amazon Prime hits 85M members & more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Here’s why marketers should not ignore this Supreme Court case
Jul 6, 2017 by Kate Kaye
Marketers accustomed to utilizing the voluminous flow of data provided by mobile device carriers should keep an eye on an upcoming Supreme Court decision.WeLens introduces software to manage group screenings of 360-degree video VR
Jul 6, 2017 by Barry Levine
Originally targeted at individual experiences, 360-degree video is now being shown to audiences in showrooms, trade shows and other venues.Amazon Prime hits 85M member milestone, researchers say
Jul 6, 2017 by Matt McGee
Latest data from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners estimates that Prime membership has grown 35% in the past year.8 key steps for a successful Instagram takeover
Jul 6, 2017 by Cley Williams
Thinking of asking a celebrity or industry leader to take over your Instagram account? Cont…

Here’s why marketers should not ignore this Supreme Court case

The massive flow of data emanating from mobile phones and sent by carriers into the ad and marketing ecosystem could hit a blockade in the Supreme Court.A case set to be heard in October deals with the ability for law enforcement authorities to obtain location data about suspects through cellphone tower records. However, some say it could have implications for location data used by advertisers and marketers to segment and target audiences for ad campaigns, as well as to gather consumer insights.The ecosystem that’s threatenedWhile much of the location data used for targeting and measuring ad campaigns is derived through mobile apps, a lot of it enters the marketplace directly via mobile carriers. Firms including SAP, IBM, HP and a burgeoning field of European startups including Zeotap and Smartpipe, have partnered with carriers to transform mobile data representing precise locations traversed by people into information used for marketing.Verizon, Sprint and AT&T have built busines…