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Accelerate your marketing with the MarTech Power Pack

Are you responsible for ensuring your organization thrives in this software-powered world? Then the MarTech Power Pack is for you. You’ll gain insights, ideas, and strategies you can use to accelerate your marketing and marketing organization.Brought to you by the Martech conferences, the Power Pack includes:An exclusive webinar presentation of “5 Disruptions Reshaping Marketing As We Know It”, hosted by leading martech authority Scott BrinkerA 20-page companion e-book to the webinarA high-resolution MarTech Landscape graphic, open-sourced MarTech landscape database, and a behind the scenes podcast with Scott and Anand ThakerMore than 200 MarTech conference speaker presentations and videos from previous MarTech Conferences.Click here to access the MarTech Power Pack today!

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Marketing Day: Chatbots, content production models & Microsoft’s earnings report

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Building an Amazon Alexa Skill is so easy, Grandma can do it
Jul 21, 2017 by Paul Shapiro
How can you tap into the power of Amazon’s Alexa? Contributor Paul Shapiro walks you through the different types of Alexa Skills you can create and explains how to easily set up a Flash Briefing Skill.The name is Bot, Chatbot: How to shake up conversions with stirring conversations
Jul 21, 2017 by Purna Virji
Columnist Purna Virji explains why an AI-driven conversation agent can potentially be the best sales assistant you have, and provides advice for how to plan and implement your own chatbot.Comparing content production models: Which is right for your business?
Jul 21, 2017 by Rachel Lindteigen
Columnist Rachel Lindteigen discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the hub-and-spoke model and the skyscraper technique to help you determine which is the …

Building an Amazon Alexa Skill is so easy, Grandma can do it

Amazon devices with the Alexa agent Last holiday season, the Amazon Echo was at the top of everyone’s wish list. Amazon sold a lot more than they had expected, and they had difficulty keeping the product in stock. Estimates place the number of devices sold at over 9 million, about nine times what they sold the year before!And this year’s Prime Day yielded similar, impressive success. With those kinds of numbers, as marketers, we really ought to be thinking about ways to capitalize on that momentum. One way is by building our own Amazon Alexa apps, known as “Skills.”When I first got my Echo, I was excited to start programming my first Alexa Skill. I soon came to realize that although you can certainly build some awesome, more advanced skills with some programming chops, it isn’t necessary to write a single line of code if you just want to get your feet wet with Alexa Skill creation. It was so easy to make my first Skill, in fact, that I’m fairly certain my not-so-technically-savvy grand…

The name is Bot, Chatbot: How to shake up conversions with stirring conversations

Think back to five short years ago: Facebook IPO’d; Oxford American Dictionary named “gif” its word of the year; and your only options to order pizza were by phone or on a website.Five years! It seems like forever ago.Now, Facebook stock has only gone up since its much-decried stock market debut, gifs are old hat (though the “jif” vs. “gif” pronunciation debate rages on), and you can order pizza by text, chatbot, Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana and more.It’s not just pizza. New technology is changing the way we behave as consumers and marketers. The landing page, once the internet’s gatekeeper and conversion hotspot, is becoming unessential. It’s a middleman that’s growing middle-aged and might not know what “the cool thing” is anymore.The new conversion platform for brands and commerce?Conversation.From AI with loveWhere the conversation happens matters.According to a 2016 Ovum study, 53 percent of American and German respondents stated that they favor talking with businesses throug…

Comparing content production models: Which is right for your business?

If you’ve been in content marketing for a while, you’re probably familiar with different content production and development models. Two common ones are hub-and-spoke and skyscraper content. It should be noted that there are other models as well, but these are two of the more popular approaches people take.How do you determine which one is right for your business? As with all marketing, it’s important to start with your goal in mind. What outcome do you hope to achieve from this content marketing program?Starting with the end in mind helps us zero in on which strategy will help us the most. You also need to think about the resources you have on hand, the budget available and how much content you can produce in a specific time.The hub-and-spoke modelThe first model is often referred to as the hub-and-spoke model. In this model, you focus on producing big, in-depth content pieces that are often gated and used as an opt-in for your business. These in-depth pieces are your “hub.”Hub conten…

Survey results: Here’s what 376 marketers say is working in online marketing

For entrepreneurs and startup founders looking for new ways to grow their businesses, there’s no shortage of information on the “whats” and “hows” of digital marketing.For the past decade, I’ve done my best to provide even more information in those categories, helping entrepreneurs with everything from the basics of building an online presence to advanced tactics in categories like SEO.But it’s also important to zoom out, beyond the strategies and tactics, so we can understand the “whys” behind marketing — as well as where it’s headed and when.Last year, I attempted to answer these questions with an original survey I called “What Works in Online Marketing,” and I walked away with some interesting revelations about the state of the industry. Now that it’s a year old, I figured it was time to redistribute the survey and find out exactly where we stand today.You can download the entire report here (registration required), but below, I’d like to highlight some of the most interesting find…