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Got amazing content but no leads? 5 ways to rethink your paid strategy

In the digital marketing world, there is an overabundance of content about content marketing. If you’re marketing a business, the promise of consistent, top-of-funnel organic traffic growth from content marketing is extremely promising!So you digest content about creating content, open your blog subdomain and check the proverbial check boxes for SEO optimization, keyword targeting, and a strategic call-to-action to generate leads. Maybe you even outsource the design to take it to the next level.What happens when you press publish? It’s like a ceremonial ribbon-cutting: People might show up, but they’re really just friends of the person holding the big scissors or passive onlookers who were walking by when they saw someone with large scissors.That’s what creating good content can feel like. You put in a bunch of upfront work that feels worthy of a great launch party, only to realize you didn’t invest nearly enough in the next step: distribution.More often, the next step turns into comp…

Navigating the programmatic turn in content distribution

Content is now a permanent fixture of the digital enterprise. Whether in-house or through third-party studios, whether as a C-level function or as the job of interns, brands are making content as a matter of course and distributing it to varying degrees of success.In today’s fragmented media environment, the adage “content is king” has never been more true or relevant to marketing strategies.The prospect of activating programmatic channels to amplify branded content distribution calls forth the many pros and cons that have already been explored thoroughly in the context of programmatic display. Concerns include quality, brand safety, viewability and verification in an arguably even higher-stakes environment.As with programmatic itself, success comes not only from the new technology, but from an approach that understands both the immediate benefits of massive reach and the potential negative consequences of using that tech.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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European regulators turning up the heat on Facebook, other social sites to modify terms

Google’s recent $2.7 billion antitrust fine in Europe had a material impact on its quarterly earnings. The possibility of additional fines facing Google and its rivals raises the stakes in Europe for US internet companies seen to be in violation of European privacy or competition rules.These are the two fronts that European regulators are addressing: privacy and competition. According to Reuters, regulators have rejected as insufficient recent efforts by Facebook, Google (Google+) and Twitter to bring their user terms into compliance with European regulations:The European Commission and consumer protection authorities in the bloc wrote to the three companies in June, asking them to improve their proposed changes to user terms by the end of September, according to letters sent to the companies and seen by Reuters on Monday . . .The concerns centre mainly on procedures the social media companies proposed to set up for the removal of illegal content on their websites, terms limiting thei…

Are you a content hoarder? Maybe it’s time for a blog cleanup

Have you ever seen one of those hoarder shows? You know the ones where you get invited into a person’s house only to find stacks of old newspapers and wall-to-wall junk piled all over the home? Scary.But did you know that you may have a similar hoarding problem — with your blog?How to tell if you’re a content hoarderWhen is the last time you went into your blog and looked at all your old or outdated blog posts? If you look and see several years’ worth of content on your blog, it’s probably time for a content audit and clean up — especially if you’re in the digital marketing industry or another industry that changes frequently.What’s the harm in keeping under-performing blog posts or outdated content alive on your site? These days, high-performing, quality content is more important than ever to your organic rankings. Keeping old or low-quality content can lead to higher bounce rates and/or fewer clicks, and these factors could hurt your site’s overall authority with Google.[Read the fu…

How to bring your potential customers back with retargeting

Retargeting is a pretty big deal these days. In fact, AdRoll reports that over 80 percent of marketers ran retargeting ads last year.And really, that’s no surprise.As a business, there’s nothing quite so frustrating as a potential customer who comes to your site, pokes around a bit… and leaves. So, it’s natural that we would want to get our ads back in front of these people, hoping that they’ll come back and actually convert this time.The only problem is, for our potential customers, there’s often nothing quite so frustrating as a poorly timed, overly pushed retargeting ad.How do you fix this problem? How do you get those non-converting visitors to come back? How do you create retargeting campaigns that give your potential customers what they want, when they want it?[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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Amazon advertising: Beyond Prime Day

Name a big search engine. If you didn’t mention Amazon, you should. It’s a vast commerce search engine whose reach extends far beyond “hard good” products — especially as Amazon moves into digital content delivery and services.Many marketers — especially as the holiday shopping season approaches — are struggling to decide where Amazon fits into their marketing and distribution strategies.With Amazon delivering a 60% year-over-year growth rate for Prime Day, it seems unstoppable. Depending on where you sit in the value chain of commerce or services, Amazon is a combination of friend, foe, frenemy or perhaps even a “co-opetititor” (I borrow this term from my professor Barry Nalebuff’s book, “Co-opetition.”)Stressing the ecosystemAmazon isn’t the first “partner” that businesses are struggling to define as a friend, foe, frenemy or co-opetititor. Similar scenarios repeat throughout recent marketing and business history. Partnerships between brands and their marketing, advertising and dist…

Pump the brakes: SEO and its sweeping statements

The following article is an opinion post written by a guest author and may not necessarily reflect the views of Search Engine Watch.Knee-jerk reactions are rarely based on sound judgement. Instead they are driven by emotion. In such scenarios, you would be better off giving due consideration prior to taking action.The problem is that this advice is lost upon what would appear to be a worryingly large portion of the SEO world. At critical points, the SEO community has proven that they are prone to not only making knee-jerk reactions, but then vehemently defending these reactions long after the dust has settled.It is somewhat excusable though. Search Engine Optimization is an imperfect science. Google is continually changing their fiendishly complex algorithms and will often neither confirm or deny such changes.It’s a poker game where everyone wears masks and keeps their cards very close to their chest – and no-one shows their cards for free. Add to this the threat of your website being…

Christmas in July: Get Free ConvertKit Email Marketing Tool [Limited Time]

How does a month of free email marketing tool sound to you?Most of the bloggers start email marketing at a later stage of their career as it’s a tool for growing bloggers. Email marketing helps you to create a relationship with your subscribers and helps you in growing your brand. In the past, I have written a lot about Email marketing for beginners and today I’m sharing about an exclusive promo from ConvertKit that you can take advantage of.ConvertKit is the email marketing tool I’m using for ShoutMeLoud. The best thing about ConvertKit is built by bloggers, for bloggers. It’s suitable for beginners and also for power users who want to take advantage of Segmentation and tagging.Read: ConvertKit For Beginners: Why I Switched From Aweber to ConvertKitThey also have a feature rich WordPress plugin that helps you to quickly collect email list from your WordPress blog.  Their price starts @29/month and grows as you grow your subscriber base.  However, you can save their first month free a…

Marketing Day: Customer journey content, YouTube sunsets video editor & more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Look internally to achieve external marketing impact and better results
Jul 24, 2017 by Scott Vaughan
Don’t focus all your marketing efforts on external customers and stakeholders. Columnist Scott Vaughan explains how stepping up your internal communications will boost your marketing results.How long does reputation management take?
Jul 24, 2017 by Chris Silver Smith
Columnist Chris Silver Smith discusses the factors that affect the time it takes to clean up online content that damages your name or reputation.Developing content for the customer journey
Jul 24, 2017 by Bobby Lyons
Columnist Bobby Lyons explains why SEOs must move away from ‘SEO content’ and start thinking about content that meets users’ needs throughout the buyer journey.Amazon Prime Day’s surprising effects on Google AdWords performance
Jul 24, 2017 by Andy Taylor
Columnist And…

Look internally to achieve external marketing impact and better results

Marketing is arguably the profession going through the biggest transformation, with the most potential to boost a company’s revenue growth. The ability to delight, engage, create and build customer loyalty through great experiences and superior products has never been so accessible as it is today.While marketing teams rightly focus heavily on external customers and stakeholders, we’re missing an important audience in our mission; we must extend our focus to educating, inspiring and showcasing our work to key internal stakeholders.Finance, sales, business/partner development, IT, HR, customer service and the employee base in general are an invaluable part of the marketing effort today. These groups can carry the message directly to customers and prospects, fund critical initiatives to increase your impact, find the right talent to make a difference, apply technology to improve your effectiveness, and make recommendations to customers to get them more deeply invested.Ironically, marketi…

How long does reputation management take?

Just about the first thing that a potential reputation management client will ask when considering asking someone to clean up their name in the search results is: “How long will it take?”This is unfortunately not easy to answer. Deploying content and changes to displace something negative in Google and Bing is complicated, involving literally thousands of variables, and it typically requires development over a period of time.One truism of online reputation management is that when a reputation repair project is undertaken, the company or individual that is the subject of the work typically has woefully insufficient web assets and content.Executives frequently eschew having social media profiles or personal websites, out of the misguided belief that by doing so they are preserving their privacy. Small to medium-sized businesses often believe they’re not all that affected by their online presence, until something appears that damages them on page one.Individuals and companies often must …

Developing content for the customer journey

Ten years ago, referring to content on a page as “SEO content” was often appropriate. Keyword density was still a strong factor for ranking page content, and SEO professionals struggled with achieving SEO objectives while still providing an engaging content experience for the customer.Today, I still occasionally hear content requested and/or developed by my team referred to as “SEO content.” While it is easy to be offended, the fact is that there was a time in SEO where content quality was not our top priority, so we must own our past. Certainly Google, Bing, and Yahoo share part of the blame, as we were simply playing the hand we were dealt at the time.Google has since reshuffled the deck, and the hand we are dealt today requires that our content compete at a quality level. Now when I hear someone refer to content as “SEO content,” I take a deep breath, and I begin my education process. The process always begins with acknowledging the past, and then it is followed with a detailed exp…

Amazon Prime Day’s surprising effects on Google AdWords performance

Prime Day is now Amazon’s largest sales day of the year, growing more than 60 percent YoY and surpassing last year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday, according to Amazon’s numbers. With so much shopping activity, many retailers now see ripple effects across different marketing channels stemming from Amazon’s big sales day, which was held on July 11 this year.This is certainly true of paid search, where retail brands (somewhat surprisingly) saw stronger conversion rates on Prime Day, and less meaningful shifts, such as bumps in search partner impression share. Here, we’ll dive into advertiser performance and what it means for Prime Day expectations moving forward.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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