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The psychology of search: Unleashing the power of connection

Why do companies large and small invest billions of dollars each year in search engine optimization (SEO) and other search marketing tactics? There is more to the answer than, “Because it just works.”The truth is that there are a number of psychological principles that can explain why search is such an effective form of marketing. Understanding why users interact with some search listings and not others can help you craft a better user experience, from the initial click all the way through to the conversion.Every decision we make based off one of two motivations: We are either looking to avoid or remove pain, or we are looking to gain pleasure. Pain and pleasure drive us to look for ways to make our lives better.Pain and pleasure are key driving forces behind every person’s action. As search marketers, we can use this understanding to help us better align our products, services, website pages and search strategy to connect with people on a deeper level.[Read the full article on Search…

Linqia unveils ‘first’ platform for predicting influencer engagement

Linqia is out this week with a new version of its platform that it says offers the first predictive analysis of influencers’ performance.Based in San Francisco, the company has been offering performance-based influencer marketing since 2012, where brands pay by clicks, likes, shares and other performance metrics for influencer campaigns on blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter.Previously, VP of Product Jonathan Pollack told me, Linqia employed machine learning for various kinds of classification, such as summarizing influencers’ posts, estimating brand affinity, recognizing images and analyzing sentiment. This provided the kind of classification that other influencer platforms offer, he said, such as Amplero or Dovetale.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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When Marketo went offline, self-described ‘geek’ rescued domain after their own failure to renew

Oops.Or the corporate equivalent of that expression probably was uttered Tuesday at the headquarters of marketing tech giant Marketo, when its domain apparently expired.It might well have been followed by a collective “thank you” to one Travis Prebble, a senior applications engineer in State College, Pennsylvania.The Twitter feeds of both parties tell the basics of this story arc.Early Tuesday morning, Prebble tweeted the following:@marketo Hey, did anybody notice Marketo failed to renew We have some sites down because the munchkin.js fails.— Travis Prebble (@TravisPrebble) July 25, 2017 [Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Tru Optik announces collaboration with comScore

Tru Optik has been busy boosting the data credentials of its OTT [Over-the-Top] Marketing Cloud.Last week, it announced a global partnership with data management platform Lotame, which is providing Tru Optik with more data for non-U.S. markets. And this week it is announcing a collaboration with cross-platform measurement and analytics company comScore.Tru Optik CEO Andre Swanston noted that comScore is one of two big data providers for linear TV ad buyers — the other is Nielsen — that offers the kind of demographics data TV advertisers are most comfortable with.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Forging customer connections in a privacy-obsessed world

The digital disruption that has revolutionized the way people communicate and do business has changed its course in recent years.Where consumers had become accustomed to sharing their personal information in exchange for benefits and services from businesses, many are now feeling a growing concern for the privacy and security of this information and are less willing to share.They’ve realized the drawbacks of putting their lives online, primarily that opening up their information to brands can invite marketing practices that are, at their worst, highly invasive.Brands that use consumer data to target and reach their audiences are now faced with the challenge of addressing consumers’ reluctance to share while still meeting their business goals. They need to use effective marketing practices to acquire new customers, but also be cautious about not overstepping the boundaries these customers have put in place.How can marketers walk this fine line without tripping up?The catchA key factor …

How to Add the Facebook Messenger Chat Widget in your Website

Facebook Messenger, with more than a billion monthly users. enables brands to have real-time one-on-one conversations with their customers. Businesses can also embed Facebook messenger buttons on their website and visitors, whether they have a pre-sales question or need to resolve an issue, can initiate a conversation with the simple click of a button.The only downside with embedded buttons is that visitors will have to exit your website to send a message through Facebook Messenger. Wouldn’t it be nice if people could stay on your website and yet be able to message you through Facebook?Well, that’s possible with the help of the Facebook chat widget (demo).  The widget sits in the corner of your page and when someone clicks the Facebook Messenger icon, a non-intrusive chat window pops up where visitors can type and send you a private message.Here’s a live demo of the Facebook chat widget.Embed Facebook Chat WidgetIt takes one easy step to integrate the Facebook Chat widget in your web…

How to tell if your website is due a redesign

Designing a functional website doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and energy (and sometimes, a lot of money) to get your site in working order.Like any other technology, the internet changes at a rapid rate. Users are utilizing various devices to view websites. For your users to maneuver through your website, you need to constantly update and adapt.Plus, Google algorithms are constantly changing – your website’s usability affects your Google search rankings.In short, you may not know that your website needs an overhaul. It’s tricky to keep up with the constant changes that take place behind the scenes. Thankfully, there are signs that your website needs a facelift.Here are some of the signs that your website needs redesigning.High bounce rateThe analytics of your website show more than how users navigate through your website. They also show whether or not you should be optimizing your website’s design.One of the biggest analytics you should be looking at is your bounce rate. Belo…

MeetEdgar Review: Is This The Ultimate Social Media Automation Tool?

I have a love-hate relationship with social media. While I understand it can boost my blog’s traffic and increase my social media following, I don’t like spending hours on it each day hoping to “make it happen”.That’s why tools like CoSchedule, Social Pilot, Agorapulse, and Hootsuite all appeal to me. I’ve tried them all at one point…All these social media automation tools help save time and effort and let me focus on doing more important things.I thought I’d seen it all — being a lazy social media marketer — until I discovered MeetEdgar.MeetEdgar, or Edgar as he is sometimes referred to, is a social media tool that can schedule, curate, and repurpose content so your social media accounts will never run out of updates.Unlike the other tools I mentioned, Edgar’s strength lies in his ability to keep publishing posts long after you’ve stopped feeding it content.Edgar is truly a master social media marketer.The Six Step Process To Setting Up EdgarThere are six main steps to setting up Edg…

Three must-read ABM trends for 2017

Data-driven Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is creating a digital revolution and rewriting the rules of B2B marketing as we know them. In this report from Oracle, you’ll learn how programmatic media is dramatically improving the scale, automation and impact of ABM efforts. You’ll also discover how analytics are used to optimize ABM campaigns and how account-based data is making the dream of a unified customer experience a reality.Find out how you can use data-driven ABM to power even more intelligent and personalized B2B marketing. It’s time to get ready for a whole new B2B.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download “ABM Trends eBook – Three must-read trends for 2017.”

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Marketing Day: Rethinking your paid strategy, programmatic content distribution & more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Got amazing content but no leads? 5 ways to rethink your paid strategy
Jul 25, 2017 by Todd Saunders
Content marketing isn’t easy — especially if you don’t have a content distribution strategy! Columnist Todd Saunders outlines how PPC can be used to enhance your organic content efforts. Navigating the programmatic turn in content distribution
Jul 25, 2017 by Chuck Moran
As programmatic becomes a viable means of distributing branded content, columnist Chuck Moran discusses the risks involving brand safety, viewability and verification and how brands can prepare. European regulators turning up the heat on Facebook, other social sites to modify terms
Jul 25, 2017 by Greg Sterling
Social sites are being pushed to craft T&Cs very different from those in the US. Are you a content hoarder? Maybe it’s time for a blog cleanup
Jul 25, 2017 by Sherry …