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A way to think about modern CRM

When viewed in comparison to the paid media evolution over many generations, from newspaper to radio to TV to the many digital formats of today, customer relationship management (CRM) is considered less than sexy — even antiquated, in some circles. I beg to disagree.Mass media and top-of-the-funnel tactics are critically important to grow a brand and a business. From the agency side, the big dollars associated with them are also attractive. But CRM is exciting, too, for many reasons. Here, I’ve outlined a few.CRM is multichannelNo longer confined to direct mail and email, CRM encompasses push and in-app messaging, SMS, addressable display and social, as well as messaging apps embedded on your site or in platforms like Facebook Messenger. The channels you use will depend in part on the data you have today, but over time, they will expand.As you move into new channels, think about them as part of your overall customer relationship management, not just a single channel that sits in its o…

Snapchat will let brands measure its ads’ impact on sales, results against rivals

One of the main reasons Snapchat isn’t yet a must-buy for advertisers is ad buyers’ inability to see how their Snapchat campaigns impact a business’s bottom line and stack up against ads running elsewhere. That’s about to change.On Tuesday, Snapchat rolled out a program to allow third-party measurement firms to track its ads’ impact on a brand’s sales and to include that data in the dashboards that marketers use to evaluate where they’re spending their money and, of those places, where they’re getting the best bang for their bucks.Snapchat’s marketing mix measurement program will work across all of the mobile app’s ad formats and will track campaigns’ return on ad spend, as well as sales lift. Those metrics help marketers evaluate how past campaigns impacted their businesses’ bottom lines and where they should spend their money in the future, and they are already available for ads on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.By making sales impact measurement available on S…

Facebook will let brands target ads to people who RSVPed to their Pages’ events

Facebook plans to let brands target ads to people who RSVPed to events posted by a brand’s Page. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the company’s plan after Moshe Isaacian provided screen shots of the new ad-targeting option in testing.Source: Moshe Isaacian The event-based targeting will be a new option within Facebook’s Custom Audiences ad-targeting product, which originated as a way for brands to convert their existing customer bases into an audience to target on Facebook and has expanded to doing the same for brands’ followings on Facebook and Instagram.The move to add event RSVPs to its suite of ad-targeting options is a way for Facebook to reward businesses that use its events feature to promote branded happenings, like new product launches, in-store celebrity appearances and brand-sponsored festivals, as well as to encourage other businesses to do so. Businesses were already able to use events to build on people’s interest in their brands, and now they can use that signal of inte…

Search marketers plan to attend SMX East to become martech trailblazers

We get it. Marketing is now a software-powered discipline that blends the art of creative and science of data. New technologies are deeply interwoven into marketing operations and strategy. Effectively harnessing them demands new capabilities, talent and management.Scott will offer insights and tactics in his keynote at SMX East including:the evolution of marketing from the “arts and crafts department” to a results-producing, software-driven dynamo,how organizations are reinventing their operations and institutional metabolism to cope with the always-on and multichannel world,and why search marketers are uniquely qualified to lead in the new “martech era.”Meet Scott at SMX EastRegister for SMX East to meet Scott and other expert SEOs and SEMs making an impact in the search marketing community. For only $1,795, you’ll learn fresh tactics to improve your search marketing campaigns, have unlimited expo hall access, networking, WiFi, meals, snacks and more! Register today and save $400 co…

UberMedia buys Cintric to blend first and third party data for ‘always-on’ location

A few years ago most marketers didn’t know how to use location; it was about “geofencing,” Starbucks and mobile coupons. Today they literally can’t get enough of it.Brands, retailers and agencies have discovered the versatility and utility of location data — for audience targeting, attribution and competitive insights — and are increasingly hungry for “always-on” mobile location. However always-on location is not easy to get.It typically requires a first party relationship or data supplied via a first party relationship (i.e., an app with location enabled). Most companies working with location data access it through the exchange bidstream. That data is generally full of inaccuracy and even “location fraud” — defined as passing location coordinates that are known to be inaccurate for a higher impression bid.For this and other reasons, it’s not uncommon for companies in the location intelligence arena to throw away 75 to 80 percent of bidstream data from the exchanges. So says Michael H…

7 Quora ads mistakes and how to avoid them

Quora has made a big push to pique the interest of advertisers. While they’re better known as the network for asking questions and connecting with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers, they’re now shifting to monetize the network with their global release of Quora Ads.In January, my employer, AdStage, was lucky enough to get beta access and take the ads platform for a spin. So far, we’ve been extremely impressed with their rollout, ad platform interface and support. Plus we’ve seen great results, with 93 percent of traffic coming from new users, low CPCs (costs per click) (below $0.50), and fantastic CPAs (costs per acquisition).However, these results only came after we made a lot of mistakes.Therefore, in an effort to help you streamline your campaign performance, here are the top seven Quora Ads mistakes we made and how to avoid them.Mistake #1: Incorrect/unusual use of capitalization and abbreviationsIf you’ve written text ads, then you won’t have any difficult…

Zeta follows Boomtrain acquisition with AppNexus integration

Zeta Global — co-founded by former Apple CEO John Sculley — has taken another step in its quest to become a marketing platform that can challenge the biggest players.This week, it announced a strategic partnership today with ad tech firm AppNexus. Zeta’s people-based marketing platform, with over 350 million customer records, will be integrated with AppNexus’ ad management platform and made available to AppNexus clients.Zeta COO and President Steve Gerber told me that “the AppNexus platform becomes like a native application within Zeta,” although Zeta still offers API integration with other ad platforms.This adtech alliance follows Zeta’s purchase earlier this month of email/machine learning platform Boomtrain, which the company said will become Zeta’s personalization engine.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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8 tips for improving your content creation

The rise of content marketing has brought content creation to the forefront for all businesses. This makes it more important than ever to explore the best ways to create effective content.The definition of effective content for every business may be different, but in general, it still has to bring you closer to your goals.That’s why effective content has to resonate with your target readers.Earlier this summer, I gave a presentation entitled “15 ways to improve your content writing” at the Summit on Content Marketing. Here are the first eight of those tips.Set a writing processA structured writing process can help you save time and become more productive. As there’s an increasing need for content nowadays, it’s important to find the best process that can help you focus on content creation.For example, it might be helpful to dedicate a set block of time on your calendar for content writing, putting aside all distractions.If you start to get stuck, it may be a good idea to stay away fro…

Adblock vs. Cost-Per-Action marketing: cooperation works better than conflict

Today, Adblock and other ad blockers are commonplace and indispensable components of the digital advertising industry. Blockers were created as a response to excessive advertisements on websites; they are specifically designed to prevent intrusive ads from displaying. But ad blockers shouldn’t be viewed as being inherently good or evil. In this article, we look at the many aspects of Adblock and its influence on internet advertising overall, particularly on CPA marketing and CPA tracking.Adblock and CPA marketingThe explosive increase in internet devices, internet users and different ad blocking solutions is driving the adoption of tools that selectively or completely block Internet advertising on users’ screens. At the same time, we also see the continuous development of blockers’ technical features and abilities to filter out intrusive ads, allowing them to selectively exclude unwanted advertisements.And while user demand for blocking intrusive ads drives adblock software developmen…

Easy Digital Downloads Review: Best Way To Create Digital Download Store in WordPress

Have you ever wanted to start your own online store? How about launch your own e-commerce portal on WordPress to sell eBooks or other digital downloads on your WordPress powered blog/site?Back in the day, it seemed impossible to set up a digital downloads store of your own, but thanks to various online WordPress plugins, now anyone can start a digital downloads store on WordPress and start making money.Read: 13 Useful Pieces of Software Help You to Create Your First E-bookDon’t let the term “digital downloads store” misguide you, as it is merely a popular term in the business industry. For a blogger like you and me, what it means is:You can sell eBooks, plugins, or themes on your blog. (You need to have a product of your own or collaborate with others to sell their products.)Musicians can sell their music.Graphic designers can sell graphics or .psd files.Any digital product (image, sound, video, template, or any other digital file) can be downloaded for a price.You can offer consultan…

Marketing Day: Featured snippets, social media for your online store & neural networks

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Featured snippets: How much do you really know about them? [QUIZ]
Jul 31, 2017 by Stephan Spencer
Think you’re an expert on featured snippets? Then put your money where your mouth is and take this quiz, created by columnist Stephan Spencer!How local businesses can turn the threat of on-demand deliveries to their own advantage
Jul 31, 2017 by Brian Smith
On-demand delivery services are making local businesses nervous, but columnist Brian Smith explains why this new shift in consumer behavior should be seen as an opportunity to grow.Best Practices for Building an On-Demand Content Strategy
Jul 31, 2017 by Digital Marketing Depot
On August 17th, join us as Mark Bornstein, VP of Content Marketing at ON24, highlights the best practices for building an on-demand content strategy. He’ll explain how to build your on-demand content network, and increase…

Featured snippets: How much do you really know about them? [QUIZ]

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