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TAG awards 9 adtech companies with “Certified Against Malware” seal

The Trustworthy Accountablity Group (TAG) has named nine companies as the initial recipients of the “Certified Against Malware” seal. AppNexus, DataXu, Google, LKQD, OpenX, Publishers Clearing House, Rocket Fuel, Sovrn, and The Media Trust received the seal for implementing TAG’s anti-malware standards.“You can’t stop fraud without stopping malware because the two are intertwined at nearly every level,” Mike Zaneis, CEO, Trustworthy Accountability Group, told MarTech Today. “Malware is the vehicle that allows fraudsters to create their bot networks and corrupt the digital advertising ecosystem, and today’s announcement is an important step in stopping those criminals and increasing confidence in our supply chain. We commend the first group of companies to receive these seals and look forward to expanding the ranks of certified companies even further over coming months.”To qualify for TAG’s Certified Against Malware seal, companies must adhere to a set of guidelines based on their role…

Mobile SEO: The 3 areas that really matter for SEO performance

With the upcoming launch of Google’s mobile-first index, digital marketers are preparing for a proliferation of “micro-moments”.There has been a lot of noise around this seemingly seismic shift, but this trend was set in motion years ago and we have plenty of data to hand on what makes or breaks a mobile SEO campaign.Undoubtedly, mobile SEO is distinct from its desktop counterpart in significant – sometimes very subtle – ways. As mobile usage continues to grow, user behaviors and expectations change too. Simply resizing the desktop site for a smaller screen won’t do.Moreover, the evidence that the desktop and mobile algorithms must function based on different factors is right in front of us.We can see from these screenshots of mobile results (above) and desktop results (below) for the query [credit card], taken from a collocated laptop and smartphone, that there are many differences across the two devices:Looking at this from the cold austerity of a rank tracking dashboard might not h…

Will autonomous vehicles provide the next screens for publishers and advertisers?

If and when autonomous vehicles arrive, it’s difficult to envision anything more frightening than a massive tractor-trailer truck hurtling down the highway with no one at the wheel.But, from a marketer’s point of view, the good news is that all those self-driving vehicles — including trucks — will essentially become moving living rooms. And that means a new universe of publishing and advertising opportunities.“Get ready for your car to become yet another ‘screen’ where publishers and advertisers compete for your attention,” says a new report from Forrester, “Autonomous Vehicles Will Reshape the Global Economy.”“Don’t be surprised,” the report warns, “when you start to see big brands sponsoring your rides: ‘This trip is brought to you by the champagne of beers — Miller High Life.’”Of course, an alcoholic beverage paying for the trip to pick up your five-year-old from kindergarten may seem incongruous. But report co-author and Forrester VP/Group Director Carl Doty told me that ads are o…

Maritz’s first Chief Behavioral Officer is building on ‘nudges’

Researchers have discovered that consumers make different choices when they choose via different means.For instance, people ordering food through a tablet or by writing it down tend to make healthier choices. When they order verbally, they more often choose higher-calorie dishes.When selecting accessories for a car by swiping choices on a tablet, customers generally pick more items that can be considered luxurious than they do when clicking choices with a mouse on a computer.Whatever the reasons behind these behaviors, knowing how people respond in different situations can impact how sales and other choices are designed. And it’s the reason why sales and marketing services firm Maritz recently appointed its first Chief Behavioral Officer, Charlotte Blank.Charlotte Blank [Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Google reportedly pitching publishers on YouTube video player with ad inventory controls

Kaspars Grinvalds / Just as Google has issued another update on its efforts to address advertisers’ brand safety concerns on YouTube, AdvertisingAge is reporting the company is shopping a new YouTube solution for publishers.According to Ad Age, YouTube is offering publishers the ability to control the ads served on their YouTube videos when they use its video player. To sweeten the deal, the player and accompanying analytics are free.While some publishers are weary of giving Google yet another hook into their businesses, The Atlantic’s Kim Lau told Ad Age that YouTube’s player and analytics are superior to other video players and that there is appeal to “consolidating our video strategy.” In The Atlantic’s case, that consolidation means a move away from video hosting and distribution platform Brightcove.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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What Facebook’s (reported) video chat device could mean for its ad business

Following a Bloomberg report, we reported Tuesday that Facebook is working on a couple of consumer hardware devices that could have a dramatic impact on the way users — and potentially marketers — engage with the social platform.According to Bloomberg sources, one product is a standalone voice assistant in the vein of the Amazon Echo and Google Home products. The other is a video chat device with a 13- to 15-inch touchscreen that runs on the Android operating system. Facebook’s goal is to keep people connected to and engaging with the platform. With engagement comes data that can be used for ad targeting. Facebook already collects all kinds of data about users both on Facebook’s own platforms including Instagram and Messenger, as well as around the web with its Like and Share buttons on millions of sites. So what could possibly be next?Based on this one sentence in the Bloomberg article, we can begin to speculate:The video chat device will feature a wide-angle camera lens, microphones…

What should you do with all those ‘Likes’? How to spin social followers into gold

Although they might not want to admit it, many marketers find themselves flat-out stuck when it comes to their social followings.We’re constantly told to chase more when it comes to our follower count.More fans. More “likes.” More shares.But here’s the harsh question that marketers often refuse to face: At what point does your follower count become little more than a vanity metric?Sure, those thousands of Facebook followers may look great on paper. Yet consider that Facebook organic reach has tanked in recent years, resulting in a major struggle for marketers who just can’t seem to break through the noise.Boasting more followers than your neighbor may boost your ego, but what about your bottom line?Why monetizing your social following is a must-doDon’t get it twisted — there’s no denying that your fans and followers via social media are more than just data points. Social followers can obviously be incredibly valuable from a branding perspective, especially if you have a following that…

Marketing Day: SMB retailer survey, on-site SEO mistakes & the CMO audit series

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:60% of SMBs report half or more of online sales come from Amazon, Jet & eBay [Survey]
Aug 3, 2017 by Amy Gesenhues
NetElixir surveyed 500 SMBs that sell products via online marketplaces to get a deeper understanding of their e-commerce experience.16 common on-site SEO mistakes you might be making right now
Aug 3, 2017 by Pratik Dholakiya
Columnist Pratik Dholakiya shares the 16 technical SEO issues he sees most frequently. Even the most experienced SEO professionals can sometimes overlook these common issues!How to bridge the gap between brand and direct response marketing
Aug 3, 2017 by Alison Lohse
How do you reach common ground between brand and direct response campaigns? Columnist Alison Lohse says we need new metrics and more granular data to help bridge the divide between the two.The CMO audit series, Part 4: The convergence of UX and…

60% of SMBs report half or more of online sales come from Amazon, Jet & eBay [Survey]

According to a recent survey conducted by NetElixir, a majority of SMBs are seeing strong returns on Amazon, Jet and eBay.Surveying 500 small to mid-sized US retailers that sell online, 60.2 percent attributed at least half of their online sales to the three online marketplaces.Of that 60.2 percent, 26.6 percent said there was a 50-50 split between e-commerce sales coming from their own website versus sales coming from Amazon, Jet and eBay, 21.3 percent reported three-fourths of their e-commerce sales from the online marketplaces, and 12.3 percent attributed 100 percent of their sales to Amazon, Jet or eBay.The survey took a quick dive into how online marketplaces are impacting SMB’s e-commerce efforts, with a focus on Amazon.Fifty-two percent of the respondents said the “increased sales volume potential” was the biggest benefit of selling on Amazon, and 32.6 percent said “increased brand exposure.”Forty-five percent said the biggest downside of being an Amazon seller was the lower ma…