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Why “Follow Your Passion” Is Horrible Advice (What To Do Instead)

You’ve probably seen this advice somewhere while surfing the internet, watching a TV show, or reading a book.Or perhaps, at some point in time, you’ve asked someone you considered an expert – someone you highly look up to – for advice on how to build your own business so you can escape the Rat Race.They undoubtedly gave you the same horrible advice:Follow your passion.I’m here to tell you that this is the worst advice you’ll ever get, and therefore, you need to stop paying attention to it.Unfortunately, this mantra has become one of the most popular pieces of career advice in recent times.This cliché suggests that the key to discovering a good career is figuring out what you’re most interested in (your passion) and creating a career around that interest.It’s a very sexy piece of advice – just follow your passion, and you will have an enviable career.This advice undoubtedly comes from a good place- a place where people can feel permission to do the things that bring them joy and fulfil…