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Adbrain ups the ante on cross-device identity

Since many people use more than one device to communicate with brands, one of the most important data sets for marketers has been the cross-device ID graph.It determines that this phone, this computer and this tablet are used by the same person, so marketing to that person can be coordinated between the devices.Adbrain has recently upped the ante on its identity resolution solution, called Identity AI. Now, CEO Gareth Davies told me, his company is “the first identity provider to use machine learning to traverse different dimensions of identity.”“No one [else] has been able to understand how each individual comes together as a social unit, how my devices relate,” he said.Previously, he said, Adbrain and its competitors have focused on connecting multiple devices to an individual.The machine learning employed to do so, he said, was trained with a given algorithm that directed which kinds of data — such as the IP address where the devices lived at night — should be given higher priority…

What’s next (and now) for mobile attribution

There is a prevailing misconception among mobile marketers that measuring the ROI of their activities is highly challenging. A Forrester survey revealed that 67 percent of mobile marketers either cannot or do not measure their ROI. However, the reality is exactly the opposite: Mobile is the most measurable advertising ecosystem ever created.Let’s explore trends that are shaping mobile attribution now, as well as emerging best practices that will push mobile attribution to new levels of sophistication in the not-so-distant future.ROI understanding evolves (but not without fraud prevention and detection)To understand ROI, app marketers need to compare revenue coming in with money coming out of their pockets to acquire new users. The ability to do so has evolved significantly in the last couple of years. Measurement doesn’t end by tracking post-install behavior, but rather by connecting incoming revenue from multiple sources to the cost of each and every user that is acquired.So how do a…

8 ways of using collaborative tools to effectively manage remote teams

The remote workforce is growing exponentially. Corporate global companies and first year startups are all turning to remote teams to get the job done.The question, however, is how do you manage your remote team as effectively as your in-office team?This is a question many CEOs, directors, and managers are facing more often as workers want remote possibilities. In fact, a Gallup survey found that 43 percent of Americans already did some remote work in 2016. This number is up from 39 percent in 2012.Much of the shift toward remote working can in many ways be attributed to the continued rise of the mobile workforce. The advancements in mobile technology has made remote working seamless for companies and workers alike. From smartphones to tablets, remote working has become easier than ever.The benefits of managing remote teams effectivelyThe value for companies taking the remote approach is also very enticing, especially when it comes to the bottom line. Most remote teams are more efficie…

Snapchat launches Advanced Mode for its self-serve Ads Manager

It’s no secret that Snap Inc has struggled in the eyes of investors since their IPO earlier this year. While the stock price has dropped, Snapchat’s Ad features and functionality have seen major upgrades. On Friday, Snapchat announced a new Advanced Mode for Ad Manager that looks to mimic Facebook’s Power Editor quite closely.The new tool helps to automate time-intensive tasks, with a goal of helping advertisers scale their efforts. This includes:Bulk campaign & ad set creation
Advertisers will be able to instantly create campaigns, ad sets and ads by using a spreadsheet and importing directly into Ads Manager.Audience library
Now Snapchat audience lists can be created and saved. This will be a boon for marketers, as it will significantly cut down on future setup efforts.Media library
A library now exists where advertisers can store videos, images and ads for quick use on future campaigns.Automatic ad permutation testing
This tool allows for the creation of hundreds of permutations…

How brands’ domination of paid and organic search has changed with the evolution of search

It’s been about 18 months since Google stopped serving paid ads on the right rail of desktop searches.It’s also been another rapid year of mobile and voice search. With mobile search now accounting for 60% of total search volume and 20% of searches coming from voice, it is easy to say the last few years have really escalated things in the search realm.One of the things I have been tracking for the last 8 years is the overlap in brands in both the paid and organic listings. Data from multiple studies has always shown an increase in traffic for those brands who rank in both paid and organic. Understanding how well brands have coordinated their strategy in search has always given some unique insight.This year was no different, and with all the changes in the landscape, it is more important than ever to understand how your brand’s strategy aligns.Industry swings and roundaboutsAfter a brief dip last year, the data this year shows the highest amount of brand overlap ever at 25.7% (25.6% in…

6 Books To Read That Will Make You Take Action On Your Business Idea

Do you have an idea to turn your passion into a business?With the affordable business tools available today, it’s now easier than ever to create a product and market it to the right audience. Anyone can become an entrepreneur by simply starting a blog, selling a book on Amazon, or opening an online store.So it’s surprising to see that some people are still hesitant to dive into a business venture despite their big ideas.If you’re one of these people, then maybe some guidance and motivation are all you need to finally push you into action.Here are six must-reads, written by remarkable authors who are experts, not only in marketing, but also in creativity.1. Turning Pro: Tap Your Inner Power and Create Your Life’s Work – Steven PressfieldIf you’re not familiar with Steven Pressfield, he’s the author of Gates of Fire and The Legend of Bagger Vance, both of which became popular Hollywood films. In Turning Pro, Pressfield introduces the idea that becoming what you want to be is just a matt…