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Facebook will penalize fake videos in latest news feed algorithm update

However you feel about videos that play automatically, clicking on what appears to be a video only to find out that it’s a hyperlinked image that opens a site you didn’t want to visit is worse. So is trying to watch a video that’s not actually a video but just a single static image. Facebook thinks so, too, and is taking steps to reduce the visibility of both types of fake videos on its social network.Facebook’s news feed algorithm will start penalizing photo posts that mimic video thumbnails — play button and all — as well as video posts that solely feature a static image, the company announced on Thursday.“During the coming weeks we will begin demoting stories that feature fake video play buttons and static images disguised as videos in News Feed,” said Facebook engineers Baraa Hamodi, Zahir Bokhari and Yun Zhang in a blog post.When Facebook’s computers recognize that a photo contains a fake play button or that a video lacks motion, it will lower the ranking of that post in people’s…

Quora launches retargeting for advertisers

Quora’s newly launched ads platform now supports retargeting ads on the question-and-answer network.It was announced Thursday that Quora advertisers can now create audience segments of past site visitors for ad targeting on Quora. The targeting is powered by the Quora conversion pixel. Advertisers will need to add the pixel to their sites or take advantage of Quora’s recent integration with customer data platform Segment.Advertisers can then build audiences based on users’ site visit behavior.A new Audience Targeting tab is now available under the Manage Ads section in Quora Ads Manager. It’s not possible to exclude audiences, yet, but that is likely on the roadmap.For more on Quora advertising, check out:7 Quora ads mistakes and how to avoid themHere’s what performance advertisers are saying about Quora’s new ad platform

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Data is the new currency, but are advertisers spending wisely?

It’s nearly impossible to avoid news around Amazon’s foothold in retail, technology and media. Based on the company’s Q2 earnings call, Amazon also expressed significant growth potential in its advertising business, much of which can be attributed to its ownership — and usage — of consumer data for targeted advertising and personalization.Data is an indispensable asset for advertisers in 2017, but despite the ubiquity of “data” in the general sense, it’s still misunderstood and, in many cases, mistrusted.As marketers gear up for the competitive holiday season, they can leverage data across multiple facets of their marketing strategy, from planning to optimization and everything in between.Within the realm of marketing, digital media is one area that stands to benefit greatly from data-rich campaigns that allow advertisers to spend their money to reach only the most relevant and potential customers. But in today’s noisy digital environment, what does it even mean to be relevant to cons…

Facebook offers in-stream-only video ad buys as it looks to rival YouTube, TV

A week after Facebook revealed its upcoming video service, Watch, to compete against Google’s YouTube, as well as streaming and traditional TV networks, the company is ready to make a run at its rivals’ advertising businesses.Facebook has started selling video ads that will only appear in videos that people watch on its social network or across its ad network of third-party sites and apps, the company announced on Thursday. In other words, video-hungry advertisers can finally buy video ads from Facebook that will only run in the same context as the ads they buy from YouTube, Hulu and TV networks — in-stream video ads that people will be more likely to watch, and watch with the sound on.Previously, video ad buys on Facebook meant ads could appear as pre-roll or mid-roll ads within video content and as standalone sponsored posts in the news feed. Conceivably, the combined in-feed and in-stream placements meant a higher potential reach for the advertiser, but it also meant a higher poten…

Tuning into podcast sponsorship, programmatic audio and native audio sponsorships

We don’t call it radio advertising anymore. It’s online audio advertising, and it can live anywhere: online, offline, on any device. With so many ears now online, you have more ways than ever to reach your audience.A major plus for this kind of advertising is that it’s been largely immune from many major issues affecting other forms of digital advertising such as ad-blocking, viewability bots, and publisher-driven fraud (as far as we know).Despite the fact that many terrestrial radio stations and broadcast companies are pushing content out digitally, the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) barely mentions the broader spectrum of (non-broadcast radio) audio advertising on its site. I did, however, manage to find a report generated for the RAB by Prohaska Consulting in September of 2015 advising the radio industry to embrace programmatic buying and selling (PDF).Prohaska’s report provides a sober take on the future of traditional radio, noting that its major existential threat is “falling ou…

Can blockchain satisfy GDPR’s user data protection requirements for targeted ads?

Next spring, GDPR could upset everything in digital marketing.That’s because, when the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect in May 2018, it will require a variety of new permissions and protections for consumer data. Companies doing business in the EU could face massive fines, but brands elsewhere might also be at risk, since the regulations apply to use of EU citizens’ data in any country.Some site- and app-based permission templates for GDPR have emerged, such as from Janrain and Evidon. But what is also needed is a reliable mechanism to manage permissions and privacy across targeted ad campaigns.That’s where blockchain technology comes in, says Stacy Huggins, co-founder and CMO of the blockchain-based ad tech platform MadHive.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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The 15 best Google Chrome extensions for SEO

Google Chrome has taken a dominant position as the world’s favorite desktop browser, with almost 60% market share and rising.Its central role among Google’s vast suite of digital software and hardware has driven this growth, but users also love how customizable the browser is.It can be dauntingly customizable, in fact. With tens of thousands of extensions available, finding the few that will aid you on a daily basis is an all-consuming endeavor. In one store, you can find everything from Nicholas Page (an extension that turns any page Nicholas Cage-themed) to a variety of income tax calculators.Somewhere in between those two extremes, there are hundreds of SEO-themed extensions, some much more useful than others.There is a little bit of a learning curve to using some SEO Chrome extensions, but once they become habit, they will save plenty of time in the long run.Therefore, within this list we have distilled this down to the 15 extensions that will simply make you more effective at the…

Marketing Day: Back-to-school shopping, Pinterest updates & the FTC-Uber settlement

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Google Search Console’s 7/13/17 update: What really changed?
Aug 16, 2017 by Kyle Blanchette
Columnist Kyle Blanchette notes that after Google’s recent update to the Search Analytics report in Search Console, many of Merkle’s clients saw a significant increase in the total number of keywords reported per day.Why the marketing campaign is dead and what should replace it
Aug 16, 2017 by Justin Dunham
It’s time to stop thinking in terms of campaigns. Contributor Justin Dunham says marketers need to take a more iterative approach and instead think in terms of programs — algorithms, assets and continuous optimization.Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): IS faster better?
Aug 16, 2017 by Digital Marketing Depot
Google has doubled down on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), its open source initiative designed to improve web page speed and performance for mobil…

Google Search Console’s 7/13/17 update: What really changed?

Webmasters may have had a moment of panic in the days after Google made an update to the way impressions and average position are reported in the Google Search Console interface.Quite a few of our clients at Merkle saw significant drops in average position after the update, like this one:Once Google confirmed the July 13 update and added it to their Search Console Data Anomalies page, there wasn’t much to go on when trying to determine exactly what happened. The update was described as such:An incremental improvement in Google’s logging system now provides better accounting for results in lower positions…This leaves a lot to be desired when searching for answers to what changes really occurred and why our reports are now so much different.In this article, we explore one of the changes in our clients’ Search Console data that might explain at least part of why the change was so drastic.What really happened?Given that the GSC interface is limited to only export 1,000 rows per report, we…

Why the marketing campaign is dead and what should replace it

Remember WhatsApp? They built a $20 billion company — without running a single marketing campaign. As AOL co-founder Steve Case noted on Mashable:WhatsApp built its massive audience with no traditional advertising or marketing. They just created an awesome app and made it compelling enough (and easy enough) for people to tell their friends.Do I think this strategy would work for most companies? Probably not. But the point is that today, user acquisition and customer growth aren’t (just) about marketing. And they’re certainly not (just) about marketing campaigns.Instead, successful marketing is about building assets and systems that drive growth — whether that’s an amazing customer service experience, a growth hacking mindset or an incredible product.Programs, not campaignsMany marketers think in terms of campaigns. Start with an idea or product, come up with a marketing plan, develop the messaging and creative, and you’re done. The problem is, once you’re finished, you’re already chas…