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How To Moderate YouTube Spam Comments Automatically Using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is here, and many companies are offering it to us to improve our work flows.Earlier, I talked about the web app (also iOS app), SmartModeration, which automatically tackles spam comments on Instagram and Facebook (check out my review here). I’ve been using it for almost a year to tackle the spam comments on ShoutMeLoud’s Instagram and Facebook pages.The big news: The same AI technology can now help us combat spam comments on YouTube.Recently, SmartModeration has integrated with YouTube, so you no longer have to worry about moderating and tackling spam comments on your videos. If you are a YouTube channel owner or a YouTube influencer, this new integration is going to be so valuable for you.How To Tackle YouTube Spam Comments Automatically Using Artificial IntelligenceIf you have never used SmartModeration before, go ahead and sign up right now. They offer a 3 day-free trial which is good enough to tackle spam comments for all of your existing updates on Instagr…