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Real Story Group: Good time to get your informational house in order

It seems like nearly every marketing tool or platform these days is happy to tell us how smart it is.Whether described as artificial intelligence, machine learning or some other variant, it’s clear that smartness is blanketing the landscape. But the capabilities are moving so quickly, it’s difficult to know how to prepare for newer and better forms of AI.“We’re clearly on the cusp of something qualitatively different,” Real Story Group President Tony Bryne told me, but “we’re obviously still in an early phase.” (He will be presenting “The Right Way to Select Marketing Technology” at our MarTech Conference in October.)[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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MarTech Today Research: A marketer’s guide to personalization tools

The biggest difference that digital technology has made for marketing is the ability to personalize at scale.As a result, there are countless tools providing some measure of personalization, and a free new report from MarTech Today Research highlights the leading ones.Based on in-depth interviews with leading vendors and industry experts in May and June, “Enterprise Digital Personalization Tools: A Marketer’s Guide” takes a look at selected tools that help satisfy the personalized experiences expected by about 85 percent of online retail shoppers, according to eMarketer.Included are a comparative graph and individual vendor profiles for 18 tools, selected for their roles as industry leaders or because they are solely focused on this need.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Smartling now offers predictive score on translation quality

Marketing comes in all kinds of languages, for all kinds of local markets. But, until computer-based systems came along, translation for multiple markets was a very labor-intensive and logistically complex operation.Now, translation tech and service provider Smartling has released another computerized tool — a new predictive quality score that it says can help measure a translation’s success in advance, by providing brands with a future-looking forecast of how good the translation is for a given market and use.Head of Marketing Juliana Pereira told me her company previously “only looked back” at how well a given translation had performed. She added that the new Quality Confidence Score (QCS) — which has been in a beta release with selected clients and is now available in general release — is the first predictive quality score in the industry.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Mapping the new economy of micro-influence: What governments can learn from brand marketers

Over the last decade, we have watched social media upend institutions and topple governments, create and destroy prominent figures, disrupt entrenched industries and upend electoral politics. Above all, social media has fundamentally altered the art and science of public opinion, ushering in an entirely new economy of influence.In this new economy, influence happens at the most local level. The influencers aren’t celebrities or news organizations, but active members of a home association, a neighborhood watch organizer or a vocal PTA parent. Their power is easy to overlook if you are not using the right tools to listen, or if you’re looking from too high a level.However, knowing who these people are, what they’re saying and where their information is coming from is chief currency, and online social networks are the places to cash in.Large brand marketers have already adapted to this reality, but governments and other public agencies lag behind. To a brand, mastering this new economy o…

As EU’s GDPR nears, RSA’s CMO warns of security threats within martech infrastructures

Between the multitudes of consumer data now collected daily by marketing organizations around the world and the EU’s coming enforcement of its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), cybersecurity has never been more of a priority for CMOs.As the lead marketer for RSA, Holly Rollo has a unique perspective on cybersecurity issues within the martech community.“RSA has been around for decades, doing a lot of cybersecurity and advanced threat research,” says Rollo, “I’ve learned a lot about the threat landscape and the lengths bad guys go in order to steal or abuse information.”After leading marketing for two different cybersecurity software platforms, Holly Rollo was named CMO for RSA in April of last year. At this year’s MarTech Boston Conference, Rollo will be part of a panel discussing digital marketing and cybercrime.“When I look through this lens, I get really concerned because marketing technologists and marketing leaders that aren’t in the security space don’t have the awarenes…

5 SEO features to make sure your ecommerce platform supports

When choosing an ecommerce platform to power your online store, it’s important to consider search engine optimization (SEO) features in your decision-making process.No matter how experienced you are with SEO, when you put the power into a platform’s hands, you may or may not end up with ability to control elements of your site that are essential to your ranking success.Let’s take a look at five core features that your ecommerce platform needs to have, along with examples of platforms that offer each feature. Hopefully this guide will make it easier for you select a home for your merchandise that is capable of dominating search.Editable robots.txt filesThe Robots.txt file allows you to tell search bots which pages and directories to ignore when crawling your site to index it for the search engines. I bet you’re thinking it’s not a big deal if you can’t control this file, but let me show you why it matters.When a customer makes a purchase from you, let’s say you send them to a thank you…

It’s Amazon vs. Google as we enter a new era of online-to-offline commerce

The major advantage that traditional retailers had over Amazon was the availability and immediacy of stores. You could see and touch products and take them home the same day. You could return products more conveniently than shipping them back to Amazon.Over time, however, Amazon has chipped away at these advantages with Prime, Prime Now, Lockers, prepaid returns, and finally, with its nearly $14 billion purchase of Whole Foods. On the first full day of Amazon control over the high-end grocer, it cut prices over 40 percent and started selling Echo devices in Whole Foods stores.Is that a surprise? We’re in a smart speaker/virtual assistant land grab right now — and Amazon is winning.Amazon Prime members will see additional pricing and other benefits at Whole Foods. Reduced prices and Prime benefits will bring new customers into Whole Foods and add new Prime memberships, reinforcing loyalty to both Amazon and Whole Foods.Other grocery chains should be very, very afraid.Amazon will also l…

The Best SMS App for Android is made by Microsoft

Looking for good SMS app for Android? The Google Play Store lists a gazillion texting apps that can do SMS, MMS, and so much more. The most popular options include Facebook Messenger that has texting as a side feature, TrueCaller that can identify senders and then there’s Android Messages, Google’s own SMS app that also includes audio chats, emojis and location sharing.I prefer minimal apps that do one thing and do it really well. After testing all the popular texting apps for Android, the one I absolutely love is SMS Organizer from Microsoft. It is a pure SMS app, simple and efficient but with no extra bells and whistles.Here’s a list of useful features that make SMS Organizer a must-have app for Android.1. OTP DetectionWhen you log into a website that requires 2-factor authentication, your bank for example, they send a one-time-password (OTP) to your mobile phone in a text message. You open the message, copy the digits and paste into the login screen.SMS organizer makes this process…

Top WordPress Hosting That Offers Free WordPress Host Migration Service

Have you ever seen a web-hosting that doesn’t claim that they are best?The quality of hosting is usually known when we start using it.Do you know that 28% of all the websites in the world is powered by WordPress, but the way we all use WordPress is different? 28% of all the websites in the world is powered by #WordPress
Click To TweetTo give you a perspective; many of us might use only 10 plugins and many prefer to use more than 30-40 plugins on their WordPress site. Many of us use WordPress to run only a blog, many run an e-commerce portal, many users it for running a job portal or portfolio site and similarly, there are many more use cases.In my one decade of experience with WordPress, I have used numerous hosting company and that gave me a unique experience of knowing the in’s and out’s of all popular web-hosting for WordPress.It’s only with time that we get to know the true potential of our hosting company as our usage or traffic increases. Some of them are powerful hosting that su…

Marketing Day: Email automation, marketing budgets & updates to Facebook Pages

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Get into the email automation game
Aug 28, 2017 by Ryan Phelan
If you haven’t yet set up an automation program for your email marketing, now is the time. Contributor Ryan Phelan walks through the key steps that will help you build a successful marketing automation program.Navigating the crowded seas of marketing technology solutions
Aug 28, 2017 by Alicia Wiedemann
With an exhaustive list of martech solutions to choose from, how do you decide which will work best for your business? Contributor Alicia Wiedemann sets you on the right course with these tips.The secret formula for determining a marketing budget
Aug 28, 2017 by Digital Marketing Depot
Determining a marketing budget can be frustrating. Are you investing enough? Are your marketing dollars being applied in the most efficient way? How do you know if what you’re doing is working? Lou Cov…

Get into the email automation game

Only 33 percent of marketers who use automated programs rate their efforts as “very successful,” according to a recent study (PDF) that Adestra, my employer, did in partnership with Ascend2 research. Because I’m a big believer in marketing automation, I worry about the 67 percent of marketers who aren’t seeing the same results. How can you beat the odds to achieve success?In my experience, the way a marketing automation program is conceived and set up often dooms it to failure. Such a failure doesn’t indicate that it’s not worth investing the necessary time and money into automation. Instead, it shows that the marketer didn’t think the process through, tried too many things, didn’t test it or didn’t give it enough time to take hold.Why build a marketing automation program?I’m a big believer in automation, and I have two reasons why automation belongs in an effective marketing program:It’s a money tree.It makes your life as a marketer easier and gets you out of the office earlier (whe…

Navigating the crowded seas of marketing technology solutions

Marketers everywhere totally freaked out last year when Scott Brinker published the 2016 edition of his Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic.They had every right to: The list of marketing technology companies exploded to 3,874 from 1,876 just the year before. That’s incredible. If you spent just one minute Googling each one of those companies to try to get some idea of what each actually does, it would take more than 60 hours to complete — and you still wouldn’t have a very good idea of how the tech actually works.It’s no wonder things were a little quieter when the 2017 graphic was released. It contains 5,381 different solutions, and you could almost hear a collective sigh of, “Whatever. I give up!” from corner offices everywhere.But deep down, marketers know that they can’t afford to lag behind. The explosion in marketing technology solutions is reflective of how quickly the marketing landscape is changing, and to give up due to its sheer volume would be lifting your finger o…

The secret formula for determining a marketing budget

Determining a marketing budget can be frustrating. Are you investing enough? Are your marketing dollars being applied in the most efficient way? How do you know if what you’re doing is working?Lou Covey, principal of Footwasher Media Agency, has decades of experience helping clients hit that marketing budget “sweet spot.” In this Agency Perspective from SharpSpring, he shares two simple equations that can take a lot of the guesswork out of the budgeting process. Get it now to learn:how to use these equations for your own marketing efforts.why it’s important to factor in more than just much you should be spending to ensure steady growth.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download “The Secret Formula for a Marketing Budget.”

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