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14 ways to get smarter with your content and SEO

Despite the many ways Google has changed the search game over the last five years, one truth remains: content is the vehicle that drives your consumer interactions, engagements, experiences and, ultimately, conversions.However, only 41 percent of marketers think their organization is clear on what an effective or successful content marketing program looks like, according to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI).Marketers aren’t just lacking confidence in their efforts; these are real and measurable deficits. In fact, only 20 percent of B2C and 50 percent of B2B content earns any engagement at all, my company’s research has found.That’s a lot of wasted effort and resources invested in content that ends up just floating around the web, winning zero business benefit for its creators.In this post, we’re going to take a look at content through the SMART lens. SMART is a goal-setting framework in which S stands for Specific, M for measurable, A for achievable, R for relevant and T for timel…

Fraudsters don’t sleep, no matter who owns the tools to fight them

The ad tech space is consolidating. Fueled by competitive pressure from the likes of Facebook and Google, independent point solutions are being swept up into larger streamlined offerings that can compete with the tech giants in providing quality inventory at scale.While evidence of this trend can be found in every corner of the ecosystem, it has come full force to the top among independent viewability and verification companies. In the span of a few months, Providence Equity Partners took a controlling interest in DoubleVerify, Oracle bought MOAT, and talk of Integral Ad Science selling has grown from a murmur to a rising crescendo.These are the companies which were founded to meet marketers’ growing demand for impartial confirmation that the inventory they purchase is brand-safe, in view, and priced against verified human traffic and not bots — in other words, quality inventory. In an industry increasingly vigilant about quality, these companies provide peace of mind.Putting aside th…

Google’s Sridhar Ramaswamy on Chrome ad blocking: ‘It’s the ultimate fallback option’

The only things holding back the flood of ad blockers on mobile are technological limitations, said Sridhar Ramaswamy at an event for publishers in Chicago Tuesday.Asked about the impact of the ad-blocking capability coming to Chrome next year, Ramaswamy said, “We have to get a handle on the whole problem.”Google will peg what is and what isn’t a user-friendly ad against the standards laid out by the Coalition for Better Ads, an industry group founded by Google and others to address the rise of ad blockers. With the Chrome update, ads that don’t pass the Better Ads Standards will be blocked automatically when viewed in Chrome. Google will provide publishers a report with screen shots of ads that Google’s system detects “are likely to annoy your users.”“We spent a lot of time looking at various experiences,” Ramaswamy told the audience of publishers, which included representatives from The New York Times, NewsCorp, USA Today Network and WebMD. Google says just 5 percent of publishers t…

Organizing your company to win in mobile

Nearly every company I’ve spoken with is experiencing some form of a crisis of confidence when it comes to their investment in mobile — from retail to media apps. Don’t be fooled by the plethora of apps you see in the App Store. Brands are struggling with mobile.One reason is that they’re not organized well enough to address mobile. For many companies operating in the mobile space, something still feels a bit… off. And despite the early momentum, there’s plenty of evidence today that there’s low app adoption and consumer satisfaction — in fact, according to our company’s data, 24 percent of people have no problem dropping your app after just one use.But with more and more time spent on mobile and in apps, how can this be?You’ve likely heard talk about a phenomenon known as the “mobile engagement crisis” — where brands are failing to innovate quickly enough to meet customers’ expectations. We’re in it, people, and for brands, the struggle is real.Here lies the problemIt’s not the viabi…

Ten steps to successful SEO for startups

SEO can help a growing startup establish its presence and meet business goals. Here’s how to get started with search engine optimization and which areas to focus on.It’s a common challenge for early-stage and growing startups to find the resources and the time to focus on many different activities that can take their business to the next level. It’s also easy to feel lost among all the tasks, being unable to decide where to start.SEO is sometimes ignored as an activity when it comes to setting priorities, but it can be very useful in:establishing your startup’s authorityreaching a wider audiencebuilding traffic and brand awarenessimproving engagementgenerating interest in your businessThis is an overview of how startups or new businesses can get started with SEO by following a series of steps that can help them improve their online presence and find a new audience.Set your goalsOne of the most important steps when startingwith SEO is to align it with your wider goals. It’s useful to s…

Google extends olive branch to publishers, lays out new focus on subscriptions

In a rare joint appearance, Google executives Philipp Schindler, chief business officer, and Sridhar Ramasamy, SVP of ads and commerce, addressed a group of several dozen publishers and broadcasters at an event held at the company’s Chicago offices Tuesday. And, at that event, he extended an olive branch.In his opening remarks, Schindler said Google returned $11 billion in ad revenues to publishers last year, while acknowledging, “We also know it has not been easy.”Everyone in the room knew that one key reason publishers have had difficulty generating ad revenue is that Google and Facebook draw some 80 percent of the growth in digital ad dollars directly. But Ramaswamy said there are limits to what the ad ecosystem can do for publishers, adding that the industry must focus on both ads and subscriptions. Schindler said Google is committed to building out subscription programs and plans to significantly ramp investment in this area.“We come in peace…We are all invested in seeing you [pu…

Still doing guest blogging? Keep these 4 tips in mind

A lot of people still rely on guest blogging as an ongoing part of their link-building strategy.If you think about it, getting links through guest blogging is much easier than getting links through some other channel.So it’s no wonder that a lot of bloggers and SEO experts still favor this method. The main question is, are these guest post links still safe and viable?The answer is yes.It is still possible to build our link portfolio by contributing on authoritative websites. However, there are certain rules that we need to follow in order to avoid any issues with Google.Guest blogging 101One of the beautiful things about guest blogging is that it gives us the opportunity to score some great links from high-tier websites.To be honest, we probably couldn’t have gotten those links with any other method. This is why guest blogging is always worth bearing in mind as a link-building strategy.But, we need to be very selective when choosing the websites we guest post for.Although guest bloggi…

Which Is The Best Platform To Use To Start A Blog: The Definitive Guide

One fine day you decide to start a blog, and you immediately get stuck on the most basic, yet most important questions:Where should I go to start a blog?Which blogging platform should I use?These questions play a significant role for anyone who wishes to get started blogging.That’s why, in this guide, I’m going to help you choose the right blogging platform.All the blogging platforms listed below let you do the most important things – writing and publishing. But when searching for the right blogging platform to use, you may also need to find one that:Lets you customize the look to match your personality.Lets you add your own logo.Lets you use a custom domain name.Lets your readers subscribe to blog updates.Lets you add Google AdSense codes so that you can make money.Offers social media sharing and subscription options.These are just some of the many factors that you can’t ignore. This may not be of any significance when you are starting out, but as you fall in love with writing (which…

Beat high-cost paid search clicks by sweating the details

In some industries and sectors, the per-click cost of search keywords is notoriously expensive — so expensive, in fact, that it dissuades some businesses from even stepping into the fray. When a click can cost you $200 or more, that reluctance is understandable.At the same time, the costs of not stepping into PPC might be just as pricey, even if they’re not as obvious. In industries where competition is stiff, you could stand to lose a lot by being conspicuously absent from PPC.So, what’s a business to do?Fortunately, expensive clicks — even really expensive clicks — don’t have to stop you from venturing into PPC. You just have to make sure that every click counts.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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Marketing Day: AdWords copywriting hacks, an interview with ESL’s CMO & more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:10 AdWords copywriting hacks
Oct 3, 2017 by Digital Marketing Depot
The holiday season is quickly approaching, and competition for ad clicks gets more competitive each day leading up to Black Friday. Even the most seasoned advertisers know that small improvements to ad copy can make a big difference in performance.Swimming up(bid)stream
Oct 3, 2017 by James Green
Columnist James Green takes a look at the explosive growth of the bidstream, the challenges of header bidding and how automation and data science will shape the future of ad buying.Why your social media audience is critical for content marketing
Oct 3, 2017 by Mark Traphagen
How do you get your content shared and then reshared? Columnist Mark Traphagen discusses how to cultivate an audience that will help your content spread like wildfire.ESL’s CMO focuses brand refresh on the esports …

10 AdWords copywriting hacks

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and competition for ad clicks gets more competitive each day leading up to Black Friday. Even the most seasoned advertisers know that small improvements to ad copy can make a big difference in performance.In this new guide, LXRGuide shares their original research that shows how to supercharge your PPC ad copy with a few simple hacks.With this guide, you’ll discover:how different punctuation affects click-through rates.which AdWords extensions give you the most bang for your buck.what edits you should make to headlines, copy and URLs.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download “10 AdWords Copywriting Hacks for SMBs.”

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