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ShareASale’s New Shiny Dashboard Is Exactly What We All Needed

When it comes to affiliate networks, ShareASale is one of the most popular names out there.I have been using ShareASale for the past 6 years and have never had any issue with tracking conversions and getting paid.Also, ShareASale lets me discover some of the new, unheard of companies offering the world something of value. You can read my review and getting started guide of ShareASale here.Even though I love everything about ShareASale, I never enjoyed their dashboard. I always felt like it was way behind the times and needed a facelift.If you are like me, there is some good news…ShareASale has revamped their dashboard, and it looks really good.Here is a sneak peek of the new, modern ShareASale dashboard:Here is how the activity page looks:Quick Review Of The New ShareASale Dashboard’s Look And Feel:The new ShareASale dashboard is definitely a much-needed upgrade, and the dashboard provides all the important information that we need.The bigger fonts and good use of white space make it …