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5 Steps to AMP Up Your Call Conversions

How do you balance the need for speed with your need for more detailed call tracking and attribution data?In Google’s world, site speed matters. And the search giant is pushing hard on AMP, its open source initiative to improve web page speed and performance for mobile users. But that speed comes at a cost for digital marketers. AMP eliminates scripts — including the scripts that help you track mobile calls.Join our AMP experts as they explore AMP’s pros and cons, as well as how leading technology providers are helping marketers identify AMP visitor sessions and track call sources. Implementing AMP doesn’t have to mean losing call tracking and attribution capabilities.Register today for “5 Steps to AMP Up Your Call Conversions,” produced by Digital Marketing Depot and sponsored by CallTrackingMetrics.

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A Google Attribution (and Attribution 360) readiness checklist

Today’s path to purchase has become more complex than ever before, with consumers crossing channels and devices and interacting across a new and ever-expanding set of “always on” touch points. As marketers, this presents a significant challenge as we try to understand the impact and value that each of those touch points is responsible for.To help address this challenge, we turn to attribution tools and technologies, which leverage vast data sets and methodologies that allow us to model and attribute value to the multitude of channels and campaigns we’re managing.While there are a number of vendors and solutions in the marketplace today, with Google’s 2014 acquisition of Adometry and more recent announcement of both a free Attribution (available in beta to select advertisers) and paid Attribution 360 offering, these capabilities are becoming accessible to the masses.To be ready to get the most out of these tools when they become available, here’s a checklist of what you can be doing no…

Are you a marketer? You need to be marketing yourself

As a marketer, you know how much competition there is just to maintain your own position. It’s a churn-and-burn world, and companies aren’t retaining their CMOs like they used to.It’s becoming a huge problem. Executive leaders are constantly looking for new talent with fresh ideas to innovate. In other words, they’re looking for the marketer of tomorrow, today.We live in an age of social proof, where someone with more social persuasion, but less experience, has more street credibility. But how do you stand out in a crowd of marketers and lookalike CMOs?It’s easy to get caught up in the demand of building and marketing your company’s brand. But the reality is, as a marketer, you cannot ignore the importance of marketing yourself.Maybe you’ve reached a point in your career where you feel like you’ve plateaued and are fearful of being replaced by someone younger and more digitally savvy. Focusing on not losing your job will result in not doing good work, which might get you fired regardl…

Here’s how TouchCR is tracking users in a Safari-compliant way

TouchCR, a Chicago-based personalization and e-commerce platform, has recently come out with its own solution for cookie-less tracking.That’s the good news for advertisers freaked out by Apple’s recent moves against cookies in the newest Safari and Mac OS versions.The bad news: TouchCR’s solution is oriented toward first-party users, and the company’s chief technology innovation officer told me that “the third-party market is in real trouble.”The growing sentiment among users, Ritchie Hale said, is “don’t follow us around.”[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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How to make sure your local search marketing is up to scratch

For local businesses, having a strong presence in local search results is fundamental to those all-important conversions.Just to be clear, a “local business” refers to any business that has either a physical location that offers face-to-face contact with the customer, such as a showroom or shop, or one that offers a face-to-face service within a certain area.When it comes to local search, it’s simple: if searchers can’t find you on the web, then frankly, you don’t exist. It’s the way of the modern world.It’s all very well dominating the SERPs for your more general target keywords, but if you fail to rank highly for location-specific terms then you are missing an almighty opportunity.When users are searching for a local term, they are far more likely to be looking for a service or product. Hence why the conversions on local search tend to be higher, and why you need to ensure that your local search engine marketing is up to scratch.Of course all the usual SEO 101 stuff applies. Offer a…

Google Domains Go Live in India – The Best Place to Buy Domain Names

Google Domains, if you are new, is a domain registration service where you can buy new domain names or transfer your existing domains from another registrar into the Google service. There’s no official announcement yet but Google Domains are now available in India without you having to use any hacks or proxy servers.I own about a dozen-odd domains and they have been mostly purchased through Gandi, GoDaddy, Dreamhost, and BigRock. Last week, I purchased a new domain through Google Domains and, like most other Google products, loved the overall experience.Everything is tied to your main Google account so there’s one less set of credentials to remember and the account is already secured with 2-factor authentication.Google Domain includes intelligent and powerful search that will not only suggest domain names based on exact keyword matches but related words too. So a search for “blue widgets” will check the availability of “blue widgets” as well as “color widgets”, “white w…