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Snapchat’s Context Cards turn Snaps into location-based search queries

Snapchat continues to flip location-based search on its head. Earlier this year, Snapchat turned people’s Snaps into a spin on Google Maps’ Street View. Now the mobile app is converting them into queries.On Tuesday, Snapchat rolled out a feature called Context Cards that enables people to access information about a venue tagged in a photo or video posted to the app. For example, a Snap may tag a restaurant, and a person viewing the Snap will be able to swipe up to get its address and directions, see reviews from Foursquare and book a reservation through OpenTable. Or a Snap may be included in a Snapchat-curated Our Story about a local harvest festival, and a person viewing it will be able swipe up to hail a Lyft ride to check it out in person. Snapchat is working with several companies that will provide the information presented in Context Cards. Those companies include Foursquare, Goop, Michelin and TripAdvisor for maps, location information and reviews; Lyft and Uber for ride-hailing…

What email marketers should know about iOS 11

Apple released iOS 11 last month, bringing quite a few changes to Apple Mail. Since there are currently more iPhone users in the US than ever before, according to comScore April stats, it’s important for email marketers to understand how the new operating system might impact their ability to reach subscribers.As with any release, marketers need to monitor all of their metrics to truly understand the repercussions of new or changing features. With the release of iOS 10 last year, unsubscribe rate became an easy-to-pinpoint metric with the addition of the baked-in unsubscribe button. The iOS 11 release will be a bit trickier, and marketers need to be sure they are watching their KPIs closely.iOS 11 brings some notable changes that marketers should be aware of, as many of these are likely to have an impact on engagement and conversion rate metrics among iPhone users.So, what changes are we seeing this time around, and what do they mean for marketers?‘Small’ changes with big implicationsA…

4 myths about video social media marketing, debunked

Social video is hot, and with good reason.Today, we’re watching four times more Facebook Live content and 80 percent more video content on Instagram than we did a year ago. YouTube reaches more people between the ages of 18 and 49 than any cable or broadcast TV network, and that’s on mobile alone. More than 60 percent of marketers say they’re increasing their video marketing budget this year, and by 2021, video is projected to account for 82 percent of all internet traffic, according to Cisco.Since it’s clearly here to stay, it’s time to debunk some common myths associated with social media marketing with video.Myth #1: Beautiful video requires proprietary footage and professional editingMany businesses hold back from investing in video because of the idea that social media-friendly content requires proprietary footage and a professional editor. After all, it’s expensive to get high-quality equipment and shoot and edit the video to create the final product.However, when you use advanc…

Amazon SEO: A guide to improving your rankings on Amazon

Did you know that more than 50% of online shoppers turn to Amazon to begin product searches?“Amazon has become the reference point for shoppers,” Jason Seeba, head of marketing for BloomReach told Bloomberg Tech. “Shoppers will go to Amazon first to find a product and check prices.”If you are looking for a launching pad for your products that your target audience likes and finds useful, Amazon is it. To get the most from your listings on Amazon, however, you will need to employ some SEO tactics to showcase your products and business.The following will serve as your guide to expert Amazon SEO and ranking your products on the largest online retail site in the world.Understanding Amazon results pagesKnowing the intricacies of how Amazon displays products can be very beneficial to getting your products seen. They pretty much have two results page formats.There is the list view with 15 product results covering all departments.Also the gallery view with 24 results per page displayed when sp…

Schedule a Phone Call to Yourself and Politely Escape any Boring Situation

You have been invited to a meeting that would last really long. You cannot say “no” but secretly wish that someone calls your phone in the middle of that never-ending meeting and rescue you from the boring situation.Well, you can take the help of a human friend or use IFTTT, the versatile automation app available for both iPhone and Android. With IFTTT, you can easily create a workflow (applet) that would simulate a fake phone call to yourself at the scheduled time and help you smoothly exit that meeting.What’s new then? The phone calling service has been part of IFTTT for some time now but it was earlier limited to the U.S. region only. The latest version of the IFTTT app brings phone calling to everyone outside the U.S. as well. Let’s get started.Schedule an Automated Phone Call to YourselfCreate a free account at IFTTT and enable the Date Time service and the VoIP Call service.Next, create a new applet and choose Date Time for the “this” condition. The trigger should be set to “Eve…

Blogging For Making The World A Better Place: 1st Ever #ShoutersChat Recap

Last Saturday, we hosted our first ever #ShoutersChat.What is #ShoutersChat?#ShoutersChat is a Twitter chat where Shouters like you from around the world come online every week to chat about a specific topic related to blogging and online marketing.We host this chat every Saturday at 7 PM IST.Here are a few benefits of joining #ShoutersChat:
You get to share your knowledge with other fellow Shouters.You get to learn from people who are a step (or many steps) ahead of you.You get to network with like-minded people who may want to collaborate with you to build something great.And of course, you get to interact with us!Sounds good. Right?It’s an amazing opportunity to learn, help others, and grow.Here is how it goes down:The chat happens every Saturday at 7 PM IST.We announce a topic for that day’s chat.We post a question around that topic and discuss it for about 7-10 minutes until we post another question.We discuss for about one hour.After the chat, we have a little after-chat party fo…

Apple’s anti-tracking tool restricts Facebook’s ability to follow people around the web

Two years ago, Facebook began using the ubiquitous “like” buttons that publishers put on their sites to track people’s web browsing and use that information to target ads on and off the social network. Now, Facebook may find it harder to follow people around the web.The Intelligent Tracking Prevention feature that Apple has added to its Safari web browser on desktop and mobile can disable Facebook’s ability to track people who visit third-party websites that feature Facebook’s Social Plugins, such as its “like” and “share” buttons, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed on Monday.Since 2015, every time a person loads a page on a site that features one of Facebook’s Social Plugins, Facebook would receive information from the site about the visitor, “like the person’s user ID, the website they’re visiting, the date and time, and other browser-related info,” according to Facebook’s developer documentation. But Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention — which is enabled by default when people u…

Marketing Day: AdWords Scripts, LinkedIn & AI and Google Tag Manager

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:5 ways to capitalize on Google Tag Manager
Oct 9, 2017 by Stela Yordanova
If you haven’t taken advantage of Google Tag Manager, now may be the time to get started. Columnist Stela Yordanova outlines five ways to utilize GTM to help you improve your marketing results. AdWords Scripts now available in new AdWords interface
Oct 9, 2017 by Frederick Vallaeys
AdWords Scripts have received some new capabilities in the new AdWords interface. Contributor Frederick Vallaeys walks us through what to expect. How marketing ops can deliver value to the C-suite
Oct 9, 2017 by Peter Ladka
Contributor Peter Ladka recaps a presentation at the Martech Conference in Boston on the processes and capabilities that will help marketers consistently prove the value of marketing’s contribution to the organization. Microsoft’s LinkedIn integration, AI and what it means f…

5 ways to capitalize on Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager (GTM) has revolutionized the way we implement scripts and tags on websites. However, many marketers aren’t fully utilizing this tool or capitalizing on its potential benefits.Here are five easy and impactful ways to use GTM. These tips will help you improve your analytics dashboards, your SEO results and your marketing automation programs.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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AdWords Scripts now available in new AdWords interface

AdWords Scripts are now available in the New AdWords interface, giving users a visual refresh, as well as some new capabilities that make management a bit easier, especially for advertisers with lots of scripts in their accounts.Here are some of the key changes:See up to 500 script logs per page and filter by date.See a more precise time when a script will run.See who added a script to the account.Filter scripts based on name or who created it.Duplicate existing scripts.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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How marketing ops can deliver value to the C-suite

Having the right marketing stack is just one component of a successful marketing operations department in your organization. Having great people and executing a best-in-class process completes the three circles of the martech Venn diagram for success.Marketing ops departments are often bogged down in one of two scenarios: (1) There aren’t any clearly defined processes to follow, or (2) there is a set of antiquated, overburdened processes that stifle or kill progress.At this week’s MarTech Conference in Boston, Laura Patterson, president of VisionEdge Marketing, addressed these challenges, delivering a presentation on Tuesday on “How to implement best-in-class processes, the foundation of your marketing operations.”[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Microsoft’s LinkedIn integration, AI and what it means for marketers

The recent Microsoft Ignite event in September told us a lot about the direction technology is going — and specifically how it will impact marketers.Microsoft emphasized two trends that will have a significant effect on marketers. The first is an effort to make artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning available to the masses. The second is heavier integration between Microsoft and LinkedIn.What do both of these mean for us? We’re getting closer to the holy grail of closed loop marketing, one tech innovation at a time.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Local SEO: 7 Google My Business questions asked and answered

Consumers are increasingly searching online for shops, grocery stores, restaurants, car dealers, realtors and other businesses in their local area. Not surprisingly, four out of five people use search engines to find local information, like a company’s business hours, address, phone number, online reviews, busy times and more, according to Google.Google research also shows that businesses with detailed, complete, up-to-date online business listings are twice as likely to be considered reputable by consumers. (If you’ve ever looked up a local business online and driven all the way across town to their location only to find that they’ve moved, you know how frustrating that can be. When that happens, do you blame Google? Nope. You blame the business. And you’ve just lost trust in the business.)[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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