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Duplicate content FAQ: What is it, and how should you deal with it?

There are a few questions that have been confusing the SEO industry for many years. No matter how many times Google representatives try to clear the confusion, some myths persist.One such question is the widely discussed issue of duplicate content. What is it, are you being penalized for it, and how can you avoid it?Let’s try to clear up some of the confusion by answering some frequently-asked (or frequently-wondered) questions about duplicate content.How can you diagnose a duplicate content penalty?It’s funny how some of the readers of this article are rolling their eyes right now reading the first subheading. But let’s deal with this myth first thing.There is no duplicate content penalty. None of Google’s representatives has ever confirmed the existence of such a penalty; there were no algorithmic updates called “duplicate content”; and there can never be such a penalty because in the overwhelming number of cases, duplicate content is a natural thing with no evil intent behind that.…

Should you connect with your clients across social platforms?

A common question that I hear among digital marketers is, should you connect with your clients on social platforms? My answer to this question is: Avoid it as much as you can.I’ve found that my strongest client relationships over the years have come when we solely see each other as the vendor (myself) and the client. That’s not to say that we don’t ask about each other’s personal lives or participate in small talk, but the quality of the work and results are always at the forefront.Before I delve into my argument, it’s important to understand that I’m looking at this question as someone who interacts with clients on a day-to-day basis and oversees strategy. I can appreciate the need for sales and other departments to connect with clients. For example, I can see a salesperson reaching out to a client on LinkedIn to make introductions. From my perspective, I would rather not connect with clients.I find that when you connect with clients on social platforms, they see you in a different l…

New Gartner report spotlights analytics tools that map customer data across channels

As customer journeys, customer experience and customer data become the key drivers of modern marketing, analytics tools have become the compasses.To help marketers learn about their options, Gartner is out with a new “Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Analytics” for what it describes as the “booming business” of analytics.It notes, for instance, that more than 40 percent of US and UK marketing leaders say analytical tools are among their top five investments. (A complimentary copy of this report is available from several of the named vendors, including Adobe.)Analytics tools are described as standalone “applications used to understand and improve digital channel user experience, and prospect and customer acquisition and behavior, and to optimize marketing campaigns, with an emphasis on digital channels and techniques.”[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Do you need a PPC management expert?

The eternal question for businesses both large and small: should you run your marketing in-house, or should you hire an expert?There are numerous factors to take into account including level of expertise, the complexity of the campaign, existing internal resources and the management fee of said expert.We’ll come clean. Most of these types of articles are written by an agency of some sort and will therefore naturally have a tendency to be biased towards the benefits of external help. Some would call it bias, some would call it scaremongering.This article has also been written by an agency, but one looking to give as objective a view as possible. The truth is that both options are completely viable when everything goes to plan. In turn, both options can have significant downsides when those cogs do not turn quite as smoothly as intended.Note: We previously explored this topic on Search Engine Watch back in 2014. I will include some of the points made in the aforementioned article, as we…

Pinterest opens search ads to self-serve advertisers, adds ‘autotargeting’ option

Pinterest is opening up its search ads to all advertisers and broadening the aim of brands’ keyword-based campaigns to relevant queries that do not contain a specified term or phrase.Eight months after Pinterest rolled out search ads, the company is making the ad placement available to advertisers buying ads through its self-serve ad-buying tool, Pinterest Ads Manager, the company announced on Wednesday.Advertisers buying Pinterest search ads through the self-serve interface will be able to set up those campaigns using the same options already available to brands buying the ads through Pinterest’s direct sales team or third-party tools. Brands can apply broad- or exact-match keyword targeting as well as phrase-match targeting, and they can list negative keywords.Pinterest is also introducing a new option for brands to target their search ads beyond the traditional set of keywords. In addition to the traditional keyword-based targeting, advertisers can opt to have Pinterest automatical…

Kajabi Review: Build, Manage & Sell Your Online Course From One Place

Although selling an online course seems like a great way to earn passive income, it’s not that easy to do. Not only do you have to be confident to teach what you know, you also have to invest in tools and services to deliver your content to your audience.The first part is not that complicated. If you think you can share what you know and help others in the process, then there’s really no reason you shouldn’t consider selling an online course.The second part, however, is where most hesitations begin. An online course requires a website, which requires hosting. The website would then need to have a Learning Management System in place so your students can take courses. You’ll also need a way to get paid via a payment gateway.These are just some of the obstacles you face when building an online course.Most online course creators usually build a website and install the LMS through a plugin. As for payment gateways, there are plugins for that, too.The problem with this approach is that it t…

How To Create The Best Call-To-Action That Will Compel People To Click On Your Offers

Buy now. Register. Learn more. Sign Up. Download.None of these regular call-to-actions (CTAs) will give you your desired result because your target audience is more intelligent, smarter, and more experienced than ever before.As a marketer, I bet you already know that visitors who don’t click, won’t convert.Your website visitors cannot pass through the checkout process or registration form without hitting at least one button. And that single button can be improved upon just like all of your other buttons.If you want to boost the conversion of your calls-to-action, the first thing is to stop neglecting the so-called “small things”. Most times, the conversions you’re looking for will completely depend upon something very small.For instance, having a weak call-to-action with no sense of urgency is one of the primary reasons why most sales pages and landing pages fail to convert leads into customers.You must understand, however, that not all CTA messages are built equally. Lots of B2B mark…

How machine learning levels the SERP playing field

We don’t ordinarily think of Google when we think about competition in the digital marketing world, since it seems to reliably dominate most areas in which it does business. A recent segment discussing corporate monopolies on John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight hilariously referenced Bing as the dominant search engine with a graphic that stated, “Bing. The best place to Google something.”For the most part, however, the digital marketing sphere has been a fairly competitive landscape, though there were exceptions to this maxim. Established brands frequently dominated top SERP positions because of long-standing trust, fresh domains had to wait their turn in line, and black-hat SEO allowed webmasters to game the system and deliver high rankings for thin content. A decade ago, SEO agencies and webmasters could apply simple heuristics and buzzworthy keywords to rank content regardless of its utility to user intent or actual quality.The Hummingbird update and subsequent rollout of RankBrain c…

Forget B2B and B2C; the future of marketing is P2P

By now, we can all agree — digital has changed everything. So, it only makes sense that digital is responsible for blurring the lines between the marketing strategies of business-to-business (B2B) companies and those of business-to-consumer (B2C). Now that we can reach individual customers at scale, we have to start treating every customer as a person first, and the “customer persona” second.Forrester analyst Steve Casey put it eloquently in his latest research by calling this trend the rise of the “B2B consumer.” For a career SaaS marketer, I’ll admit my first reaction was skepticism.The conventional wisdom is that enterprise deals require buy-in from a committee of stakeholders, all motivated by their organizational responsibilities rather than personal interests. So, it should really be about putting our value proposition in business terms, right?I realize now that’s an oversight. When I think about the marketing campaigns that have grabbed my attention and made me want to engage, …

Facebook acquires teen-centric polling app tbh and all its valuable data

Facebook continues to grapple with its teen problem.Four years ago, Facebook’s then-CFO David Ebersman admitted that the social network “did see a decrease in daily users specifically among younger teens.” A month later, news broke that the company had tried but failed to buy Snapchat, which was and continues to be exceedingly popular among teens.Four years later, Facebook is still seeing a decline in usage among teens, according to eMarketer. But now the company has succeeded in buying an app that appeals to — and collects data from — the detached demographic.Facebook has acquired teen-centric polling app tbh, a company spokesperson confirmed, declining to discuss the purchase price or how Facebook plans to generate revenue from the app.Launched in August 2017 and only available to iPhone owners in the US, tbh lets people anonymously answer generally positive polls about their friends. The app cross-references the contacts listed on a person’s phone with its user base to see which fr…

Marketing Day: Google AMP, Apple’s move to kill cookies & new Twitter Video Website Cards

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Google AMP and call attribution — 5 things you need to know
Oct 17, 2017 by Digital Marketing Depot
AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, Google’s open source initiative to improve web page speed and performance for mobile users. But that speed comes at a cost for digital marketers. AMP eliminates scripts — including the scripts that help you track mobile calls.
Why engagement trumps reach when measuring influencer marketing impact
Oct 17, 2017 by Ben Jacobson
With influencer marketing, you can spend big dollars on reach and get little in return. Contributor Ben Jacobson explains why driving engagement is the name of the game.Apple’s move to kill cookies isn’t a crisis — It’s an opportunity
Oct 17, 2017 by Mike Sands
Columnist Mike Sands believes Apple’s cookie restrictions will encourage marketers to take a new approach to building customer …

Google AMP and call attribution — 5 things you need to know

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, Google’s open source initiative to improve web page speed and performance for mobile users. But that speed comes at a cost for digital marketers. AMP eliminates scripts — including the scripts that help you track mobile calls.On October 19, join our Google AMP experts as they explore AMP’s pros and cons, as well as how leading technology providers are helping marketers identify AMP visitor sessions and track call sources.Register today for “AMP Up Your Call Conversions: 5 Things You Need to Know,” produced by Digital Marketing Depot and sponsored by CallTrackingMetrics.

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