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More C-suite titles join the upper ranks as CEOs make growth & digital transformation their top priority

According to Gartner’s 2017 CEO survey, 58 percent of respondents said growth was their top business priority this year. In addition to business leaders focusing on growth, the survey revealed that product improvement and technology were rising priorities among CEOs.“Almost twice as many CEOs are intent on building up in-house technology and digital capabilities as those [who] plan on outsourcing it,” reports Gartner Vice President and Fellow Mark Raskino.Raskino says the survey findings represent the “… building up of new-era technology skills and capabilities.”As digital transformation and technology initiatives take center stage, so do the people put in place to manage these business efforts. Already, many companies have decided the traditional C-suite roles of CEO, COO, CFO, CIO and CMO no longer suffice when it comes to executive leadership needs.CIOs and CTOs are now joined by CISOs (chief information security officers), CAOs (chief analytics officers) and CDOs (chief digital of…

Socialbakers unveils a ‘near real-time’ social ad benchmark

How do you know whether your social advertising is doing as well as it should?This week, social media marketing platform Socialbakers is providing one kind of yardstick. It’s a “near real-time” social ad performance benchmark, based on data from the company’s 2,000+ clients.The Prague-based company describes this as near real-time, although it’s updated the previous day. But competing ad benchmarks, Chief Product Evangelist Moses Velasco told me, are usually more static and updated only annually or quarterly.Without looking at benchmarks for how others in the industry are performing, he said, an advertiser is dependent on its own campaign history.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Testing shows e-commerce navigation doesn’t work the way we think it does

At the top of most any e-commerce website, you will see a strip of pixels emblazoned with words. This is something that we have all agreed to, and your visitors expect it.These words are the gatekeepers of content, and they often reveal great powers when hovered over or clicked on a computer screen. Lists of other words fly out, and these words reveal still more lists of words. Entire menus of destinations can be revealed.Some incorporate images into their drop-down menus.Some use “mega menus.”Some incorporate ads into their menus.Others follow their own star.It’s hard to put the right navigation in place, because our main navigation doesn’t work the way we think.My team recently put main navigation design to the test, and we came away with some surprising results.Challenges to improving main navigationWe’ve had the honor of testing a number of our clients’ main — or “primary” or “top” — navigation. For almost any website, this navigation is an important tool for discovery and directi…

Cedato launches Video Supply Path Optimization in its new premium marketplace

Cedato is out this week with an open version of its private video ad supply-side marketplace, along with what it says is the first supply path optimization (SPO) for video ads.The video ad platform’s previous marketplace was a private one for its own clients. That’s now called Cedato X Direct, and the new open marketplace — featuring premium inventory — is branded as the Cedato X Marketplace.But the Tel Aviv-based company is pointing to its new, built-in Video Supply Path Optimization (VSPO) as a key differentiator.Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer Dvir Doron told me the VSPO is designed to make life easier for demand side platforms (DSPs).[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Facebook details Instant Article subscription program as test launch nears

Facebook confirmed earlier this year that it planned to start testing a subscription program for Instant Articles as soon as October. On Thursday, the company said that test will begin “over the next few weeks” and offered details, including how those subscriptions will work and which publishers have signed on to put their articles for Facebook (mobile only) behind a paywall.Initially, the test will be limited to people in the US and Europe who access Facebook through Android phones. According to Recode, Facebook has reached an impasse with Apple over the iPhone maker’s 30-percent tax on iOS app’s subscription revenue. Facebook plans to give publishers 100 percent of the subscription revenue.By enabling publishers to sell subscriptions against their Instant Articles, Facebook hopes to keep publishers from pulling back on its proprietary article format, which provides Facebook with inventory to sell to advertisers. While Facebook claims to pay more than $1 million a day to Instant Arti…

From big to small: 5 free image compression tools reviewed

Recently, I’ve found myself focusing more and more on optimizing page load times. Improving page speed is something that is generally pretty easily understood by clients, and it positively impacts user experience and conversion as well as SEO.The challenge, frequently, can be that some elements of improving page speed can require significant input from development resources (e.g., prioritizing visible content, eliminating render-blocking JavaScript or CSS).But there’s one element of page speed optimization that even non-technical marketers and content creators can contribute to: image optimization. As Kristine Schachinger points out in her excellent article on image optimization, resizing and compressing images can often be the easiest and highest-impact action for speeding up pages on your site.Schachinger does a great job of outlining image compression and resizing best practices, but once you know which images need work (or if you just have some new images to add to your site), wha…

Why ABM has become a critical strategy for B2B marketers

At least 62 percent of B2B companies surveyed this year have a full Account-Based Marketing (ABM) program in place, compared with 41 percent in 2016, according to SiriusDecisions. Those who have found religion when it comes to ABM would even say it’s mission-critical.That same SiriusDecisions survey reports that 91 percent of the respondents stated that their average deal sizes are larger for ABM accounts than for non-ABM accounts. Yet, despite their belief in it, not all marketers are taking the practice to its full potential.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Survey: 37% of online retailers started holiday preparations earlier this year

As we head into peak holiday shopping season, a survey of online retailers conducted by BigCommerce reveals more than a third began their holiday preparations months earlier than last year.The e-commerce software provider surveyed more than 1,000 of its clients, primarily B2C retailers with annual earnings from less than $50,000 to more than $1 million.According to the findings, 37.5 percent of the survey participants said they began planning anywhere from one to four months earlier in 2017 compared to their holiday 2016 preparations. Fifty-four percent reported no change at all to their holiday planning schedule, apparently satisfied with their timing last year.Overall, online retailers are feeling good about their preparations, with 88 percent expecting an increase in holiday revenue. Forty percent of the survey respondents are forecasting a more than 25 percent increase in holiday sales over last year’s earnings.Most respondents (64 percent) expect the majority of their sales this …

Better insights provide real inroads for breakthrough ROI

Until I discovered the battery-sucking genius of Waze, my daily Connecticut commute was hell. Now, thanks to its ingenious crowd-sourcing approach, Waze always finds the best route. Better navigation calms me down; it lets me think while I drive, and that makes my day more productive right from the start.Better data helps marketing and sales navigate, too. And with insights from the right sources, your teams can create the inroads you need to win.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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How blockchain will impact search marketing

If you’ve heard of Bitcoin then you most likely have heard of blockchain, the technology that enables Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to exist and function. The technology is forecast to disrupt many industries as it allows users to conduct transactions without a middleman in a secure and transparent format.Some of the industries that can potentially be disrupted are car sales, voting, ridesharing, real estate, insurance, sports management, loyalty cards and gun tracking. While the search marketing industry is not as mainstream as the aforementioned industries, it can also be potentially disrupted by blockchain.Now, before we go any further, this article is not about Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. However, if Bitcoin is adopted by large companies such as Amazon or Walmart, it will certainly have an impact on the future of payments between search marketing agencies, website owners, advertisers and others. Contract agreements will also be impacted, as the blockchain could be leve…

Facebook will insert ads within Messenger’s Instant Games

Facebook wants to make more money from Messenger, and the company is willing to share some of that money with developers to get them to make more games for its messaging service.After rolling out sponsored messages last year and feed-based ads earlier this year, Facebook will start slotting ads within Instant Games on Messenger, the company announced on Thursday.The ads will appear as interstitial ads and rewarded video ads within the in-app games that Facebook introduced last year within Messenger and that can also be played through posts in Facebook’s News Feed. They will be pulled from Facebook’s Audience Network ad network, which allows advertisers to syndicate their Facebook campaigns across non-Facebook sites and apps and helps Facebook address its news-feed ad load dilemma. Only ads bought with Audience Network’s “native, banner and interstitial” and/or “rewarded videos” placements enabled will be eligible to appear within Instant Games.The rollout of ads within Instant Games w…

Marketing Day: Facebook’s Explore Feed, Amazon’s Prime members & YouTube’s brand safety efforts

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Insights from 130 agencies — The State of Email Marketing
Oct 19, 2017 by Digital Marketing Depot
Email marketing is an oldie but goodie, and it just keeps getting better with marketing automation. Agencies love email marketing, since it performs well at a low cost. SharpSpring gathered insights from 130 agencies to find out: how agencies evaluate platforms, what an agency’s objectives are when implementing a platform, and more.Facebook officially launches Explore Feed on desktop to boost Pages’ posts
Oct 19, 2017 by Tim Peterson
Facebook’s new feed offers Pages an opportunity to recoup lost organic reach.Report: Prime members now represent 63 percent of Amazon’s US customers
Oct 19, 2017 by Greg Sterling
Prime subscribers will drive more than $117 billion in spending on Amazon this year, according to estimates.YouTube: We’ve manually reviewed …

Insights from 130 agencies — The State of Email Marketing

Email marketing is an oldie but goodie, and it just keeps getting better with marketing automation. Agencies love email marketing, since it performs well at a low cost.SharpSpring gathered insights from 130 agencies to find out:how agencies evaluate platforms.what an agency’s objectives are when implementing a platform.ways agencies use marketing automation as a revenue generator.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download “Agencies Talk: State of Email Marketing.”

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