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Snap reportedly lays off 18 employees, will slow hiring in 2018

As Snap tries to keep pace with investors’ growth expectations, Snapchat‘s parent company reportedly expects to slow down its internal growth pace.Last week Snap laid off 18 employees in its recruiting division and reportedly plans to slow hiring in 2018, according to an internal company email obtained by Business Insider. A Snap spokesperson confirmed the layoffs but declined to comment further.The fact that Snap plans to ease off hiring and has laid off some of those who do the hiring indicates that the business isn’t growing at the same pace it has been.The company, which went public in March 2017, has been on a hiring spree over the past couple of years. Between December 31, 2015, and December 31, 2016, the company’s full-time employee base rose from 600 people to 1,859, according to the company’s most recent earnings report.Thanks to its ballooning headcount and hosting costs, Snap has yet to turn a profit despite triple-digit revenue growth in Q2 2017. And with daily active user…

SAP Hybris adds facial recognition, Internet of Things-triggered campaigns and attribution

Last month, Germany-based SAP acquired consumer identity provider Gigya for its Hybris Marketing Cloud.The move signaled that SAP is getting serious about identity management across its marketing and e-commerce platform, as marketers get ready for the Government Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May.Last week, SAP is introducing several new features to help distinguish itself from major competitors like Adobe or Salesforce. They include facial recognition, Internet of Things-based marketing, integrated attribution and full GDPR support.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Offers they can’t refuse: Strategies to stand out on Black Friday

A lot of customers naturally have their sights set on the December holidays, when they can enjoy the fruits of their planning and shopping efforts. But for retailers, the focus is squarely pointed at Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which feature the biggest payoff of the holiday season — and it’s the reason I recommend brands begin their holiday marketing planning now or even earlier.With nearly every brand pushing their biggest in-store and online deals for Black Friday (it’s really more like Black/Cyber November, with sales starting earlier every year), it’s difficult to get your message heard over the noise of your competitors. Great prices are a start, but everyone will be promoting discounted products. The key is to sell what only you can offer.To ensure that you successfully capitalize on a valuable opportunity to engage with customers, these strategies will keep you top of mind with consumers when gearing up for the biggest shopping week (month) of the year.The lure of exclusivi…

What are the best free SEO resources online?

Whether you are a fresh-faced SEO newbie just starting to learn the ropes, or an SEO veteran who can recite the ins and outs of every Google update ever, it is safe to say that we can all agree on one thing: SEO is a complex subject.Sure, the basics of SEO aren’t difficult to grasp. The issue lies in the fact that there is no exact formula for achieving that coveted number one spot.Everything we know is based on the small amount of guidance provided by Google, a good dose of speculation, a healthy amount of testing and the general consensus from the SEO community.With so much information about SEO available online, compounded by a fair amount of conflicting opinions, it can be difficult to know where to turn for the most accurate guidance.In this post, we share our pick of the best free SEO resources. These resources have been chosen for their accuracy, reliability and ease of understanding.The Big GWhat better place to find out what Google wants than from… well, Google? It therefore …