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PayPal’s new Marketing Solutions tool sheds light on how shoppers use the online payment platform

PayPal has launched a new suite of free marketing solutions for merchants that provide them with analytics around how shoppers use the online payment platform.According to the announcement, the newly-released shopping insights tools will include aggregated and anonymous data tracking the behaviors and preferences of PayPal users.“This includes things like how many shoppers are mobile shoppers; how many shop for big-ticket versus small-ticket items; how a particular merchant site attracts customers compared to other similar sites,” writes PayPal in its release announcing the rollout.To use the tools, merchants will need to install a PayPal code snippet on their sites, which will collect information on PayPal web visitors and customers including:cookies,browser,device and type,IP address,page impressions and clicks,and URL.In return, merchants will receive analytics data — similar to packages like Google Analytics — that they can employ to improve conversions and better serve their cust…

The disruption of attribution is coming

Attribution, hold onto your metaphorical hat.For years, the art of determining which marketing effort led to a sale has been performed inside a black box that may have contained as much magic as science.Marketers have had the unenviable task of finding out, for instance, what impacted all those people to buy those blue sneakers online and in physical stores during two weeks in May in Boston.There have been two main approaches. The venerable approach of marketing (or media) modeling mix (MMM) is top-down, with a focus on overall budget spend versus sales that also includes large factors like weather. Born before there was a World Wide Web, it’s largely offline-focused and has long time horizons.The other is digital attribution, based on all those trackable online actions like clicks. Early attribution schemes like first- or last-touch — where the credit for a sale goes to the first or the last touch point — have largely given way in the age of multichannel marketing to multitouch attri…

RCS messaging takes a few more steps toward rocking mobile

Browser wars are so last century. In a few weeks, we could see the next phase of the Messaging Wars.That’s when Sprint is expected to enable the first US-based transactions over Rich Communications Services (RCS) on Android devices, 3C founder and CEO John Duffy told me. His mobile marketing development firm has been creating RCS projects.RCS has had a bumpy history and rollout on its quest to become a universal complement to the text-only SMS and the video + image MMS.The universal vision, laid out in a GSMA-backed Universal Profile, includes file sharing, location sharing, group chats, video calls, “hot buttons” with built-in actions, cards with graphics and QR codes, support for chatbots, transmission over WiFi and more.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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4 steps to enhancing the customer experience with social media

Social media has been the “buzz” in marketing practically since its inception. And while your business should absolutely be utilizing these channels as an integral part of your marketing strategy, it’s time to move past thinking about your social media pages and handles solely in terms of marketing with the goal of customer acquisition.You need to use social media to enhance your customers’ experiences with your brand. It’s time to delight.Set the stage: Engage your customers, don’t bombard themWhile some less savvy companies might think of their social media accounts as a publisher of free ads, this is not the case, thanks to the ever-declining reach of organic social content. Besides, no one is delighted by an endless deluge of promotional materials, after which you might find people tuning you out, and probably, unfollowing you.When creating a content calendar, you need to consider what your social media followers likely expect to get out of following you. They probably want to hea…

In digital, lack of oversight is a major blunder

Industry leadership at a grand scale has joined buyers and consumers in the backlash against fraud, waste and abuse in digital. While welcome, this development is long past due and may be too late.As Forbes noted in its coverage of the annual Masters of Marketing conference put on by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA):With the domination of Facebook and Google on one hand, and the growing (OK, now full-grown) frustration of marketers with digital media advertising transparency and trust on the other, we should be way past the “warning signs” stage for this space.How did we get here?One reason digital reached this state is that it developed too quickly for its own good. It achieved the largest ad spend of any channel in record time.Think of how much longer it took for the telephone, radio and TV just to get the devices into homes. Digital got there much faster, and with almost zero policing. Contrast that with another high-volume delivery system.Neither rain nor snow nor the…

Pinterest moves into paid search: What you need to know

Pinterest has announced its long-awaited move into the self-serve paid search space, after a period of trial campaigns with select partners. With innovative visual search technology and an ambition to corner the ‘discovery’ phase of search, this could prove an enticing complement to AdWords for many brands.So, how does Pinterest PPC work, how does it differ from other paid search options, and how can advertisers get started?Pinterest Ads Manager is now open to all businesses who have opened an account and uploaded at least one Pin. In what is a fiercely competitive space, Pinterest is hoping that its offering can both provide something new and still deliver on the core performance metrics marketers have come to expect from Google AdWords.This announcement comes at the end of a lengthy campaign to get the product right, with early partners including eBay, Target, and bid management platform Kenshoo. The newly released self-serve paid search platform provides the same experience these e…

Facebook, Google and Apple are the top drivers of mobile app installs

Facebook and Google AdWords are still the top media sources driving mobile app installs, but Apple Search Ads is on the rise, according to AppsFlyer’s latest performance index (registration required). The rankings are based on 6 billion installs from the first half of 2017 and are organized by region and operating system into gaming and non-gaming categories.In terms of overall performance for volume and retention, Facebook and Google AdWords remained the top two channels globally(versus 2016). However, Apple Search Ads has risen dramatically; it now ranks 3 and 4 in the global non-gaming and gaming categories.AppsFlyer also said that Apple Search Ads were number 1 in the iOS index “with a 30 percent higher ARPU and a 40 percent lower price than the other networks in this index.”Twitter was also a significant source of app downloads. The site came in at number 4 in the non-gaming category and number 10 in gaming. Similarly, the dominance of Facebook and Google as channels was reported…

A bigger Bing for your buck

Bing Ads doesn’t get the credit it deserves. While it’s true that Bing was slower to the paid ad game than Google and Yahoo, Bing Ads — formerly known as Microsoft’s MSN adCenter — has now been around for more than  a decade and boasts some pretty impressive stats in its own right. Consider that Bing and its search partner network, which now includes Yahoo, totals more than 6 billion searches each month. This number equates to roughly 30 percent of total search engine share. And a single Bing Ad buy can reach more than 160 million unique searchers across the Bing network.If you haven’t given Bing serious consideration in your marketing strategy, you could be missing out. Here’s why.The case for Bing searchBing has a history of poaching searches from Google, starting with grabbing a serious 5 percent of the giant’s share back in 2012. Search share fluctuates — alot — but the most recent numbers show Bing again stealing more of the share. The reasons for this are unclear, but the uptick…

6 Best WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugins For Your Site

No matter how much you try to prevent it, there will probably come a time when you have to put your WordPress site into maintenance mode. You could be having issues with your site, releasing new features, or be in some other situation where you don’t want people to have access to your regular content.In those situations, showing a maintenance mode page can be a user-friendly way of letting your visitors know just what’s happening.While WordPress does have a basic maintenance page that it activates during automatic updates, this page is not user-friendly nor can you manually activate it or deactivate it from your dashboard.For that reason, one of these 6 WordPress maintenance mode plugins offers a better path. With one of these plugins, you’ll be able to design your own maintenance mode page and activate it as needed.6 Best WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugins1. Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProdWith 500,000+ active installs and a 5-star rating over 1,600 reviews, Coming…

How To Become A Really Good Writer In 30 Days

I often see people calling themselves a “writer” for no reason other than they occassionally write things.The one thing these “writers” often forget is that they don’t know how to write.That’s not the mark of a writer; that’s the mark of delusion.Even if you think you’re brilliant, if you have no idea how to effortlessly get your point across through writing, the world will never get to experience that brilliance.But there’s hope…You can learn to become a great writer.If you are looking to start up a writing career but don’t know where to start, let me help.I’ve organized an easy-to-follow, practice-packed 30-day course for anyone interested in this line of work.Take this course with intention, and in 30 days, you will be able to confidently call yourself a “writer”.Start A Writing Career In 30 Days: The Definite GuideStep 1: Make sure there is paper in the typewriter… This post is divided into four weeks:Week 1 (Days 1-7)Week 2 (Days 8-15)Week 3 (Days 16-24)Week 4 (Days 25-30)This pro…

Marketing Day: Snapchat layoffs, Black Friday strategies & Facebook tests web-based VR

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Location data beyond the marketing department: A look at 3 use cases
Oct 23, 2017 by Eric Aledort
As mobile location data evolves beyond just ad targeting, contributor Eric Aledort takes a look at how it’s being applied across the entire enterprise, from urban planning to the pricing of real estate. A brief history of Google’s most important local search updates
Oct 23, 2017 by Brian Smith
How has Google’s local search changed throughout the years? Columnist Brian Smith shares a timeline of events and their impact on brick-and-mortar businesses. Snap reportedly lays off 18 employees, will slow hiring in 2018
Oct 23, 2017 by Tim Peterson
It’s unclear how the slowdown will impact Snapchat’s parent company’s advertising business. SAP Hybris adds facial recognition, Internet of Things-triggered campaigns and attribution
Oct 23, 2017 by Barry Levine