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Marketing Day: Agent-client relationships, IAB ads.txt initiative & a holiday retail survey

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Tips to troubleshoot your technical SEO
Oct 27, 2017 by Patrick Stox
Stumped by a technical SEO issue? Columnist Patrick Stox has some tips and tricks to help you diagnose and solve some common problems.3 ways to build a better agency-client relationship
Oct 27, 2017 by Brett Middleton
Wondering how you can have a better relationship with your client or paid search agency? Columnist Brett Middleton provides solid advice for both parties to communicate more effectively and work more efficiently.Everything you need to know about the IAB ads.txt initiative
Oct 27, 2017 by Alex Bornyakov
If you haven’t yet rolled out ads.txt, it might be time to hop on board. Contributor Alex Bornyakov walks you through what you need to know about the IAB’s initiative to fight fraud and how to implement it.Facebook will show all the ads a Page is running & arch…

Tips to troubleshoot your technical SEO

There are lots of articles filled with checklists that tell you what technical SEO items you should review on your website. This is not one of those lists. What I think people need is not another best practice guide, but some help with troubleshooting search operatorOften, [info:] can help you diagnose a variety of issues. This command will let you know if a page is indexed and how it is indexed. Sometimes, Google chooses to fold pages together in their index and treat two or more duplicates as the same page. This command shows you the canonicalized version — not necessarily the one specified by the canonical tag, but rather what Google views as the version they want to index.If you search for your page with this operator and see another page, then you’ll see the other URL ranking instead of this one in results — basically, Google didn’t want two of the same page in their index. (Even the cached version shown is the other URL!) If you make exact dupli…

3 ways to build a better agency-client relationship

The reality of maintaining a complex business relationship where revenue is on the line is that there are several pitfalls that can destroy it. Although not all of these points will apply to all partnerships, the lesson is the same.If you’re in-house marketing staff: Do you treat your agency like they’re members of your team? How do you keep them in the loop and give them everything they need to succeed? How do you know when you’re not? Don’t get me started on the process of choosing an agency!If you’re at an agency: How much should we charge for our services? What pricing model should we adopt? When you’re a smaller digital agency trying to grow, you find yourself throwing everything you can at prospects just hoping they will say yes — then, once you close, how do you keep that momentum going?Let’s dive into three ways the client-agency relationship can be strained, and how it can be mended. This is going to include advice for both agencies and those who have hired one, so let’s get …

Everything you need to know about the IAB ads.txt initiative

We’ve all been exposed to a dodgy online shopping situation, or caught out by a vendor that definitely didn’t have access to the official merchandise they claimed to sell. Just ask this guy:But, while receiving a not-as-advertised fashion item can make for a funny story, when your business relies on something you can only purchase online, dealing with scam artists seems a lot less entertaining.In particular, this is a major problem facing anyone who needs to buy programmatic ads — or, in some cases, even agent-brokered ads.You may have heard of “spoofing,” where ad buyers are tricked into paying for space that they don’t actually get. This happens in a number of ways, but one of the most common tricks is for a scammer to buy up cheap ad space from a low-end site and then list it as premium ad space on an exchange, at a much higher price. So, you might think your ad will be displayed on the prestigious, but, in reality, you’re buying space on[Read …