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Audi campaign on UK digital billboards tracks traffic and weather

You may still be thinking of billboards as big, static signs. If so, time to reboot that vision, because they are becoming giant screens that respond to their environment.The latest case in point: a campaign in the UK for Audi. Developed by creative agency BBH and digital-out-of-home production shop Grand Visual, the campaign began earlier this month and continues through this weekend on 211 digital screens in nine cities, including London, Birmingham and Manchester.The effort is designed to showcase the Sixth Sense technologies that come standard on Audis: the Quattro on-demand four-wheel drive and the Pre-Sense alerts that you are driving too fast or there is a potential accident down the road.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Kochava expands into blockchain for ad insertion orders

New blockchain-focused startups are springing up right and left, but this week an established mobile measurement firm is jumping on the bandwagon.Kochava began in 2011 as a provider of attribution and other marketing analytics for mobile, and, in recent times, it has expanded into web, desktop, Xbox, Oculus VR and other channels.The Idaho-based firm is expanding again with its recent announcement of an open source blockchain framework for recording online ad insertion orders (IO) called XCHNG (pronounced “exchange”).This blockchain-based ecosystem of ad targeting, ad serving, billing, payment, attribution and ratings providers is currently existing as an internal alpha at Kochava, CEO Charles Manning told me, following several years of development. The intention is to get other providers of these services — including other attribution/measurement providers — on board and to launch in third or fourth quarter of next year.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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What you can learn from a bad email

Three years ago, I lived in California. I loved living in California, because I was close to the wine country and golf courses, and the weather was always lovely. But I ended up moving to Texas because the cost of living in paradise was too high. I could have bought a high-end Tesla for what I was paying in rent every year.That was three years ago, though. I’m a full-time Texan now. So, you can imagine my surprise to open my inbox one day and see an email from PG&E, the California power company.When I saw the sender name, I felt confused, surprised, alarmed and concerned. Was this a long-delayed demand for an overlooked payment? Trust me, marketers — you don’t want your subscribers experiencing any of those feelings, especially not all at once.Here’s what I found when I opened the email:Where the email went wrongThis email is a textbook example of what happens when you think your email message looks clear and sensible, but your end users end up confused.Lack of accurate customer d…

What are the SEO benefits of social media?

How does using social media benefit your efforts with SEO?Back in 2008, Search Engine Watch published the article ‘Social Media and SEO – Friends with Benefits‘, and I’d highly recommend reading it back now for a stark reminder of how far the digital world has progressed in the last nine years.Some of the key statistics and points featured in the article (although contemporary at the time) may seem somewhat archaic in 2017:Facebook having 140 million active users (when they are now over 2 billion)LinkedIn having 30 million users (less than 10% of their current user base)Popularity of now defunct social platforms like Digg (which sold for just $500,000 back in 2012)MySpace being mentioned in the same breath as Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit and Twitter (ha!)Use of ‘SEO friendly’ anchor text when linking from social profiles (ahem… ‘money keywords’)Nobody could have guessed what social media would become in such a short amount of time. Nearly a decade later and Facebook is nothing short of …

Facebook’s dynamic creative can generate up to 6,250 versions of an ad

Facebook is rolling out a way for brands to automatically create thousands of different versions of an ad that will vary in content based on who they are shown to and where they appear.Facebook’s new dynamic creative tool enables brands to input multiple options for each of the elements that make up an ad — photo, headline, call to action and so on — and have Facebook automatically piece together various versions of the ad on the fly to appeal to different audiences and accommodate different placements. Think of it like being a chef laying out ingredients for a meal and a computer coming up with lots of different dishes with those ingredientsDynamic creative is available in Facebook Ads Manager and Power Editor. The supported campaign objectives are conversions, app installs and traffic.Once an advertiser clicks on the dynamic creative option, they can add up to 30 assets: five titles or headlines, 10 images or videos, five text entries that will typically serve as the ad’s caption, f…

Rothy’s uses Twitter Ads to drive brand awareness

Creating an impactful social strategy can be a difficult task. How do you ensure your content is on brand? How can you leverage social to drive brand awareness?One brand that stands out with their engaging Tweets and impactful Twitter Ads is sustainable fashion start-up @rothys. We chatted with their marketing team to learn about their Twitter strategy.Tell us a bit about yourself.Lacey Young: I’m the brand manager here at Rothy’s. I’m passionate about content creation, social strategy, and leveraging digital media to build brands.Jenny Robinson: And I’m Rothy’s interim VP of e-commerce and Digital Marketing. Previously I led e-commerce and digital marketing for luxury beauty brands.What does a typical work day look like for you?We are a lean team at a fast-growing brand, so we wear many hats. Our team focuses on brand strategy, acquisition, and honing our messaging. We tackle everything from marketing strategy, site optimization, and performance marketing to the planning and executio…

Squarespace vs. WordPress: Which Platform Should You Choose?

Trying to make the decision between Squarespace and WordPress?Both platforms make it easy for you to create a fully functioning website. But they go about it in two very different ways.So, before you start building your website, it’s important to know what you get with each platform, as well as some of the reasons why you’d want to choose one tool over the other.In this post, I’ll investigate the battle between Squarespace vs. WordPress, and give you a recommendation for which platform you should choose for building a website.Squarespace vs. WordPress: It’s A TradeoffWhen you make the decision between Squarespace and WordPress, your choice basically comes down to a simple tradeoff between two concepts:Ease of useFlexibilityDo you want the absolute easiest way to create a website? Or do you want a way to create a website that gives you the flexibility to add the exact styling and features that you want?Squarespace wants to offer its users the absolute simplest method to create a websit…