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Salesforce unveils ‘my’ versions of its AI-based platform tools

Salesforce is looking to make its platform more customizable with the announcements of new tools — each with a “my” prefix — in the opening day of its Dreamforce conference in San Francisco.A year ago, VP of Einstein Marketing Jim Sinai pointed out in a phone briefing, the company announced its Einstein layer of artificial intelligence across its marketing, sales, customer service and other clouds. During that year, he said, the emphasis has been on “delivering AI for applications.”Now, Sinai said, Einstein is getting a new set of job descriptions — providing support for new tools that allow users to customize AI-based capabilities.To begin with, the new myEinstein AI Platform services let users point-and-click their way toward custom applications with two new tools: Prediction Builder and Einstein Bots.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Instagram opens sponsor-tagging tool to more creators, adds monitoring system

As the Federal Trade Commission begins to crack down on creators for improper branded-content disclosures, Instagram wants to keep its creators on the right side of regulators.In June, Instagram began testing a tool for creators to label when an organic post or Story has been paid for by a brand, similar to the one its parent company, Facebook, debuted in April 2016. Now the photo-and-video app is making the branded-content tool available to more creators, in particular those that receive high levels of engagement on their posts and account for a lot of the branded content on Instagram.To make sure that creators use the tool when required, Instagram has begun monitoring their posts for branded-content disclosure violations. The system combines computer-based and human reviews of creators’ posts, according to an Instagram spokesperson. When a post is flagged as violating the company’s branded-content policy, the creator will receive an in-app notification to attach the “Paid Partnershi…

How to get your content marketing team out of its echo chamber

In news media jargon, an “echo chamber” is a situation where information, beliefs or ideas are reinforced or amplified through communication and repetition inside a defined system. When you’re in an echo chamber, whether you’re aware of it or not, you don’t question your sources, and perspectives that deviate from the status quo don’t have any way to get in.Brand publishing is no different, especially when marketers get so focused on ROI that we start over-relying on flawed performance data. Which posts on your blog drew the most social shares, brought in the longest reading sessions and captured the most leads for your business? What topics are driving the most engagement on others’ blogs and social presences?Image source: You’ve been told over and over — by the content marketing industry, mind you — that once you see a trend that’s working, you should replicate it. But if you do this for too many content cycles in a row, then you’ll never compare the performance …

AdWords Auction Insights report: A key to understanding the competition

People have a natural tendency to care about what others are doing around them as a means of validating themselves.This is true in our personal lives when the Joneses come home with a new sports car, but also in paid search when brands want to outrank their competitors.In our personal lives, it does not often do us much good to compare to others, but in business, it is more important to be aware so that you can take advantage of opportunities.In paid search, Google has given advertisers a great tool to help understand how your brand’s ads compare to your competition: the Auction Insights report in Google AdWords. The data can be pulled for both search and shopping campaigns.Let’s take a look at some of the data it can provide, and how you can use it.How to pull the Auction Insights ReportSelect whatever level of data you want to review across campaigns, ad groups, or keywords.  You can pull this data for one specific group or across multiple. Once you select the keywords you want, the…

How to stop Google AdWords campaigns from failing

Disruptive Advertising recently outlined the main reasons that AdWords campaigns succeed or fail, based on an audit of more than 2000 AdWords accounts.They found the following causes of failure:Incomplete conversion trackingPoor conversion ratesAd spend inefficiencyWasted ad spendLooking at these reasons, it became clear to us that they all have one thing in common – they all stem from a business’ inability to understand the real value of each touchpoint in their customers’ path to purchase.In other words, the AdWords campaigns that failed were not properly attributing the role of each keyword in the conversion path.So, how do you prevent problems like this occurring?Content produced in partnership with Fospha.The benefits of data-driven attributionAttribution is defined as the process of ‘accurately assigning value to each digital marketing touchpoint across the complete user journey, providing a great understanding of what combination of events drove conversions’.Most ‘out-of-the-bo…

Salesforce announces data integrations with Google Analytics 360

To help customers gain more insights into their marketing campaigns’ impact on the customer journey, Salesforce and Google have announced an arrangement to integrate CRM data with digital analytics and ad campaign data.The integration with Google’s premium analytics platform, Google Analytics 360, is part of a larger strategic partnership with Google that was announced at Salesforce’s annual customer conference, Dreamforce, in San Francisco on Monday.The analytics piece aims to bridge the gaps between offline and online customer touch point data across any number of channels — digital advertising, email, call center, sales teams and so on — to better understand which efforts are working and which are lagging behind.Google Analytics 360, Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud will now connect in four ways:Sales data from Sales Cloud will be available in Analytics 360 for use in attribution, bid optimization and audience creation.Data from Analytics 360 will be visible in…

How to Manage Business on the go with Wix Mobile

With the advent of mobile culture, people want to get things done on the go. So, why should businesses get left behind? Managing a shop online from anywhere in the world has become possible in the last few years, and Wix is jumping on board with the trend.Wix Mobile was introduced to help users manage their websites easily from their phones, whether that may be a business or a blog.Businesses need to be responding to their clients’ needs as fast as they can. The Wix Mobile App allows small business owners to easily stay connected and responsive to all of their customer needs.Wix Mobile will let you take control of any situation by allowing site owners to take responsibility for their business directly from their phones. That means that regardless of where you are in the world, you can easily check in and get your business done. Whether it is managing your orders, clients, editing blog posts, viewing your bookings or editing your hotel reservations. Everything is now under the single p…

Facebook refunds advertisers for mobile video ads played out of view

Facebook has informed advertisers that the company has discovered two new measurement errors. The latest errors mark the 11th and 12th mistakes the company has disclosed since September 2016 and the second and third that impacted how advertisers were billed by Facebook.The two new errors involved mobile videos, including video ads, that played while out of view and resulted in Facebook incorrectly charging advertisers. The company has informed the affected advertisers that they will be issued credits as reimbursement for the incorrect charges. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the errors and refunds on Monday.Facebook discovered the errors within the past two months during a regular review of its metrics and informed advertisers of them and the resulting refunds last week, according to the spokesperson. A couple hundred of the affected advertisers are receiving credits that exceed $5,000, and the errors’ impact among advertisers is said to be significantly smaller than an issue relate…

Marketing Day: Holiday advertising strategies, Reddit ad analytics & marketing AI

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:7 tips to ramp up your holiday advertising
Nov 6, 2017 by Mona Elesseily
Search marketers, are you ready for the holiday shopping season? Columnist Mona Elesseily shares tips for getting the most out of your holiday paid search ads. Do Google Posts impact ranking? A case study
Nov 6, 2017 by Joy Hawkins
Columnist Joy Hawkins shares the results of a case study to see whether Google Posts can move the needle for local search rankings. 5 ways one entrepreneur used Instagram to build a powerful network of contacts
Nov 6, 2017 by Sweta Patel
In an interview with columnist Sweta Patel, marketer and influencer Amar Patel shares his top tips for Instagram marketing success. Reddit updates self-serve ad-buying tool with conversion tracking, audience reporting
Nov 6, 2017 by Tim Peterson
Reddit will tell brands how their ads performed with their target a…

7 tips to ramp up your holiday advertising

It’s never too early to start thinking about holiday advertising, as Q4 is the biggest quarter for many retailers. Naturally, many of our clients have their holiday advertising plans in place for the Christmas holiday season.But it’s not too late if you haven’t already started. In this article, I’ll cover some quick and not-so-quick ways you can prepare yourself for the holidays. Depending on your business, you can use many of the same ideas for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.1. Label all key holiday brandsI label all Christmas campaigns but highlight key products and/or strategic brands we’re focused on for the holiday season. This provides sanity in accounts with a very broad Christmas focus.Apply a quick filter, and you can be looking at exactly what you want without getting bogged down and/or distracted by other account details like generic categories.2. Use ad extensionsNaturally, ad extensions are a great way to incorporate holiday messaging and get searchers right to information…

Do Google Posts impact ranking? A case study

A few months ago, I teamed up with Ben Fisher from Steady Demand to test whether Google Posts have any influence on ranking in the local results (the “3-pack”).The methodologyWe picked two different businesses to test this on. One was a garage flooring company that had been struggling to rank for their main keywords in the 3-pack. The second was my church, which does not have any SEO or marketing efforts going on. The team at Steady Demand made two posts every seven days in Google My Business from August 11, 2017, to October 1, 2017.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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5 ways one entrepreneur used Instagram to build a powerful network of contacts

You might think of Instagram as a mindless channel. After all, it distracts you from your to-do list with endless scrolling images of rock-hard abs, 16-year-olds who have more successful businesses than you do, and yet another one of your Aunt Anne’s cats photoshopped into a unicorn (Seriously, who showed her that app!??).But even in this funny depiction, there is a clue that perhaps Instagram has incredible power to increase your bottom line. Audiences of all ages and backgrounds are spending unreal amounts of time on Instagram, and savvy marketers are using this to their great advantage.I realized this firsthand when I discovered Amar Patel (yup, while browsing through Instagram). He’s a young entrepreneur who’s realized the value of Instagram. Patel says he’s managed to build a powerhouse network of contacts worth over $15 billion via Instagram marketing.Patel’s story is both motivational and replicable, and I had the privilege of meeting with him recently to learn some of his tric…