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5 Easy On-Site Changes That Will Skyrocket Your Social Media Traffic Overnight

Is social media currently an integral part of your marketing strategy?With the massive growth of social media in recent time, you can’t afford to ignore it.It might interest you to know that there are currently over 2,300,000,000 active social media users throughout the world.According to Business Insider, “the top 500 retailers earned $3.3 billion from social shopping in 2014, up 26% from 2013, according to the Internet Retailer’s Social Media 500. That is well ahead of the roughly 16% growth rate for the overall e-commerce market in the US.”Here’s the point, social media marketing is now a must for every business.Going back to the question I asked above, if your answer is “no”, you should definitely include social media in your overall traffic generation strategy. If not, you will be missing out on a significant source of potential online shoppers.As your competitors continue to implement a robust social media strategy, it’s critical for your brand to also do the same. You really ca…

Marketing Day: Facebook Local, 2017 holiday shopping trends & Adobe’s Launch

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Facebook Local is the social network’s stab at Yelp, Foursquare
Nov 10, 2017 by Tim Peterson
Facebook’s new app lets people find nearby things to do and places to go.2017 holiday shopping trends: How consumers plan to research & purchase gifts this season
Nov 10, 2017 by Amy Gesenhues
Holiday shopping insights from Cardlytics, VigLinks and Valassis.Four key holiday paid search trends to keep an eye on
Nov 10, 2017 by Andy Taylor
Columnist Andy Taylor shares data that can help predict trends in the e-commerce and retail space this holiday season. Advertisers, take note!A CMO confession: The 5 marketing lies I’ve told myself
Nov 10, 2017 by Joe Hyland
What marketing lies are you telling yourself? Contributor Joe Hyland comes clean with five marketing misconceptions that he’s pledging to overcome.Delivering great customer experiences doesn’t h…

Facebook Local is the social network’s stab at Yelp, Foursquare

Facebook’s year-old Events app hasn’t turned into the Google Calendar competitor it was primed to become. So the social network is relaunching it and redirecting its aim at local search platforms like Yelp and Foursquare.On Friday, Facebook debuted Facebook Local, a refurbished version of its Events app that aims to help people find nearby things to do and places to go and make Facebook more of a player in local search.Through Facebook Local — which is available on iOS and Android — people can search for places, such as restaurants and gyms, as well as events, like music concerts and art festivals. And since it requires people to log in with their Facebook accounts, the app can factor in the places a person’s friends have liked on Facebook and the events they have RSVPed to attend through the social network.People can search for locations and events by name or category, or they can browse through Facebook’s listings. The app organizes events and locations into categories, such as food…

2017 holiday shopping trends: How consumers plan to research & purchase gifts this season

Two weeks out from the busiest holiday shopping time of the year, many holiday shoppers are already hitting the buy button.Cardlytics, a company that provides an online rewards platform for financial institutions, says that 40 percent of holiday spend happens in the four weeks leading up to Black Friday, and that last year’s Black Friday results accounted for 16 percent of the total holiday spend.Using its proprietary platform, the firm analyzed year-over-year holiday spend between 2015 and 2016 to identify trends for its “2017 Holiday Spend: Retail Purchase Insights” report.As part of their research, Cardlytics broke down holiday shoppers into separate segments defined by when they shop. According to their findings, the largest majority of holiday shoppers are the people who shop all season long.“There are four distinct holiday shopper timing segments, running three weeks each,” says Cardlytics, “Each segment contributes to the overall holiday spend.”Cardlytics: Four distinct shopper…

Four key holiday paid search trends to keep an eye on

During the holidays, there are a million different data points advertisers can look at to see how paid search is performing throughout this crucial shopping period. Depending on business goals and the type of products sold, which of those data points are most important for a particular site can vary widely from one brand to the next.That said, there are a few overarching trends that apply to many advertisers and which help to set the stage for performance expectations over the coming weeks. Here I’ll outline four interesting paid search trends I’ll be keeping an eye on.ise grown over the past year. These ads stand to be even more important for brick-and-mortar brands during the final days of the holiday shopping season.So, those are four data points I’ll be keeping an eye on this coming shopping season and the broader themes each relates to. We’ll have to wait and see if my predictions come true, as well as to find out if any new and unexpected developments unfold.[Read the full artic…

A CMO confession: The 5 marketing lies I’ve told myself

Marketers, if trust is our greatest currency, why are we lying so much?Apologies in advance for the cynicism — maybe I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, or the traffic was more frustrating than usual. But, when I sat down to write this column, all I could think about was how sick and tired I am of the same old marketing BS.You know what I’m talking about — all the jargon-ridden claims from martech vendors that sound really cool but don’t mean much. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten to the end of a web page, email or white paper and thought, wait, what does that company actually do, why should I care, and how will this technology actually live up to its promise?Then, I stopped myself mid-rant and remembered the words of my former boss: A problem identified is half-solved. Rather than complaining, I spent some time reflecting on what it will take for our industry to get real. I realized that as a CMO of a marketing technology company, it starts with me.[Read t…

Delivering great customer experiences doesn’t happen overnight

Marketers have a lot of different priorities these days. One thing that many of us have in common, however, is that we’re constantly seeking out ways to deliver better customer experiences across all touch points, from traditional to digital.If you find yourself nodding in agreement, the good news is, you’re in good company. About 90 percent of brands surveyed by Gartner have said they plan to compete this year primarily on the basis of digital customer experience alone.Think about that for a moment. The vast majority of marketers today realize that the best way to differentiate their brands in the future is by delivering better customer experiences.In fact, Gartner also has projected that by 2020, more than 40 percent of digital analytics-related projects will relate to an aspect of customer experience. So, if you’ve already jumped on the “digital customer experience” bandwagon — even if only in theory — you might as well consider yourself ahead of the curve.[Read the full article on…