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It’s time for creative to retake center stage

Call me a curmudgeon. When I was coming up through the advertising industry, it was creative that drove the campaign. Creative development is where the process started, where the energy went and what gave a campaign its identity, its purpose, its chance for success. Media was just the distribution mechanism for those arresting, mind-changing messages.Programmatic has changed that. Today, it’s the media agency that guides the campaign, that draws the resources and sets the agenda. The pendulum has swung way too far, and I think it has really hurt us.Don’t get me wrong — programmatic buying and selling has led to undeniable advantages: targeted audiences, cross-channel capabilities, the ability to dynamically address a message to an individual consumer in a rigorously precise moment, and (theoretically) an end-to-end supply chain fueled by an abundance of rich data. Ignoring for a moment the supply chain problems of fraud, brand safety and viewability, the broad availability of audience…

YouTube launches ticket sales partnership with Ticketmaster in the US

YouTube has partnered with Ticketmaster, making it possible for artists to include upcoming concert tour dates within their music videos.In addition to concert dates, a link will be available so anyone watching a music video can click through to the artist’s Ticketmaster concert page to purchase tickets.“YouTube’s massive fan base paired with Ticketmaster’s global roster of concerts and security of verified tickets means we can easily connect a fan’s discovery of music on YouTube to their ability to purchase concert tickets,” says the YouTube Team on the blog post announcement.YouTube offered the following image to show how it will work:Right now, YouTube says it is launching this new feature only for shows in North America, but has plans to expand it globally.YouTube is promoting its ticketing partnership with Ticketmaster as its way of helping artists “find ways to build deeper connections with their fans,” avoiding mention of Ticketmaster’s grip on the concert-ticket industry. Last…

AdQuick adds tools to measure impact from Digital Out-of-Home campaigns

A year ago this month, AdQuick launched one of the first self-service platforms for digital-out-of-home (DOOH) inventory, including electronic billboards and screens in bus stations or subways.Bringing those outdoor screens into the digital ad ecosystem of buying and delivering ads is one thing. This week, the Santa Monica, California-based firm is launching a suite of tools intended to help solve the other part of the challenge — measuring impact.CEO and founder Matthew O’Connor told me that most of these capabilities were available in manual or alpha self-serve versions over the last year, but now they can be implemented by brands themselves through AdQuick’s dashboard.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Singular Fraud Index highlights most secure mobile ad networks & challenges for marketers

A new report from unified marketing analytics system Singular provides a look at the use of mobile ad fraud prevention by marketers and ad networks.In its analysis, the company found that 63 percent of marketers don’t have fraud prevention tools enabled in their mobile marketing systems (often fraud prevention is a premium service that costs more). Nearly 70 percent of the mobile ad fraud attempts stopped monthly were attribution manipulation, in which the perpetrators try to take credit for app installs from organic and paid traffic sources. When fraudulent click attribution is successful, marketers can end up allocating budget to the scammers’ sources and away from the sources that are actually driving real installs.“Fraud is still a major problem for mobile marketers — and part of the blame lies with the analytics industry,” said Singular CEO and founder Gadi Eliashiv in a statement. “Third-party analytics providers treat fraud prevention as a luxury, offering it to marketers as a …

Is holiday retail still king? 4 ways to get smarter about holiday marketing

Get ready — the holiday season is upon us, and the retail landscape is changing yet again.While the traditional holiday season has always been a cash cow for retailers, recent data shows that many consumers no longer limit their holiday shopping activities to the period from Black Friday to Christmas Eve. With accessibility and shipping barriers lowered, consumers are evolving their spending habits to buy early. This gives retailers both a challenge and an opportunity this year.Do changing consumer behaviors mean that you should reduce your investment in traditional holiday retail marketing activities? Or, in the new holiday retail environment, can you position your retail brand to benefit from the evolving behaviors of today’s consumers?Holiday retail shopping behaviors vary by generationHolidays have always provided natural marketing opportunities for retailers. By creating and executing campaigns that align with calendar-centered consumer shopping patterns, retailers have captured …

A search marketer’s guide to using paid social media

The battle between those who specialize in certain marketing practices is prevalent throughout the industry. Individuals, departments and indeed agencies are all involved.After all, they are often competing for the same budget, beating their chests and promoting their own channel as the most valuable. It is understandable. We all need to make a living.But in reality they should all be working together to deliver economies of scale. Fully integrated campaigns can deliver far better results than the sum of its component parts.SEO and social media would at first appear to be very different practices, especially when taking into account paid social advertising. However, there are significant SEO benefits to be gained from utilizing social media advertising as both an outreach platform and also as an analytics platform. Let’s jump straight into it.We are assuming a certain level of knowledge when it comes social media advertising. For those not ‘in the know’, you can be pretty darn specifi…

Freemake Video Downloader Review

There are many awesome videos on YouTube: music clips, series, films, how-to guides, and so on. No doubt people are looking for a way to save these videos for offline viewing. Of course, you can enjoy YouTube videos online, but what if your favorite videos get deleted? It may happen if an owner decides to delete the video or a complete YouTube account; the video may become restricted in your country or blocked by your provider. Besides, if your connection has traffic limits, it’s not comfortable to stream a video every time. And finally, you might want to enjoy a video on a plane while going on vacation. So taking into consideration all these factors, it’s better to stay on the safe side and save a YouTube video right onto your PC.There are many ways to download YouTube videos: online services, software, browser plugins or even browsers with a built-in option to save video content. Each method has its pros and cons.A web-service being the easiest way can get a single video or MP3 only…

Facebook makes it easier for advertisers to reach people internationally

Advertisers can reach more than 2 billion people around the world through Facebook, but it’s hard to do so. So Facebook is trying to make it easier.On Tuesday, Facebook rolled out new features to lower the barrier for brands to advertise internationally. The four new features span an option to streamline campaigns aimed at audiences that speak different languages to tools that can be used to find audiences that may be in many different places.While Facebook’s new features are aimed at helping brands boost their businesses internationally, their aim is also to help Facebook’s international business. While 88 percent of Facebook’s monthly audience is outside of the US and Canada, roughly half of its ad revenue — 48 percent — comes from ads targeted to people in the US and Canada. To close that gap, Facebook needs to help advertisers bridge their campaigns elsewhere. Here are the new ways in which it is.Dynamic language optimizationAdvertisers want to communicate with people in their nat…

Marketing Day: Google Shopping tricks, holiday e-commerce predictions & Pinterest news

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:3 last-minute Google Shopping tricks to level up your account for the holidays
Nov 14, 2017 by Todd Saunders
Looking for ways to make your product listing ads stand out this holiday season? Columnist Todd Saunders has some tips.CEO who forged court order to get Google to remove defamation faces prison
Nov 14, 2017 by Chris Silver Smith
Contributor Chris Silver Smith tells the lamentable story of a sophisticated reputation attack and a victimized company led to take desperate steps to recover.Holiday e-commerce revenue will surpass $100B, according to Adobe
Nov 14, 2017 by Amy Gesenhues
Based on data from 1 trillion visits to more than 4,500 retail websites, Adobe predicts online sales will grow 13.8% this holiday season.Even with hype, AR struggling to scale
Nov 14, 2017 by Evan Magliocca
Despite all the excitement around augmented reality, it’…

3 last-minute Google Shopping tricks to level up your account for the holidays

We’ve all heard the classic holiday jingle about Kris Kringle’s holiday prep: First, he makes a list, then he checks it twice. (He’s gotta find out who’s naughty or nice!)Believe it or not, I use a checklist of my own as I review my Google Shopping campaigns for the holiday season.Unlike Search and Display, Shopping doesn’t give advertisers a ton of control over when ads will show and how much to pay. That’s why it’s so important to check and double-check that you’ve crossed your t’s and dotted your i’s.Today, I’ll be sharing three Shopping strategies I’ve added to my checklist for the upcoming holiday season.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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CEO who forged court order to get Google to remove defamation faces prison

Imagine that you own and operate a family business going back three generations. You hired an offshore company to develop your website, but after some years, you sever that contract due to costs and incompetence. And then the nightmare begins.The offshore company initiates a campaign to try to destroy you by hijacking your website, deploying fraudulent clicks to your ads, defaming your company and making extortion demands.Your livelihood is under attack! Think the justice system will help? Maybe not. The internet is something like the Wild West in spots, so it’s no wonder some people try to take justice into their own hands.This story isn’t hypothetical. This really happened. And now, a CEO is facing jail time after desperately seeking relief from his attackers.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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Holiday e-commerce revenue will surpass $100B, according to Adobe

Adobe says this year’s holiday e-commerce earnings will beat last year’s $92 billion — up 13.8 percent to break $100 billion.According to Adobe, online sales will reach $107.4 billion, with the largest online shopping day of the year to occur Cyber Monday, November 27. The Monday after Thanksgiving is expected to bring in $6.6 billion, accounting for the most overall e-commerce growth (16.5 percent year over year) of all the holiday season shopping days.“One out of every six dollars this holiday season will be spent between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday, leading to $19.7 billion in sales,” says Adobe.To put the $107.4 billion in perspective, Adobe says the revenue that will be generated online this month and next will be enough to buy every team in the NFL, with $20 billion still to spare.2017 holiday e-commerce forecastAdobe did a deep dive into its Cyber Monday forecasts, predicting that most shoppers will go online between 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. local time to purchase gifts. The…

Even with hype, AR struggling to scale

Augmented reality (AR) received immense attention in 2017 across the retail industry. As the technology became more refined, marketers saw the limitless strategic and creative possibilities. Everyone in retail was enticed by the potential for customer engagement and data collection.AR is the next big thing. It’s exciting; it’s the new frontier. And yet, it’s still devoid in store landscapes.That’s not to say AR doesn’t have value; it can clearly have long-term value if retailers and technologists can create profitable strategies and utility for customers. So, here are a few challenges that AR will need to overcome to gain traction.Read the full article on MarTech Today.

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Snapchat sells new audience-targeted Filters through revamped self-serve ads tool

Snapchat is making its Sponsored Filters more accessible to advertisers and more agile for targeting.On Tuesday, Snapchat introduced an alternative to its Sponsored Geofilters ad format called Audience Filters that can be targeted to specific audiences regardless of location and can be bought through its updated self-serve ad-buying tool, Ads Manager.Same ad format, new audience targetingCosmetically, Audience Filters are the same as Sponsored Geofilters. Now categorized as “Filters,” both are branded overlays that people can apply to the Snaps they send in private messages or upload to their public Stories. However, Sponsored Geofilters are aimed at people in specific locations, such as in an airport, at a concert venue or near a brick-and-mortar store. Meanwhile, Audience Filters aren’t location-locked. As the name suggests, their targeting is audience-based, not location-based.Audience Filters can be targeted based on people’s age, gender, language, the type of device they are usin…

The best ads aren’t ads

Roger Federer sells watches. Peyton Manning sells pizza. Matthew McConaughey sells cars. Does anyone who watches these ads truly believe that these celebrities actually use the products they endorse? Probably not. And yet, these ads work. There’s a psychological concept called “transference,” where positive association with one thing (the celebrity) is transferred to another thing (the product). We humans, it turns out, are pretty weak-minded!Still, the power of an advertisement is diminished when the consumer realizes it is an ad. When Peyton Manning won the Super Bowl in 2015, he was interviewed after the game and replied that he was going to “drink a lot of Budweiser.” Was he paid to say this? If he was, Budweiser probably got immense bang for its buck, because most consumers assumed that Manning genuinely liked Bud. (It turns out he wasn’t paid directly, but that he does have a stake in two Bud distributors).In online marketing, publishers are constantly trying to disguise ads as …