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Time is running out: Engage those holiday shopping stragglers

As you read this, you’re likely entering the week of Black Friday, and all your plans are in place, or you may have just survived it. Either way, congratulations — you can take a deep breath. Now it’s time to set your sights farther down the road, aiming at new audiences and armed with new tactics.The estimated $682 billion in holiday retail sales this year won’t just happen during Black Friday week. There are plenty of shoppers — either just starting or finishing up their holiday shopping lists — who will still be making their purchases in December.Unlike the proactive November shoppers, your audience in December will likely include a larger segment of procrastinators and those with difficult-to-buy-for gift recipients, leading buyers to do extra research and put more thought into their purchase choices.If you took my advice last month, your brand’s best deals have been reserved for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So, what’s left to do in December? Quite a bit, actually, but you’ll ha…

Receptiv launches first mobile web video ad format built for user experience standards

Formerly known as MediaBrix, mobile marketer Receptiv decided about a year ago to focus entirely on in-app video ads. Its lineup had previously also included in-app display and rich media ads.The New York City-based firm is now moving into mobile web, recently launching a new video ad format that it says is the first built specifically to comply with the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s LEAN (Light, Encrypted, Ad Choice-supported and Non-invasive) ad standards and the Coalition for Better Ads’ initial standards.Called Reveal, the new format is out-stream: video ads that aren’t in-stream like pre-roll ads, aren’t interstitials, and stay on top of the screen.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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The state of interactive advertising: New formats are infusing digital ads with creativity that gets results

With the rise of mobile usage, brands have been challenged to figure out how to do more with less screen real estate and shorter attention spans. Thanks to a combination of new technologies, more powerful mobile devices and a drive to blast through banner blindness, a new level of creativity is coming to mobile advertising as interactive ads are finally coming into their own.A number of companies are on the forefront of interactive ads — also called engagement or immersive ads. These companies are rethinking the standard banner, using 360-degree video, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in advertising experiences that aim to get users engaging with ads beyond just clicking through to go to a website or download an app.It’s not just for the sake of creativity. These companies and the brands they work with will tell you the results they’re seeing from re-imagining what digital ads prove that interactivity will only continue to gain traction.“Interactive ads are a way to spe…

Criteo integrates LiveRamp’s IdentityLink into its Commerce Ecosystem

LiveRamp’s IdentityLink visualization Criteo began as a remarketing platform, sending you an ad about red sneakers as you visited various sites, after you had looked at a product page for red sneakers at one retailer’s site.In August, Criteo announced its Commerce Marketing Ecosystem, a network of retailers, brands and publishers that shares data on visitors’ interests and purchases across their sites.For instance, a website in the Ecosystem might show you an ad for blue sneakers from its store because of shared data showing that you’ve looked at blue sneakers more than red ones. The Ecosystem is one of several efforts by retailers and publishers to band together in order to compete with the huge platform advantages carried by Facebook, Amazon and Google.Criteo has now announced a partnership with data platform LiveRamp, expanding on the companies’ multi-year relationship. Now, LiveRamp’s IdentityLink will be integrated with Criteo’s Commerce Marketing Ecosystem so that offline (that i…

To deliver connected experiences, Xerox CMO constantly evaluates brand’s marketing tools

After being part of the Xerox team for four years, Toni Clayton-Hine was named CMO in January of this year. In her role leading the brand’s marketing strategy, Clayton-Hine says she aims to build connected experiences across the board for its audience.“We’re looking to create a connected experience that says we’ll help you communicate, connect and work in a better way — meaning we’re proactively providing you information about managing your environment,” says Clayton-Hine.To build out and implement this connected experience strategy, her teams are distributed across a variety of functions.“We have a group of people that focus on global events and sponsorships — we call them experiential marketing,” says Clayton-Hine. “We have people that focus on digital marketing — so everything to do with and all of our owned and earned properties. And then we have a group of people who focus on paid media.”The CMO says Xerox divides its paid media into brand elements and offering elements…

Smart shopping season checklists: Mobile and desktop, content and SEO

Constantly changing consumer behaviors and the demand for more personalized, meaningful experiences have retailers facing huge challenges this year.Competition in the SERPs is stiff, but winning the click is still no guarantee that the consumer is invested in your shopping experience.More than half of retailers (source: have a bounce rate greater than 40%, and just one second in increased page load time can have a 50% impact on your mobile bounce rate. Today’s consumer has zero patience for a poor online experience and will pull the trigger instantly if your brand can’t deliver.The holidays provide plenty of opportunities to create more personalized content and provide smart content and intelligent experiences both in-store and online. How can you best get in position this holiday season to not only be found, but to engage and delight consumers all the way through, from search to checkout?Below, I share some tips to help marketers in the coming weeks to get their SEO and c…