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Extending the promotional power of packaging: Technology as the new frontier

Advertising and messaging on product packaging is a regular practice, but are brands utilizing everything at their disposal to share their unique story and message? While branding a product’s exterior packaging does have guaranteed benefits as a long-established marketing strategy, many companies are beginning to share messaging on liners, inserts and more to take full advantage of otherwise underutilized parts of packaging.Think outside the bottle if you’re a craft brewer or winery, think outside the carton or jug if you’re a laundry detergent maker, and yes, think outside the box if you’re a cereal packager. By utilizing auxiliary items as messaging vehicles, stronger brand cohesion is created, along with a more memorable experience for the consumer — something that brands must keep top of mind with the busy holiday shopping season well underway.Packaging is not staticIt may be counterintuitive to say that packaging shouldn’t sit still when its very purpose is to contain a product o…

What you need to know about Facebook’s new ad transparency

One of the foundations of Facebook advertising is the ability to segment your audience to serve relevant, tailored creative to different users.The ad you serve to a 25-year-old woman could be very different from the one a 50-year-old man sees, specifically because you want to communicate with them in different ways. And previously, there was no way for that woman to know what you were saying to men. But all that is changing.Facebook last month announced drastic changes to its rules around ad transparency, which I’ll explore in more detail here.What changes are coming?Starting this month in a small test in Canada, users visiting a business’ page will be able to select an option to “View Ads.” This will allow them to view all ads being served for the business represented on that page — including those on Messenger and Instagram — regardless of whether they fall into the audience originally intended to view them or not. All ad buys will have to be associated with a page, which will preve…

Sensory’s new Fujitsu partnership means your face could become a lot more valuable to enterprises

When biometric authentication becomes as widespread as passwords, logins become as easy as looking at or speaking to your device.Such a scenario means that users could just as easily be logged on as not — a kind of heaven for marketers eager to know the identities of their audience.This week, biometric authentication took another step toward that future with the announcement of a partnership between embedded AI firm Sensory and tech firm Fujitsu. As a result of that alliance, the Japanese bank Mizuho — the 15th largest in the world — will begin using facial authentication.Founded in 1994, Sensory has focused on employing its neural net artificial intelligence in communications devices like smartphones or toys. Several years ago, the Santa Clara, California-based firm began employing its AI in support of facial and voice recognition, such as applications in the Jibo personal robot and mobile devices from Motorola and LG.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Amobee launches an Inventory Accountability Program

Amobee, the digital ad unit for telecom Singtel, is boosting its anti-fraud efforts this week with the announcement of an Inventory Accountability Program.The program adds to an existing anti-fraud effort that already includes an integration with media verification firm DoubleVerify to eliminate suspicious bids and participation in the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s ads.txt initiative.Now, Amobee requires that its dozen+ exchange partners make a commitment to its inventory guidelines, which previously had been recommendations.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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How to get the best visibility for your PPC ads in the run-up to Black Friday

In the run-up toBlack Fridayand the holiday shopping season, retailers are competing like crazy to attract the eyeballs of as many paying consumers as possible through paid search advertising.But how well is it paying off? To find out, search intelligence platform Adthena has analyzed the paid search landscape in the run-up to Black Friday 2017, indexing more than 15,000 ads and 214 million impressions across 161 sellers of consumer electronics.The study, shared exclusively with Search Engine Watch, was conducted between November 1st and 13th 2017, and sheds some light on the kinds of PPC ad subjects and messaging that are getting the best response from consumers ahead of the holidays.iPhone dominates mobile… on mobileIn a not-so-surprising discovery, product ads containing the term “iPhone” out-performed other types of consumer goods – particularly on mobile. Paid search ads with “iPhone” pulled in 8.88% of all impressions on desktop, and gained a hefty 14.89% of all impressions on m…

Best CyberMonday Deals On WordPress Themes- Whopping Discounts

Note: This post has been updated to suggest more WordPress theme marketplace offering CyberMonday discounts.Are you happy with your existing WordPress theme? Isn’t selecting a WordPress theme a tough task? Needless to say the satisfaction we get when we discover a theme of our choice but the price is too high to buy. Well, you are not alone in this as it happens to me too all the time. This is why I wait for BlackFriday & Cyber Monday festival sale when we can buy all such online products including WordPress themes at dirt low price.I have already told you about what BlackFriday is here & shared a mega list of BlackFriday deals over here. This is an exclusive thread for you & other WordPress users who are in need of a good looking WordPress theme for their blog. Here you will find the deals & discounts related to WordPress themes in this BlackFriday & CyberMonday sale. Do remember, this is hand-curated list & don’t be afraid of buying 2-3 themes from the differ…

Kinsta Hosting Black Friday-Cyber Monday Sale: Save 30% First Month

tl;dr30% off of the first month when selecting a monthly plan. This deal is valid for all monthly Kinsta subscription from Starter ($30/mo) to Enterprise plans ($900+/mo)Valid from 24th November – 27th November 2017Sign up using this link. After signup share this coupon with customer support “ShoutBF17”Looking for a high-end WordPress managed web host?Tired of your existing web host’s downtime? Looking for a host that offers a free migration service?If that sounds like you, then this Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal should make you pretty happy.Kinsta is a fantastic web host.ShoutMeLoud gets around 1.6 million page views a month. After trying many hosts such as WPEngine, HostGator, Bluehost & Cloudways, now we are hosted by Kinsta WordPress managed hosting.Kinsta’s managed WordPress hosting starts at only $30/month, and depending upon your traffic requirement, you can pick either their entry level plan or their high-end plan.With ShoutMeLoud, I’m on their $400/month plan. Shif…

Flywheel BlackFriday Deal: 3 Months FREE Hosting [Details]

Highlights: tl;dr3-month free hosting on annual plans.Offer is valid for existing customers who upgrade from monthly to yearly plan.Coupon code: Flyday17Sign up linkValid until: 28th November 2017Flywheel is a popular managed WordPress hosting built for designers & agencies. What unique about this hosting is; you create a site for your clients & then transfer it to their account & get paid. It’s perfect for any kind of website with limited traffic (Usually business site built on WordPress), as it offers all high-end features such as staging site, automated backups, free SSL to name a few.Getting started is easy & free & you will be able to start working on a demo site right away. This BlackFriday, Flywheel is offering flat 25% off on annual billing. This is one of the huge discount ever offered by Flywheel hosting.Here are managed WordPress Hosting packages offered by Flywheel:There also have plans available for bulk sites and agency plans.Note: If you are looking …

Google’s new #SmallThanks Hub automatically creates digital & printed marketing assets for SMBs

In a move to help SMBs — as well as drive up its verified business listings — Google has launched #SmallThanks Hub, an online resource that creates customized digital marketing content and printed materials based on Google reviews.“Simply search for your business name on the site, and we’ll automatically create posters, social media posts, window clings, stickers and more — based on the reviews and local love from your customers on Google,” writes Google’s vice president of marketing for Ads & Americas, Lisa Gevelber, on The Keyword blog.Google says its #SmallThanks Hub, which is rolling out in the US today, is available to any verified Google listing with an address.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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Marketing Day: A holiday shopping survey, the SMX West agenda & Taplytics’ latest feature

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:91% of shoppers surveyed by Deloitte plan to shop online this holiday weekend
Nov 21, 2017 by Amy Gesenhues
Of the 1,200 survey respondents, 75% said they plan to shop online or in-store between Thanksgiving day and Cyber Monday.The SMX West agenda is now live! See the SEO, SEM & Retail sessions in store for 2018
Nov 21, 2017 by Marketing Land
Hungry for the latest in search marketing? Feed your obsession with SEO and SEM with actionable, proven tactics served up at Search Engine Land’s SMX West March 13-15, 2018, in San Jose, California. Our three-day action-packed agenda is brimming with 50+ sessions led by SEO, paid advertising and retail experts.It’s time to slay the internet’s ‘Cookie Monster’
Nov 21, 2017 by Malcolm Cox
Columnist Malcolm Cox believes the EU’s impending GDPR rules represent an opportunity for marketers to refocus on th…

Why consistent marketing can pay big results for small industrial manufacturers

“Dianna, you’ll never reach your goal if you don’t consistently monitor your diet!” my trainer chastised me after my weigh-in and measurement. “You can’t out-exercise a bad diet!”In that instant, I understood exactly what she was saying — because “consistent” is the term my company uses to describe how our small industrial manufacturing clients need to approach their marketing.By “consistent,” I mean doing something on a regular basis that gets you closer to your sales/inquiries/ business growth goals. The beauty of consistency, applied to any endeavor, is that small actions can lead to huge improvements and better results over time.Consistent marketing is akin to regularly working out and monitoring your food intake. If you don’t consistently monitor what you eat and/or stick to a workout schedule, nothing will change. But if you do — wow, watch out! (One of our clients, for example, applied consistent marketing to get a triple-digit percentage increase in inquiries in the last nine …

Is the featured snippet bubble bursting?

This article was co-authored with my colleague at Go Fish Digital, Chris Long.We’ve been bullish on answer boxes (also known as featured snippets) for a while now. Six months ago, we wrote about unique strategies we’ve been using to obtain those featured snippets. That coveted “position 0” is just so juicy, for a number of reasons:It ranks above all of the organic search results.It takes up a lot of SERP real estate.It attracts a ton of eyes and drives a lot of organic traffic.It is often the answer to questions asked to Google Home/Google Assistant.In May, Ahrefs ran a study of 2 million featured snippets. Out of the 112 million keywords in their database, they observed that ~14 million (a little over 12 percent) were triggering an answer box in their results. That data point aligned with what we were seeing anecdotally, which is that they were popping up all over the place.Something happened at the end of OctoberWe recently noticed that some of the answer boxes we worked really hard…

5 best practices for transforming the customer journey through analytics

In this data-driven age, marketers can no longer afford to be analytics-agnostic. Without analytical sensibility, data-driven insights are hard to come by.The most successful marketers are agile in their approach and use analytics to drive core business KPIs. Even the marketers with non-analytical background are building their analytical acumen to be more effective. The rise of analytical platforms for non-technical marketing teams has empowered CMOs to extract powerful insights from their data.Here are a few best practices to help marketers integrate data and analytics into their marketing strategy.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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91% of shoppers surveyed by Deloitte plan to shop online this holiday weekend

According to the latest holiday shopping survey from Deloitte, 91 percent of the people who said they would be shopping this holiday weekend plan to do so online.Surveying more than 1,200 adults during a two-day period in early November, Deloitte found that 75 percent of the survey respondents plan on shopping sometime between Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, through the following Monday (aka Cyber Monday).Of the people who plan to shop, more say they will be shopping online versus visiting a retail location, with 85 percent of respondents planning to shop in-store.Looking at shopping trends for specific days throughout the Thanksgiving weekend, 72 percent plan to shop online during Cyber Monday, 47 percent will be online Black Friday, 28 percent on Thanksgiving.When do you expect to shop online during the Thanksgiving weekend?Falling in line with earlier reports around this holiday season’s revenue forecasts, Deloitte says the majority (52 percent) of spending during the Thanksgiving peri…