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Already the owner of Prime Day, Amazon dominates Black Friday & Cyber Monday mentions

In addition to being the exclusive owner of Prime Day, Amazon also has a stranglehold on Black Friday and Cyber Monday when it comes to brand association.According to Amobee, an analytics company that measures digital content engagement across more than 600,000 sites, Amazon was the retailer most associated with Black Friday and Cyber Monday — mentioned in 36 percent of all Black Friday digital content, and a whopping 55 percent of all Cyber Monday content.Amobee says Amazon’s ownership of these two shopping days has grown since last year, when it took 31 percent of Black Friday brand-association references and 45 percent of Cyber Monday references.Following Amazon for both days were Target and Walmart. It’s not until you get to the No. 4 brand most associated with each day that the list of retailers differs from Black Friday to Cyber Monday — with Best Buy at No. 4 on Black Friday and eBay at No. 4 on Cyber Monday.Retailer brands most associated with Black FridayAmobee clarified that…

Taking on the duopoly: What are the mobile advertising alternatives to Facebook and Google?

Early this year, I was invited to attend a meeting with a digital sales team for a well-known media company and an agency with which they’ve been doing business for years. Our supporting role was to provide answers to anything related to location-based advertising.As the conversation progressed, the truth came out. The agency principal looks at the sales team, shrugs and says, “I love working with you, but my clients are pushing me to advertise on Facebook. They’ve got great targeting, and everybody uses it. I’m struggling to send business your way.”We immediately witnessed the blood draining from the faces of the sales reps, and the look of dejection that overcame them before they quickly rebounded in the positive fashion that salespeople often do.This conversation happens hundreds, if not thousands, of times each day across the US. Any sales team that competes for ad dollars from local, regional or national advertisers is hitting a brick wall.While Google has been a dominant force i…

GDPR enforcement may be driven by fears of liability

As GDPR Day (May 25, 2018) approaches, the experience of at least one complying marketing firm illuminates two major but hidden factors — one that could drive compliance and one that could hinder it.The hidden factor that could drive compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation: liability.Yes Lifecycle Marketing is a Portland, Oregon-based cross-channel marketing services firm, helping client companies with website customer preference centers (where email newsletters might be selected), email, SMS, push notifications and Facebook.SVP Marc Shull told me that his company has been working toward compliance by initiating new processes, consulting with outside experts, reviewing “every single screen” it offers, instituting new data governance policies, coding new capabilities to readily accommodate requests to change or delete personal data and other efforts.In other words, Shull said, Yes Lifecycle is making a good faith effort to comply. About 10 to 15 percent of the company’s …

6 innovative new search engines to keep an eye on

Plain and simple, Google isn’t the be-all-and-end-all of search engines, but it’s often easy to feel like it – perhaps nowhere more so than within the search industry itself.And when you think of other search engines besides Google, how many can you name? Bing? Yahoo? Maybe DuckDuckGo, if you’re privacy-conscious (or a bit of a tech hipster)?Believe it or not, there are a number of other search engines out there, still crawling the web and making their mark. Since Google has so completely dominated the “all-purpose” search engine space, many of them have moved to occupy more niche areas, like academia, or sought to distinguish themselves in other ways.As technology continues to have a hand in most everything that we do, it’s important to be aware of the other contenders in the industry. While they aren’t likely to revolutionize SEO overnight, they’re indicative of the trends and technology currently making their way through search, which could show up on a much larger scale later on.I…

Has Apple already missed the smart speaker market?

With the recent news that Apple’s HomePod smart speaker wouldn’t ship until next year, the company is missing the critical holiday shopping season. This is a potentially momentous decision.Apple released a statement saying it needed “a little more time before [HomePod is] ready for our customers” and that it would ship in “early 2018.” Whether the delay is because of production issues or because Apple needs to improve the functionality of the device is not clear.What is clear, however, is that there will be millions more Alexa and Google Home devices in US households when the wrapping paper settles in late December. And that may mean fewer consumers interested in buying Apple’s device when it does come out.Both Amazon and Google are aggressively discounting their speakers. Over this past weekend, you could purchase either an Echo Dot or Google Home Mini for $29. You could get a second-generation Echo or a Google Home for roughly $80.That discounting and promotion apparently drove a lo…

Shopify meets call tracking

As we enter the 2020s, e-commerce is set to generate more than $480 billion in the US and nearly $2 trillion globally. And while Amazon takes a lot of credit for online everything, they’re hardly the only game in town. A significant chunk of online retail is generated by smaller players, thanks in part to platforms like Shopify that make it easy to sell in the digital space, as well as in person — and that have the potential to merge the online and offline experience into an omnichannel version of commerce. Let’s take a look at how we got here, and how e-commerce platforms and retailers should be operating in this new, seamless marketplace.Shifting to ShopifyIn 2004, Tobias Lütke, a purveyor of fine snowboards, wanted to sell his wares online. Today, that would be simple; in the pre-Shopify world, e-commerce platforms were clunky and difficult to integrate with other services and platforms. Rather than continue to frustrate himself and limit his business, Lütke put in some long days o…

Looking to get out of the SEO business? Good!

It’s not your imagination — there’s no denying that SEO has become increasingly difficult over the last few years.A recent thread on WebmasterWorld highlighted this fact when a poster lamented the challenges he has faced adapting to changes in the SEO industry, and he said that he was considering leaving the industry entirely. This prompted Barry Schwartz to share a poll collecting feedback on the topic from a wider pool, and I was initially quite surprised to see that a large percentage of respondents shared the same concern as the original poster.In hindsight, I shouldn’t have been surprised at all. I can definitely understand the frustration. You build a business based on what you think the rules are, and almost immediately, they seem to change.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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How your website redesign can sabotage your paid search efforts

Recently, my PPC agency almost declined to take on a new client because the client’s website was so severely outdated. The site looked bad, was difficult to use and didn’t have an easy way to convert prospects. But when we learned that the client was in the process of redesigning this website, we agreed to move forward.This scenario suggests that when clients announce a website redesign, it’s good news for PPC. But is it? Well, yes and no. Yes, because updated websites that work well and inspire trust can help our paid search efforts.But no, because website redesigns can also end up sabotaging paid search programs — at least temporarily. Experience tells us that redesigns rarely run smoothly from a PPC perspective. Inevitably, there will be problems we’ll need to fix.In this article, I’ll walk through what can go wrong with website redesign from the vantage point of PPC professionals. By knowing these problem areas in advance, you and your marketing team can anticipate and avoid some …

5 B2B marketing non-predictions for 2018

The year’s coming to a close, which means it’s time for B2B marketers to pull out their crystal balls and start theorizing about what’s in store for 2018. The list of predictions this year is likely to be long, given the new innovations and technologies that have emerged in 2017.I also have some thoughts about what’s coming in the new year. But I thought I’d change things up a bit and share what’s not going to happen. Here are five things that definitely won’t happen in 2018:[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Marketing Day: Cyber Monday results, Facebook Messenger Broadcast & Jones Soda CEO interview

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Cyber Monday brings in a record $6.59B in online sales, with $2B coming from mobile
Nov 28, 2017 by Amy Gesenhues
According to Adobe, this year’s Cyber Monday was the largest online shopping day in history, with sales up 16.8% over last year.Data fidelity matters, online and offline
Nov 28, 2017 by Jose Cebrian
If you want to be a better marketer, you need to start with clean data. Columnist Jose Cebrian discusses why clean data is essential for helping you target the right people effectively across channels.Facebook tests tool to make it easier for businesses to send message blasts on Messenger
Nov 28, 2017 by Tim Peterson
Messenger Broadcast appears to be the self-serve version of Messenger’s Broadcast API that enables businesses to message multiple accounts.Bpm’online has a built-in advantage for complying with GDPR
Nov 28, 2017 by Barry Lev…

What’s the secret to getting new clients?

Using marketing automation in your pitch is a near surefire way to win over prospective clients. You get to demonstrate your expertise with the platform, and clients can see exactly what’s missing in their marketing strategies.In this Agency Perspective from SharpSpring, you will:learn how one agency uses marketing automation to sell marketing how to personalize each pitch with the client’s data, logo and so on.see how one agency increased monthly recurring revenue by 30 percent.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download “Your Secret Weapon for Getting New Clients.”

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Cyber Monday brings in a record $6.59B in online sales, with $2B coming from mobile

Cyber Monday’s results are in, and according to Adobe, yesterday was the largest online shopping day in history, bringing in $6.59 billion in online sales. That’s more than $1.5 billion above Black Friday’s online sales haul.Adobe says Cyber Monday’s online revenue jumped 16.8 percent year over year, with nearly a billion more dollars spent this year over the same day in 2016.Mobile had a record-breaking day as well, with smartphones and tablets accounting for $2 billion of the total online retail sales. Adobe’s data shows that 47.4 percent of visits to retail sites on Cyber Monday happened on mobile devices (39.9 percent smartphones, 7.6 percent tablets) and accounted for 33.1 percent of revenue (24.1 percent smartphones, 9.0 percent tablets).Looking specifically at smartphones, Adobe says web traffic was up 22.2 percent year over year, and revenue was up 39.2 percent.Adobe’s vice president of marketing and customer insights, Mickey Mericle, says shopping on smartphones is now the ne…

Data fidelity matters, online and offline

Marketers are often wooed by the channel capabilities that technology offers. And why wouldn’t they be? Those capabilities are impressive — from display to social to email and so on, the technologies are cutting-edge and constantly getting better.But at the core of marketing are audiences, segments and people. And the better you know your audience, the better you can tailor your message, improve efficiencies, hone measurement and minimize fraud in your marketing. This statement is obvious in its simplicity, but most technology doesn’t adequately address this goal.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Facebook tests tool to make it easier for businesses to send message blasts on Messenger

Facebook is internally testing a tool that businesses would be able to use to send message blasts to people who had conversed with their accounts on Messenger, a Messenger spokesperson confirmed on Tuesday after TechCrunch first reported the news.Based on screen shots published to Twitter by The Next Web’s Matt Navarra, Facebook’s tool, called Messenger Broadcast, appears to be a self-serve interface for Messenger’s weeks-old Broadcast API.New! Facebook is preparing a “Messenger Broadcast” feature for business Pagesh/t @pwd— Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) October 27, 2017Last year, Messenger introduced a subscription feature for certain businesses, such as news publishers, to be able to send messages to multiple people simultaneously. Then, earlier this month, the Facebook-owned messaging service unveiled its Broadcast API for businesses to automate these message blasts, which are limited to only reaching people who have an open conversation with a busine…