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Delmondo, Uru team up for automated video content analysis service

As digital video grows in popularity, brands are faced with the challenge of knowing which elements in their many videos –– created by them or by the influencers they hire — elicit the best responses.To provide tools for that purpose, social video analytics firm Delmondo has announced a partnership with AI/computer vision firm Uru to automatically recognize brands’ video content and generate analytics about who’s watching. This is the first such partnership for both of the New York City-based firms, and it showcases the launch of what Uru says is the first automated brand safety scanning for video.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

via Marketing Land

Here’s a case of huge inventory fraud that ads.txt could vanquish

A recently discovered inventory fraud is a massive lesson in why publishers should adopt the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) ads.txt. initiative.Recently, Adform published a white paper describing how it discovered this “domain spoofing” fraud, which it called “one of the largest botnets to ever hit digital advertising” — about three or four times as large as the famous Methbot fraud discovered 11 months ago by White Ops.At the end of September, Copenhagen-based ad tech firm Adform began notifying a variety of ad exchanges of a large ad fraud operation that may have been generating at least half a million dollars a day. The FBI and the UK’s Metropolitan Police were also informed.Adform says that the operation, which it dubbed Hyphbot, has apparently been active at least since August, utilizing a network of data centers. It created over 34,000 domain names and URLs so it could pretend to represent inventory for a variety of publishers, including such premium brands as the Econom…

Singles Day was a global shopping phenomenon, but will US marketers hop on board?

It’s time marketers in North America took Singles Day seriously. The holiday continues to grow in popularity around the world. Although it isn’t yet as big a deal in the United States as it is abroad, especially in Asia, research shows that it’s picking up steam in North American markets, too.The holiday shopping season has become increasingly competitive, with brands fighting hard to win over consumers with the right messaging and clever promotions. The season is starting earlier than it has in the past, with many retailers trying to get a head start on the shopping frenzy.Timing is particularly important in mobile app marketing. Your goal should be to get customers to download your app before peak shopping days, so you can then focus on driving purchases via push notifications, retargeting campaigns and email marketing. In fact, our company’s research has shown that app installs begin to climb after Halloween, and users that are acquired earlier in the season are more valuable than …

What is an AdWords Quality Score and how can you improve yours?

If you’re trying to master PPC, you need a firm understanding of your AdWords Quality Score.Your Quality Score in AdWords plays a significant role in determining the cost, effectiveness and success of your PPC campaigns.But what is it, and how can you improve yours?What is a Quality Score?Quality Score is essentially what it says on the tin: Google’s own rating of your ads, including the quality and relevance of both the keywords and ads. It is about how good your ad is at meeting the customer’s needs, and this means providing both relevance and value. SEO experts will be more than familiar with those words, and the same principles apply to PPC ads.For information on how to find your Quality Score and its component scores, have a read of this handy Google guide. You can now also view historical quality score data so you can track how your quality score has changed, as well as other more detailed insights into your score.Why does Quality Score matter? First and foremost, Quality Score …

Marketing in a distracted, digital world

In today’s world, digital media is so pervasive that it’s no longer considered unique; it’s a way of life. Virtually everyone has a smartphone, and most individuals and households have multiple smart devices, including tablets, phones and computers. This prevalence, coupled with the rise of Big Data, digital marketing tools and social media, has given marketers the power to pinpoint specific audiences with advertising messages.But while advertisers continue to pour money into digital media, consumers are so saturated that they’ve begun ignoring ads or actively avoiding them. The rise of ad fraud, where clicks are falsified to drive up cost per  click (CPC) and bid rates, has resulted in billions of wasted advertising dollars, with real people only viewing about 40 percent of digital ads.1 To connect with consumers today, marketers need to re-think their strategy and focus on creating quality brand experiences, rather than on high-volume ad exposure. It’s time to take a second look at …

How to get back Data Using EaseUS Recovery Wizard

Corrupted files, disk failure, accidental deletion, power shortages, there are just so many ways to lose your favorite files. Be it pictures, videos, documents, or anything.What if I told you that there is a way to recover these lost files? There is free data recovery software which is dedicated to this purpose and EaseUS Recovery Wizard is one of them.This article will explain how to utilize this program and recover your lost files with it.Installation and SetupInstalling EaseUS Recovery Wizard is so easy and fast that I didn’t even had time to screenshot the installation screen.All you have to do is go to the homepage, download the program by clicking on “Free Download” and double click on it to install it.The rest of the installation is self-explanatory. That’s it! You’re all set up and ready to start recovering.Scan for Deleted/Lost DataUpon starting up the program, you will have to pick a drive or a specified file location). After left clicking on the drive of your choice, just c…