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How to integrate display with search and video

This is for all you GDN (Google Display Network) displayers out there. I repeat, this is just for GDN display advertising and how you can use data from AdWords and YouTube to improve your targeting. Read on if that sounds good.Audience data is key to a good PPC (pay-per-click) strategy, and it can be collected from multiple channels. Someone watching or liking one of your videos on YouTube might be used to inform bidding strategy in search; the content you show someone on a display ad could be informed by the landing pages they’ve visited, or by the meta tags of the video they’ve clicked on.There is much to be gained from a multichannel strategy. The difficulty is getting that strategy right. Here’s how we go about it at our company.Multichannel retargetingWorking with a client in the education sector, we have developed a way of integrating search, display and video, primarily in terms of retargeting.First off, it’s likely you’ll need to do a thorough review of the audiences in your a…

Beginners Guide To The Different Types Of WordPress Hosting

Confused by all the different types of WordPress hosting you see on the Internet? Do not worry. We are here for you.Because WordPress is so popular, it has spawned a massive industry of hosts offering all types of plans, from an affordable $3 per month shared plans to business-focused $700+ per month dedicated plans.While that is generally a good thing because it means you have plenty of choices, it can also be confusing to beginners who are just getting started with WordPress hosting.To help you pick the type of WordPress hosting that’s right for you, I’m going to spend this post looking at five types of WordPress hosting that you can use for your WordPress site.5 Different Types Of WordPress Hosting ComparedWhen you choose a specific type of WordPress hosting, you’re generally engaging in a balancing act between three core concepts:PriceEase of use, both in terms of helpful WordPress features and technical knowledgePerformance, both in terms of page load times and ability to handle …

Assessing the impact of poor data on retail: The 1-10-100 rule

As we approach the holidays, and particularly the new year, our thoughts turn to how we can make improvements to our personal life — for example, clean living with better food and more exercise. But how many of us are planning to make improvements to our business? Maybe we should be thinking about our New Year’s work resolutions as well as our personal ones.For example, what vital improvements can you make to your business to ensure that your deliveries and communications make it to the right customer at the right time? Regardless of the time of year, data is one of the most valuable assets a company owns. This is particularly important as globalization becomes more prevalent and more and more companies have international data in their systems.So, why do so many businesses neglect to focus on keeping their data clean? When you really think about it, how much does inaccurate data cost your business? And is this just a financial issue, or does it have other consequences?Too many compani…

Janrain launches Identity Groups for consumers

Janrain took another step this week to go beyond its origins as a provider of social sign-ons.The consumer identity management provider launched its Identity Groups, which allow device and account owners to set up their own private groups, with various levels of access.Essentially, it’s a kind of consumer-controlled version of Microsoft’s Active Directory. Director of Product Marketing Sven Dummer told me that, as far as his company is aware, this is the first service that gives end users the ability to set up and manage their own identity groups across any subscribing device or service.In a typical use case, the owner of a home alarm system could give varying levels of access to other family members, as well as the alarm system repair service and a handyman who makes monthly visits.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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What’s behind the trend towards private search engines?

Recently on Search Engine Watch, we rounded upsix newcomers to the search engine landscapethat are worth keeping an eye on for the future.Each new search engine takes a slightly different approach to searching the web, but there is one trait that many of the recent ones have in common: private, secure searching.Oscobo, WhaleSlide, Gyffu and GoodGopher are just some of the non-tracking, private and secure search engines that have been launched in the last two or three years, joining more well-established engines like StartPage, DuckDuckGo, Mojeek and Privatelee.Is this cluster of private search engines just a passing fad, or is it indicative of an increasing trend among users towards secure, private search? And if so, what does this mean for more mainstream search engines like the all-seeing Google?I spoke to leading figures at three private search engines, both new and established – Gabriel Weinberg, founder and CEO of DuckDuckGo, Robert Beens, CEO of StartPage, and Robert Perin, co-f…

Flywheel WordPress Hosting: Everything You Need To Know

If you’re in the market for managed WordPress hosting, you’ve probably come across the name Flywheel.Flywheel brands itself as: “Beautiful WordPress hosting & management. Built for designers and agencies.”But what does that actually mean? And should you choose Flywheel to host your WordPress site?In this post, I’ll discuss the general features that you’ll get with Flywheel hosting, as well as some of the unique features Flywheel offers that help you save time when developing WordPress websites.In comparison to many other WordPress hosts, Flywheel puts a ton of effort into differentiating itself, so you’ll definitely want to check those features out.At the end of this post, I’ll compare Flywheel’s pricing with some other managed WordPress hosts and give you my recommendation for whether or not you should choose Flywheel WordPress hosting.Flywheel WordPress Hosting FeaturesAt its core, Flywheel is managed WordPress hosting, which means you can expect a number of helpful features tha…

Marketing Day: Google Analytics updates, Facebook tests pre-roll ads & Snapchat’s Lens Studio app released

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Google Analytics releasing 4 new functions to offer more user-centric insights
Dec 14, 2017 by Susan Wenograd The new features reframe the focus on understanding user journeys.Facebook announces 6-second pre-roll ad test, new mid-roll ad restrictions
Dec 14, 2017 by Tim Peterson Facebook is also adjusting its News Feed algorithm to prioritize videos from publishers and creators that viewers “seek out or return to watch,” the company said.Snapchat’s Lens Studio app opens augmented-reality format to everyone, including self-serve advertisers
Dec 14, 2017 by Tim Peterson Anyone can use Lens Studio to create Snapchat’s World Lenses, which can then be distributed via Snapcodes and deep links and attached to Snap Ads.Visualizing your site structure in advance of a major change
Dec 14, 2017 by Dave Davies Making big changes to your website structure? …

Visualizing your site structure in advance of a major change

In our last article, we looked at some interesting ways to visualize your website structure to illuminate how external links and PageRank flow through it. This time, we’re going to use the same tools, but we’re going to look instead at how a major site structure change might impact your site.Search engine crawlers can determine which pages on your site are the most important, based, in part, on how your internal links are structured and organized. Pages that have a lot of internal links pointing to them — including links from the site’s navigation — are generally considered to be your most important pages. Though these are not always your highest-ranking pages, high internal PageRank often correlates with better search engine visibility.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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Google Analytics releasing 4 new functions to offer more user-centric insights

Brands are working hard to meet a resounding customer demand for an experience that is relevant and personal to where they are in their engagement with brands. Ninety percent of marketers say understanding how users engage across channels and devices is vital to success. In response, Google Analytics has announced four new features to better measure the customer journey.User-focused reportingThe new version of standard reporting will now also include “Users,” instead of just “Sessions.” This reframes the data for ongoing engagement focus, especially for instances where users visit multiple times, as opposed to just a total number of sessions. Prior to this update, you had to build custom reports to get a good picture of user data.This update can be enabled by going to Admin, and then Property Settings in your Google Analytics account. Choose the toggle switch for “Enable Users in Reporting.”The data will then appear in your report view:User data can be further analyzed in other report…

The vicious cycle of ROAS targets is killing your business

Your marketing team is hard at work tweaking ads and landing pages to drive efficiency and hit the targets set for them by the C-suite. And those targets are more than likely ROAS-related.But, for two reasons, these ROAS targets are actually causing a lot of damage:ROAS usually doesn’t take incrementality into account, which incentivizes marketers to turn on retargeting or brand campaigns to meet their targets while hardly generating any tangible results.It sets incentives to sell more low-margin products to mainly existing customers because this type of second-class revenue is cheaper to get.If, like most companies, you’re focused on growth and new customer acquisition, you need to ditch ROAS-based KPIs, come up with a new metric and include incrementality before it’s too late.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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GDPR won’t kill you. It’ll make you stronger

One thing that’s been both helpful to the companies I’ve worked for and to my own success has been a willingness to do the work necessary to improve processes. It started with asking the question, “Why can’t we do this better?” And sometimes it started by someone telling me, “You must do this better!” The point is, both cases actually helped me do better for my company and for my career.In the last 20 years, there have been a lot of these challenges that have turned into real opportunities. If you practice B2B marketing in Europe now (but frankly, anywhere going forward), I’m confident that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) represents an opportunity for you, too.Taking advantage of catalytic momentsCatalytic moments are changes occurring either inside or outside your business that can really accelerate change. (While this can be both positive and negative change, I’ll focus only on the positive side here).[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Are you deciding on a marketing automation platform?

MarTech Today’s “B2B Marketing Automation Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide” examines the current market for B2B marketing automation platforms and the considerations involved in implementing marketing automation software. It addresses these questions:What factors are driving the adoption of B2B marketing automation platforms?Who are the leading players in B2B marketing automation?What capabilities do B2B marketing automation platforms provide?Does my company need a marketing automation platform?How do I evaluate which platform is best for my business?If you are considering licensing a B2B marketing automation platform, this report will help you decide whether you need to. Visit Digital Marketing Depot to get your copy.

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