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Facebook begins using face recognition tech to help users better manage their identity on the platform

Facebook announced today that it will be using face recognition technology to help users manage their identity on the platform by letting them know if someone has posted their photo on the site without tagging them.“Powered by the same technology we’ve used to suggest friends you may want to tag in photos or videos, these new features help you find photos that you’re not tagged in, and help you detect when others might be attempting to use your image as their profile picture,” writes Facebook’s director of applied machine learning, Joaquin Quiñonero Candela.Facebook says it will notify users and give them the option to tag themselves, to remain “untagged” in the photo or to reach out to the user who shared the photo if there are any concerns — although if you’re not part of the audience selected for the photo, you won’t be notified.“We always respect the privacy setting people select when posting a photo on Facebook (whether that’s friends, public or a custom audience), so you won’t r…

Calling all marketers: Our top mobile marketing columns of the year

Mobile has come a long way since the iPhone made its debut in 2007, forever changing the way we look at our mobile devices. From voice search to the Internet of Things, this year brought with it the continued rise of mobile technologies, and our columnists were on hand to share their insights into the developments that had the greatest impact on mobile marketing.Of course, innovation isn’t easy, and companies are bound to struggle with change. One of the stories that resonated the most with readers discussed the mistakes companies continue to make with their audience’s mobile experiences. As columnist Aaron Strout pointed out, if you’re not an Amazon or an Uber, does your company really need that mobile app?Our readers were to keen to learn more about increasing mobile engagement and building a stronger relationship between brands and consumers. As consumer expectations have changed, marketers have had to adapt accordingly and provide their mobile users with a personalized digital exp…

Test-and-learn steps for agencies

We have seen a rapid expansion of entertainment and news options for consumers over the past few years. This explosion of options has fractured the traditional marketing mix, presenting a myriad of new choices for clients and the agencies who support them.Leading agencies are always seeking opportunities to drive their clients’ business forward. Understandably, however, agency staff and account managers are leery of failure: Nobody wants to tell a client something they tried didn’t work. So, how do agencies prepare their clients for a robust test-and-learn approach?In this article, I’ll outline a few steps that can improve the chance of finding the next great idea for clients.Step 1: Develop a clear hypothesis for client successAgencies need to have a clear understanding of their client’s problem and present well-informed ideas about potential solutions. The more clearly the agency and client define the challenge together, the easier it will be to design tests and interpret results.At…

2017: The year in martech

After so many years of teases, we might as well call it.In 2017, marketing and ad tech turned the corner toward becoming pseudo-human.Arguably, we turned the corner long ago, but let’s just say that we’ve been able to see the actual curve in the last 12 months. It’s nowhere near marketing tools that are artificially human yet, but we don’t have to squint that hard any more to see that human contours are falling into place.Let’s start with the realm we humans have long claimed as exclusively ours: a high level of intelligence.Built-in intelligenceLast year, it became common for virtually every tool to boast some form of intelligence, ranging from large marketing platforms like Salesforce and Adobe to product lines like Microsoft’s and to specialized tools like influencer platform Linqia. One way to tell that a corner has been turned is that the new tech doesn’t quite feel like news any more.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Digital advertising in 2018: 5 trends to watch

Digital advertising in 2017 saw several major changes that will continue to influence and affect the work of digital marketers in the coming year. As we go speeding into 2018, here are five predictions about how the digital advertising landscape will evolve in the coming year.US and EU (de)regulations put marketers on divergent pathsBrands that market online in the US and the EU will have to navigate those markets quite differently in 2018.In 2017, the US and EU regulatory stances diverged in several significant ways. The stark contrast was summed up succinctly in a tweet from David Lee, who reports on Silicon Valley for the BBC, on the day the FCC voted to end net neutrality.One other thing to take from today – US internet is increasingly becoming very different from European internet. Privacy, data protection and now net neutrality.— Dave Lee (@DaveLeeBBC) December 14, 2017 GDPR, which takes effect in May 2018, will have a dramatic effect on how marketers collect and use user data in…

Which tools should I buy to advance my SEO strategy?

The complexity of an organic search campaign necessitates some technological assistance. There are plenty of tools on the market, but they vary in price, functionality, and effectiveness.Once you have all the basics in place, which SEO tools should you invest in to take your strategy to the next level?The SEO landscape is highly competitive, with every company battling for precious real estate at the top of page one. The points of differentiation between competitors fall into the following, intertwined categories: people and technology. Assuming you already have your SEO team or agency partner in place, you will need to enable them with the best technology on the market.The Google-owned products (Keyword Planner, Search Console, Google Analytics) are essential to cover the basics, but an advanced SEO strategy usually requires some investment in third-party technology. That need has created a crowded market – one that can be difficult to navigate without guidance.Moreover, there is ove…

Marketing Day: Reddit mobile apps, ad tech predictions & Facebook News Feed updates

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Reddit’s mobile apps now let people view only visual posts, block ads through in-app browser
Dec 18, 2017 by Tim Peterson
In an update to its iOS app, Reddit will also test out a way for people to send private messages to one another.Messaging matters — but cross-channel messaging really moves the needle
Dec 18, 2017 by Digital Marketing Depot
We’re living in a cross-device, cross-platform, cross-channel world. And that means there’s no one messaging channel that can reach everybody effectively.Optimizing for Hanukkah: Sometimes it’s still strings, not things
Dec 18, 2017 by Paul Shapiro
Google has grown smarter at recognizing variant spellings of the same entity, but columnist Paul Shapiro observes that it’s not perfect yet.How to generate links that drive traffic, not just ranking
Dec 18, 2017 by Kevin Rowe
Links are a crucial element of sear…

Reddit’s mobile apps now let people view only visual posts, block ads through in-app browser

In a redesign of its mobile apps announced on Monday, Reddit will add an option for people to only view non-text posts, which could help its fledgling video advertising business, and support for Apple’s Safari View Controller, which would enable people to block ads on publishers’ sites accessed through Reddit’s iOS app.The social network is also adding private messaging within its iOS app, which could pave a path to Reddit becoming a customer service channel for businesses in the same way that Twitter, Facebook’s Messenger and Facebook’s WhatsApp have or are trying to.Theater ModeReddit is commonly associated with text-laden posts and comments. But it’s also a hotbed for GIFs and meme photos. Now Reddit’s apps for Android and iOS will let people choose to see the only the visual side of Reddit through a new feature called “Theater Mode.”Reddit’s Theater Mode works similarly to the lightbox-style overlay that appears when tapping a post within Instagram’s Explore tab. When people tap o…

Messaging matters — but cross-channel messaging really moves the needle

We’re living in a cross-device, cross-platform, cross-channel world. And that means there’s no one messaging channel that can reach everybody effectively. Email isn’t the be-all and end-all anymore — though you might not know it from the way some brands message their customers. Think push notifications. Think in-app messages. Mobile has blown up in the last decade, and that’s made mobile channels an essential part of the customer engagement equation.Each of these channels has unique strengths. But too often, push, email and in-app messages get used in a vacuum, limiting their impact. Sometimes that’s because departmental silos are complicating the coordination of email and mobile marketing campaigns — and sometimes it’s because key stakeholders don’t understand the lift you can see by combining channels.Braze has the full scoop on what cross-channel can mean for engagement — from how each channel drives engagement to what combinations have the biggest lift. Read their white paper to l…

Optimizing for Hanukkah: Sometimes it’s still strings, not things

My wife came to me with a problem. She wanted festive, whimsical, and potentially matching Hanukkah pajamas. But there weren’t enough options coming up in Google under one spelling of the holiday’s name, so she told me she was systematically going through all spellings to compile her list of shopping items.I was pretty surprised by this — I had expected Google to be smart enough to recognize that these were alternative spellings of the same thing, especially post-Hummingbird. Clearly, this was not the case.Some background for those who don’t know: Hanukkah is actually a transliterated word from Hebrew. Since Hebrew has its own alphabet, there are numerous spellings that one can use to reference it: Hanukkah, Chanukah, and Channukah are all acceptable spellings of the same holiday.So, when someone searches for “Hanukkah pajamas” or “Chanukah pajamas,” Google really should be smart enough to understand that they are different spellings of the same concept and provide nearly identical re…

How to generate links that drive traffic, not just ranking

Many people see link building as a way to drive rankings. But, when done correctly, it can (and should) also drive traffic.Driving traffic has a lot of benefits beyond the obvious potential increase in leads and sales. More website traffic can provide valuable analytics data about what users are looking for and what confuses them. It can also help grow engagement and potentially referral links on social media as others begin to share our content.In this column, I’ll explain how to identify sources of links that drive actual traffic and how to evaluate your progress so that you can focus your efforts where they will have the greatest impact.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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The 2018 ad tech predictions you didn’t expect to see

We see a lot of prediction pieces every season, and they’re often similar in tone: “This will be the year of mobile!” “Digital will pull in more than TV in 20XX.” These positive predictions are spun to make everyone feel optimistic about the future of the industry, to ensure that we’re able to communicate that positivity to our brand and agency clients who — upon seeing the bright future of the space — will feel confident in spending more, more, more!Well, I’m not that guy and these aren’t those predictions. While I’m confident that digital ad tech and martech are here to stay, I can’t say 2018 is going to be the best year ever. I think it will be a pivotal year, and a year that sets us on a better path, but I think you’re going to have to buckle your seatbelts, because the road to that “better path” will be a rocky one.Without further ado, here are those less-than-rosy predictions:[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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