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How to reverse-engineer your online advertising strategy

Online advertising experts love to talk about the importance of matching your landing page content to your ads. And you’ll get no argument from me — it’s a great way to improve the performance of your online advertising.I mean, it just makes sense. People click on your ad because the messaging resonates with them. If you have the same messaging on your landing page, that should resonate with these users and cause them to convert, right?As great as this approach is, the success or failure of a “match your landing page to your ads” approach to advertising rides on one critically important assumption: that you’re using the right ad messaging.Unfortunately, if your landing page strategy is based on your advertising strategy, there’s no easy way to test this assumption. You are fundamentally limited by your ability to predict what messaging will work for your target audience. If you’re way off-base, there’s no real way to know.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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How Facebook’s video ads’ watch time compares across formats

A video ad is a video ad is a video ad. Except it’s not, according to Facebook. The social network would argue that video ads — and the values of those ads — vary by context. In fact, it is making that case in a company blog post published on Friday.“There is no singular video ad experience on mobile. Instead, there is a variety of unique experiences, each requiring a different approach,” wrote Facebook’s head of ads and business platform, Mark Rabkin.To illustrate the point, Facebook has produced charts that show how much time people typically spend watching an ad and how that watch time fluctuates based on its environment.What the charts showBefore looking at the charts, it’s important to understand what is and is not being shown.No numbers: None of the charts include numbers, and a Facebook spokesperson declined to provide the actual figures, making them more suggestive than conclusive.Facebook-centric data: The charts are largely based on Facebook’s own unaudited internal data fro…

Marketing Day: Madison Logic integration with Marketo, Frito-Lay CMO interview & more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Madison Logic becomes bidirectional with marketing automation by integrating with Marketo
Jan 5, 2018 by Barry Levine
The move follows Madison Logic’s recent integration with Salesforce’s CRM.Frito-Lay CMO says marketers need a listen-first mentality to be successful
Jan 5, 2018 by Amy Gesenhues
Frito-Lay CMO Jennifer Saenz says listening to consumers is a top priority if you want to build marketing experiences that drive engagement.The 2018 content focus challenge
Jan 5, 2018 by Rachel Lindteigen
It’s a new year — with a new outlook. Columnist Rachel Lindteigen discusses how to choose a focus term that will help guide your content marketing strategy in 2018 and beyond.Holiday shoppers increasingly turned to Google Maps in the countdown to Christmas Day
Jan 5, 2018 by Andy Taylor
Columnist Andy Taylor from Merkle shares data on how consumers en…

Holiday shoppers increasingly turned to Google Maps in the countdown to Christmas Day

Ahead of the 2017 holiday season, I wrote a column detailing how much more important locally focused ads became during the 2016 holiday shopping season, namely Local Inventory Ads and ads on Google Maps. Analyzing last year’s data, I found that searchers became increasingly likely to search for both brand and non-brand keywords within Google Maps as the number of days before Christmas shrank, and the share of traffic coming from ads featured in Google Maps likewise rose.Taking a look at the most recent holiday period, we find that searchers once again turned to navigational apps in the lead up to December 25 to find store information for last-minute purchases. This led to the highest one-day share of traffic ever coming from Google Maps ads.Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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