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Use your data to make 2018 the year of good business

2018. A new year. And with each new year, we’re all routinely asked for our predictions, resolutions and hopes for the coming months. My hope is that in 2018 we in the marketing industry do a better job of explaining to customers the benefits derived from being trusted with their data — as it really does bring terrific benefits.Identifying what customers need and delivering it profitably is the essence of marketing. We know that delivering products and services easily, conveniently, at the right time and at the right price should deliver corporate profits. But doing it responsibly is a must today, too.Corporate responsibility isn’t just about caring for the environment and our charity strategy (important as they are); it’s about how we behave responsibly with the trust consumers have given us with their data.Data controversies loomed large in 2017. Consumers were concerned about hacking, privacy and lack of accountability from the brands and firms they trust.We need to restore that tr…

Salesforce Commerce Cloud integrates with Instagram, adds other enhancements

At the NRF (National Retail Federation) Show in New York City, Salesforce has announced several new features for its Commerce Cloud e-commerce platform.Instagram is now, for the first time, integrated with Commerce Cloud. This lets retailers create shoppable posts directly in Commerce Cloud — where they are already managing their commerce sites — and it also allows Instagram content to automatically update when catalog items are replaced.Salesforce is also extending its Einstein AI layer to Instagram through Commerce Cloud. Einstein Vision can now automatically tag posts in the brand’s feed or on public Instagram feeds, where a logo or specific products appear.Previously, VP of Product Marketing Gordon Evans told me, a retailer had to manually update Instagram to enter new catalog items, tag content or create shoppable posts in that social network.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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IAB Tech Lab releases OpenDirect 2.0 and OpenData 1.0

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Tech Lab is out with two new specs: version 2.0 of its OpenDirect spec for automated guaranteed buying and selling of ads and the first OpenData spec for reporting campaign performance metrics.OpenDirect offers standards for ad transactions directly between a publisher and an advertiser. While IAB’s OpenRTB provides the transactional protocol for real-time bidding, OpenDirect specifies the protocol for non-real-time guaranteed sales, with support for price negotiation processes and new opportunities to buy inventory.“This update to OpenDirect,” IAB Tech Lab Senior Vice President and General Manager Dennis Buchheim said in a statement, “will allow for more fluid movement of premium inventory, while greatly reducing the overhead involved when integrating with partners.”[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Good SEO habits: Turning over a new leaf in 2018

Join a gym, start that diet, call your parents more and turn over a new leaf for your SEO strategy.Whether you’re a stickler for New Year’s resolutions, or the very thought makes you roll your eyes, reviewing your SEO habits for 2018 should be a priority for every business and digital marketer.You don’t need me to tell you how fast-paced the digital world can be, with the pressures of keeping on top of the latest Google updates and SEO tactics.Yet it’s all too easy to become stuck in the same routine, mindlessly implementing the same strategy over and over.Well, it’s time for a change. That new diet can wait another month, but refreshing your SEO strategy can’t. Not if you want to be dominating the SERPs in 2018.It’s time to sit back and take a long hard look at your SEO habits. In this post, we consider the latest trends and predictions for the year, explain how to review your current strategy, and the SEO habits you should be practising.Revisit keyword researchYou’ve got to start so…

Search your Handwritten Notes with Gmail OCR

One of the most useful features of Evernote and OneNote is Image OCR.  When you clip an image – be it a screenshot, a scanned business card, or a picture of the whiteboard – these tools automatically detect the text inside the image and make the image searchable.Gmail Gets OCR to Search for Text Within ImagesGmail text search has always been very capable but some might not know that Gmail, like Evernote, also performs OCR on images contained in email messages. When you perform searches inside Gmail or Google Inbox, the results always contain matching images that contain the search keywords.I tried Gmail OCR search against different types of images and the results were fairly good. Text recognition in Gmail works for both image attachments as well as inline embedded images.Gmail could successfully find matching text inside product manuals with small fonts, scanned book cover and a handwritten note but failed with logos and some street signs.Scanned Picture (Pass)Handwritten Note (Pass)