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For Reduxio’s CMO, diversity is key to building a winning marketing organization

Of all the hot-button topics in today’s political climate, immigration is arguably at the top of the list.On January 10, more than 100 CEOs of prominent businesses, including Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon, signed a letter to Congress asking for legislation that would enable Dreamers — undocumented immigrants protected under the DACA program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival) — to continue to live and work in the US.DACA is not the only immigration program top of mind right now for US business leaders. The H-1B Visa program, a law that enables employers to hire foreign workers for specialized occupations, is also under scrutiny by the White House.For Mike Grandinetti who serves as CMO and chief strategy officer for the data storage and management platform, Reduxio, the H-1B Visa program offers US startups an invaluable resource that plays an integral role in his hiring strategy — the ability to hire from a diverse talent pool.“If you think about how complex the wor…

Amazon Go Store now open in Seattle — How disruptive will it be?

Roughly a year later than planned, Amazon formally opened Amazon Go to the public this morning. The store has been described as a high-tech, more health-conscious version of 7-11 for millennials.That’s not exactly right; it’s more like a shrunken-down version of Whole Foods, with an emphasis on prepared meals and higher-end brands. And, as you already know, the store has no checkout lines or cashiers.The store is staffed with associates and workers; however, it will likely rely on fewer people to operate than traditional small grocery and convenience stores. It’s not clear how many fewer people will be required or whether it’s just cashiers that are unnecessary. Roughly 6 percent of the US workforce is employed in retail and as cashiers. That’s more than 8 million people.A mix of technologies allows Amazon Go to operate: sensors and computer vision, combined with a smartphone app and your Amazon account. Users must install the Amazon Go app and have a default payment card selected (yo…

Don’t let your organization be a sitting duck: 10 reputation management tips for 2018

In a reputation audit study I conducted with Digitalis UK last year, we found that out of 50 of the world’s top brands, 14 had items with negative sentiment appearing in the first two pages of Google search results.In many instances, this situation was mostly unnecessary — in that same study, we found that 20 did not have their Twitter profiles appearing on page 1, and 22 didn’t have Facebook pages there, either — significant lost opportunities in their reputation management!Chances are, your organization may be in an even worse situation. Read on for my top 10 reputation tips for 2018 to help you reduce risks to your organization.The top 50 global brands are probably not impacted by a sudden negative event as much as smaller companies that are more vulnerable to market fluctuations in their sectors. For instance, large cable companies in the US have poor reputations in customer service, but they continue to have huge numbers of subscribers. Comcast, Charter and AT&T U-verse each …

Bond now offers self-service handwritten notes with variables

If you’ve risked carpal tunnel syndrome to hand-write thank-you notes to your customers or wedding guests, here’s some news you can use.New York City-based Bond, which specializes in mass-produced handwritten notes on paper, has has launched a new feature called Bond Groups. The company points to research showing a phenomenal 99 percent open rate for handwritten notes, and cites clients that have seen as much as a threefold boost in engagement or an ROI of 800 percent from the missives.The new Groups lets individuals and small businesses self-generate handwritten notes with personalized fields for names and a variable, like the present you gave or the product you bought. Up to 550 notes can be created in one order. Previously, businesses with orders of 1,000 notes or more could get this kind of personalization, but it would be handled by an account manager using a tool internal to Bond.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Three tips for a content marketing plan that makes your customers the central focus

In an era of constant digital distractions, how do we compete long enough to convert? The trick is to make your content as customer focused as possible.Content marketing is a constant struggle for any brand. It is probably the most important element to their overall promotional strategy and the greatest tool at their disposal.It can also be the most fickle, as it relies heavily on keeping and maintaining the interest of the ones consuming it.You need to focus on your customer! This allows what you produce to immediately connect with your audience and provides something of value to them. Not only does this give you benefits in the moment by offering the information they want/need, it also gives you long-term benefits by establishing the authority of your brand.Here are three tips and tools to help you create a customer-focused content marketing strategy.1. Be clear on content objectivesTry to figure out just what the aims of your content will be. If there are no objectives to work from…

It’s 2018. Are your Google Shopping campaigns ready?

What a year 2017 was for Google Shopping, right?The real question is, though: How did your campaigns fare? Stellar? Decent? Mediocre? Regardless, the simple fact remains that it is now 2018 — a new year, which means renewed opportunities to do better (even if you think 2017 was your best).Undoubtedly, however, you are already hard at work and busy with planning, logistics, meetings, budgeting, maybe even replatforming to a new e-commerce solution, and all of that is an exhausting effort.So, in the interest of saving time (and time does equal money), here are a few things you SHOULD be looking for in your Shopping campaigns to help ensure that this year and every next year is your next “best” year.Campaign structure really is everythingJohn Wanamaker, American merchant, religious, civic and political figure, often considered a pioneer in marketing, said it best:His words live on as a lesson for today’s online retailers and search engine marketers.Wasted advertising dollars are equivale…