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How To Show Last Modified Date On Blog Post Instead Of Published Date in WordPress

If you want to improve your blog, one of the best things that you can do is update your old posts to keep them relevant.Blog posts are like wine: the older they get, the better they become!
Click To TweetBut if you’re following best practices and updating your old content, it’s a good idea to tell your visitors that you’ve updated the post so that they know the content is still relevant. This is something I have been using on ShoutMeLoud for the past couple of years and it has been really helpful to our readers. In fact, two years ago, I did a case study on the effects of showing dates on the blog post and also wrote this follow up blog post. You must read these two posts as it is directly linked to your blog SEO and will help you attract more traffic.Getting back to showing the last updated timestamp instead of last published:The problem is, WordPress only shows the date when the post was last published, rather than when you most recently updated it, by default.To fix that issue, I’m …