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Facebook to begin counting viewable-only impressions for Pages’ organic reach next week

Twin Design / Brands and publishers have another reason to expect to see their Page posts’ organic reach decline, beyond last month’s News Feed algorithm change.Next week, Facebook will finally start to count organic reach impressions only when a Page post actually appears on a person’s screen, the company announced on Friday. The new methodology for organic reach matches how Facebook already counts reach for ads.“Since this is stricter reporting, some Pages may see lower reach figures than before,” Facebook said in a company blog post to be published on Friday.Facebook had originally said in November 2016 that it would shift to viewable-only organic reach counts amid a series of measurement errors that it disclosed at the time. But more than a year later, it had yet to do so. In December, the company said that it had taken longer to build the new counting system than the company had expected and that the new methodology would be instituted in early 2018. And now it fi…

How to respond when customers get sour on social media

In today’s “always on” digital landscape, responsiveness is the name of the game for customer service. People are flocking to the platforms where they know they’ll be heard and, more importantly, where they know they’ll get a response. That’s why we see that Twitter has become a prime avenue for customer interaction with companies.For example, Tesla CEO Elon Musk was in the giving spirit this holiday season, sending out a Christmastime tweet that thanked customers and asked them how the company could improve. It wasn’t simple lip service, though.Wanted again to send a note of deep gratitude to Tesla owners WW for taking a chance on a new company that all experts said would fail.So much blood, sweat & tears from the Tesla team went into creating cars that you’d truly love. I hope you do.How can we improve further?— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 26, 2017 Musk took the time to respond to each reply, acknowledging each user’s needs and pledging to take action to address concerns. With…

Going beyond Super Bowl engagement metrics to find what consumers really think

Viewers no longer just watch the Super Bowl. They interact with the big game much the way they interact with all television — with their fingers flying on social media.And besides their armchair quarterback comments and their cheers and jeers during fumbles, stumbles and interceptions, Super Bowl fans like to talk about the commercials.Advertisers know this, so the day after, and for days after, we get reports. Lots and lots of reports. With a lot of different metrics on how fans engaged with the brands.But there is a story behind engagement metrics. It’s a story told by impassioned tweets and shared Instagram posts. It’s a story of sentiment. And with the politically charged society we find ourselves in, it’s no surprise that advertisements with a political slant got a fair amount of, well, sentiment.Sprout Social measured positive and negative words using its analytics software, Simply Measured. The social media management platform found that although engagement for Dodge Ram’s comm…

Adobe keeps Sensei busy with new content assignments

The Adobe Sensei logo Adobe is adding more responsibilities to Sensei’s job description, announcing this week a variety of new content-oriented integrations and enhancements in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) that are powered by the artificial intelligence layer.There’s Smart Tag, which can automatically add metadata keywords to images based not only on system-recognized logos, but also on visual patterns that the system has been trained to notice.Strategy and Product Marketing Director Haresh Kumar told me this could include, for instance, the kinds of distinctive patterns associated with fashion brands Louis Vuitton, Burberry or Prada. It could also be different kinds of product models like cars, or even, for Adidas, different kinds of cleats.“Most auto-tagging,” he pointed out, “doesn’t recognize different kinds of cleats.”[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Led by TapCommerce founders, startup Attentive launches SMS/MMS marketing platform

A New York City-based startup, led by the co-founders of Twitter-acquired in-app ad retargeter TapCommerce, is out this week with a new mobile messaging platform.The company, Attentive, has had its platform in the field for the last eight months, during which time it has been employed by more than four dozen client companies, including Boxed, AMOREPACIFIC and Bliss. This week, the company is announcing the platform, as well as announcing that it has acquired $13 million in Series A funding.The platform is targeted at e-commerce and retail brands, and it supports SMS and MMS messages for targeted promotions, retargeting, customer service, transactions (i.e., purchases made via text messaging) or retention.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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How to check your Domain Authority: 4 tools to use

Domain Authority (DA) is a metric that serves as a handy heuristic in the SEO industry.Put simply, it provides insight into how likely a site is to rank for specific keywords, based on the SEO authority it holds. There are numerous tools that can help us arrive at these useful scores.Below, we round up some of the most accurate and intuitive ways to see a site’s SEO equity.In an often opaque industry, with few insights into how Google’s algorithms really work for organic search, the lure of a metric like Domain Authority is self-evident.It provides a glimpse into the SEO “strength” of a website, in a similar fashion to the now obsolete PageRank toolbar. Google still makes use of some variation of the PR algorithm internally, but its scores are no longer visible to the public and were never particularly helpful.If anything, they encouraged some negative attempts to “game” Google’s rankings through link acquisition.However, many SEOs make use of Domain Authority to sense-check the quali…

Facebook tests downvoting as it learns how to gauge meaningful engagement on Page posts

Facebook is testing a Reddit-style downvoting option on comments on public Page posts, seemingly as a way to learn what qualifies as meaningful engagement on public posts.A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the test after The Daily Beast first reported on the downvoting feature’s appearance earlier on Thursday.“We are not testing a dislike button. We are exploring a feature for people to give us feedback about comments on public page posts. This is running for a small set of people in the U.S. only,” said a Facebook spokesperson in an emailed statement.The test is limited to five percent of the company’s English-speaking Android users in the US, and Facebook does not plan to expand it, at least not in its current iteration.During the test, downvotes will not affect how a comment on a post is ranked, how the post is ranked in people’s feeds or how other posts from the corresponding Page are ranked. And Facebook will not display how many downvotes a comment has received.According to the s…

Marketing Day: Pinterest Lens, video marketing tips & YouTube’s top Super Bowl ads

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:There is no ‘I’ in successful ABM
Feb 8, 2018 by John Steinert
Contributor John Steinert explains how alignment across an end-to-end process helps sustain and scale your program.Pinterest will let people use its image-recognizing Lens feature to augment text searches
Feb 8, 2018 by Tim Peterson
A year after debuting Lens, Pinterest records more than 600M visual searches from people each month.Everything a CMO needs to know about video marketing in 2018
Feb 8, 2018 by Allen Martinez
Contributor Allen Martinez provides an overview of the why and how of video marketing, including an important primer on how you can get started.Shop ‘til You Click: Creating Shopping Campaigns at Scale
Feb 8, 2018 by Digital Marketing Depot
Shopping campaigns are a major source of website traffic and revenue for retailers — and not just during the holiday season! Stu…

There is no ‘I’ in successful ABM

When I saw this video of cadets helping each other scale a high wall, I was immediately struck by how planning, preparation and teamwork can clearly blow away making it up as you go. It’s a simple demonstration of the executional power of repeatable processes that can scale (pardon the pun). It reminded me a lot of what we see in the account-based marketing (ABM) practice at our company. Within leading practitioner groups, we’ve noticed companies getting much better at end-to-end orchestration of marketing and sales.They’re applying a TEAM approach — a repeatable order of operations that we think can serve as a useful framework for any company as it evolves toward the account-based approach. By explicitly applying elements of this simple acronym, ABM leaders are more successfully building and sustaining consistent return on investment (ROI).[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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