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Shouter’s Friday Podcast, Ep.004: Facing Negative SEO, Making Money With Food Blog

Welcome to the fourth episode of “Shouter’s Friday with Harsh Agarwal” podcast.As you guys know, that we here at ShoutMeLoud have started a new podcast show. This is a show where we will be answering hand picked questions asked by the Shouters from all over the world.  In this podcast, we are going to pick some questions from the ShoutMeLoud Blogger’s Forum and answer them in detail.Along with Harsh, We have Chatty Sharma. Chatty Sharma is a curious Shouter like you, who wants to learn online marketing and blogging in detail.In the last episode of the Shouter’s Friday, we discussed questions related to Google Adsense, various ways of monetizing, consistency in blogging, keyword density and much more.You can listen to that episode is here.In this podcast, we answer questions related to negative SEO, Affiliate marketing, CPI and much more.Also, we had made some changes in the podcast show. We decided upon answering 2-3 questions per podcast so that we could give you more information in …

Snap offers free credits to brands running vertical video ads on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, elsewhere

In Snap’s latest earnings report released earlier this week, Snapchat’s parent company showed signs that it’s been able to withstand the war that Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram have waged on its flagship and corresponding ad business. And now it’s going after their advertisers.Snap has rolled out a program offering free credits to brands that have recently bought vertical video ads from Instagram, Facebook and any other digital ad seller, including Pinterest, ad networks and even digital billboards, a company spokesperson said on Friday, confirming Recode’s earlier report.Advertisers can apply for the free credits through a form on Snapchat’s site. To be eligible, an advertiser must not have run ads on Snapchat previously and must provide proof that it ran a vertical video ad campaign elsewhere within the past three months.If approved, the advertiser will receive credits to use on Snapchat’s vertical video Snap Ads that will be valued in the range of several hundred dollars, ac…

Twitter’s business is finally growing again, but its audience isn’t. Maybe that’s OK.

Twitter’s business is like a seesaw. One side goes up and, as if by design, the other side goes down. In the fourth quarter of 2017, Twitter’s revenue declines finally went away, yet now its audience growth struggles have returned.But are things actually looking up for Twitter?[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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What 3,000 voice search queries tell us about the ‘Voice Search Revolution’

You may have heard a voice search revolution is upon us. It seems a new article pops up every day saying marketers need to drop everything and get in line.Usage is up and rising, but does that mean more opportunities for marketers?Google HomeMy family of five in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, has been using Google Home for a little over a year. We use it daily and now have five Google Homes in the house since the kids got Google Home Minis for Christmas.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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Does trust matter more than growth? Salesforce’s Benioff thinks so.

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that for those of us marketing, selling or consuming SaaS technology (i.e., just about everyone), Salesforce founder Marc Benioff is a pretty important guy. As the Godfather of the subscription model, he’s a symbol of rapid scale and arguably the catalyst for the entire martech industry. There’s simply no other CEO out there who embodies the “race to $100M annual recurring revenue” zeitgeist more than Benioff.So, when recent headlines from the World Economic Forum reported the Salesforce founder’s main talking point was that trust should be more important to a business than growth, it got my attention.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Marketing Day: Facebook news, Adobe’s content tool & a new SMS/MMS marketing platform

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Facebook’s ad placement reports were supposed to roll out to all advertisers last year but have not
Feb 9, 2018 by Tim Peterson
To address advertisers’ transparency concerns, last year Facebook said it would provide all advertisers with reports of where their ads could and did appear. But many brands are still waiting for access.Facebook to begin counting viewable-only impressions for Pages’ organic reach next week
Feb 9, 2018 by Tim Peterson
Facebook originally said it would switch to only counting viewable impressions in November 2016, but the new system took longer than expected to build.How to respond when customers get sour on social media
Feb 9, 2018 by Jay Baer
Contributor Jay Baer offers a five-point solution for dealing with customer complaints in social media.Going beyond Super Bowl engagement metrics to find what consumers really thi…

Facebook’s ad placement reports were supposed to roll out to all advertisers last year but have not

Last year, Facebook said it would provide all advertisers with reports listing the publishers on whose sites, apps, Instant Articles and native Facebook videos their ads may appear when buying that inventory from the social network. But those reports have not yet become widely available.Facebook has been gradually rolling out the pre-campaign placement lists that were announced in June 2017 and expects to make them available to all managed advertisers by the end of Q1 2018, according to a company spokesperson. Facebook does not currently have a timeline for when the lists will become available to all of its more than 6 million advertisers, including those buying ads through its self-serve ad-buying tools, the spokesperson said.According to the spokesperson, Facebook is reviewing the lists to make sure they accurately account for the publishers in its monetization programs before making them widely available.Pre-placement reportsTo date Facebook’s managed advertisers have received repo…