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Advanced Strategies for Effective Shopping Campaigns

On February 22, join Marketing Land’s Ginny Marvin and other paid digital experts as they explore the challenging retail shopping landscape and provide strategies and techniques to maximize your results. We’ll discuss how to use feed management to optimize your Shopping ad campaigns, as well as more efficient bidding strategies that will improve your CPC (cost per click) and other important cost metrics.You’ll learn:Pointers and tactics for mobile ads that drive top-of-funnel traffic.How to combine RLSA with Shopping for effective remarketing.Advanced tips for running cross-channel Shopping campaigns.Register today for “Shop ‘til You Click: Creating Shopping Campaigns at Scale” produced by Digital Marketing Depot and sponsored by Marin Software.

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Kantara Initiative is out with a new version of its user data access specs

While the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the largest and best-known effort to guard personal data, it’s not the first.Founded in 2009 and based in Wakefield, Massachusetts, the Kantara Initiative is one of the other efforts. It’s a non-profit global consortium of about 70 companies that is designed to improve the trustworthy use of identity and personal data through specifications for software makers.Toward that aim, the Initiative has recently released version 2.0 of its User-Managed Access (UMA) tech specs, replacing the 1.0 version approved in 2013. It is intended to provide a protocol for how an individual’s personal data can be accessed, wherever it lives.Executive Director Colin Wallis told me that the new version simplifies the previous protocol and aligns it more closely with OAuth than version 1.0 did. OAuth, or Open Authorization, is an open standard for authorization to personal data, such as granting a website access to the list of your friends on Fa…

A link-building case study: Using brand mentions and competitive linking tactics

Today I want to showcase a successful link-building campaign we conducted for a new website and walk through the process in the event others may learn and benefit from what we did.The situationThis campaign launched in March 2017 and was done over six months. The website was five months old and had roughly 15 core pages when the campaign began. The brand had historically relied on offline marketing and was new to digital marketing and SEO but wanted to grow organic traffic for the site as a whole.Analysis showed that although the site was relatively small and underpromoted, it had a realistic ranking opportunity.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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LiveRamp moves into B2B data with purchase of Pacific Data Partners

LiveRamp’s IdentityLink utilizes millions of anonymized, cross-channel profiles of consumers for the targeting of ads and other marketing through demand-side platforms and data management platforms.This week, the company is enlarging its scope to include businesses, announcing it has purchased B2B data provider Pacific Data Partners (PDP). Deal terms were not made public.The co-founders of the Seattle-based PDP, Pieter De Temmerman and Grant Ries, are former execs at Oracle and BlueKai, and they will lead the effort to move LiveRamp into B2B marketing.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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How to build a stronger, more effective PPC team

I’ve been doing pay-per-click (PPC) since 1998, when virtually every setting was manual. While it was painful to manage everything by hand, it forced me to learn the ins and outs of PPC, and that helped me build a successful career.  Today, with automation playing an ever-more-important role in PPC, new account managers don’t have to learn all the fundamentals because tools handle the details.  But as humans learn how to co-manage accounts with artificial intelligence, I believe that those with the strongest fundamentals will have the best opportunities for career advancement.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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The Trade Desk’s CMO says she prioritizes hiring & is committed to her team’s training & development

Susan Vobejda was named CMO for The Trade Desk in November of last year. As the top marketer for the ad-tech platform, she oversees all aspects of the company’s marketing, including branding, product marketing, PR, digital media and content development.“It is a new day for marketers, and things are changing rapidly,” says the CMO, “I know how confusing the marketing technology and customer data activation landscape can be.”Vobejda says she loves helping brands determine how to engage customers and grow their businesses. Before joining The Trade Desk, Vobejda was CMO for fashion brand Tory Burch, and she served in leadership roles for Bloomberg, Yahoo, Gap and Walmart.“Helping brands and marketers navigate these changes is something I am passionate about,” says the CMO. “Every day is different and I love it.”Right now, Vobejda’s team is developing a “Principles of Programmatic” course designed as an instructional guide for brands and agencies.“This course is an introduction to the pow…

The rise of personal searches: How can content marketers take advantage?

As marketers in the ever-changing world of digital, success depends on knowing what consumers want and expect from us. After all, it’s the only way we can deliver.So, it’s interesting to see that a recent data release from Google tells us that personalized search is becoming more and more prominent among internet users.No longer are they turning to friends and family for personal advice and recommendations, but search engines too.Of course, we already knew that… that’s why we work so hard at getting to know our audience and understanding their micro-moments and pain points, delivering the right content at the right time, in the right way.But what Google is telling us is that rather than searching, “How often should you wash your hair?”, we are now searching “How often should I wash my hair?”. Changing those two little words is making the way that we use search engines far more personal than ever before.And the data suggests that consumers now truly trust that their most specific needs…

How To Create A WordPress Staging Site For Testing – 3 Best Methods

Managing a WordPress blog is fun yet easy. However, this changes when you start attracting high traffic and downtime is something you can’t afford anymore. No matter how careful you are, you could make a change that breaks your site, which is bad for both your visitors and your site’s SEO.Instead of risking a change on your LIVE site, you need a safe place where you can test out changes before you make them available to the public. If you are someone who likes to add new plugins or make regular changes in your theme, you will love the Staging feature.Staging is a popular word that means “the method of presenting a play or other dramatic performance”.A staging site allows you to do just that. It is a private replica of your live WordPress site that you can test the changes on. Once you’ve tested the change and are sure of it, you can make it available to your visitors on the live site without any worry. Be it adding a new WordPress plugin, testing new codes or making changes in WordPre…

Marketing Day: E-commerce myths, Intel’s VP of B2B marketing & Vimeo’s latest updates

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Busting e-commerce myths that lead to bad marketing decisions
Feb 15, 2018 by Pratik Dholakiya
Contributor Pratik Dholakiya takes on the role of marketing myth-buster to debunk seven e-commerce clichés and shed light on the truth about what works and what doesn’t.Branch rolls out Universal Ads across mobile, web and native apps
Feb 15, 2018 by Robin Kurzer
The company also announced its membership in the Facebook MMP program.Outbrain launches Sphere, a platform for content recommendations between premium publishers
Feb 15, 2018 by Barry Levine
Sphere offers an algorithm for recommendations based on users’ browsing, plus a per-click payment model that only rewards Outbrain for engagement.Tru Optik leads consumer privacy initiative for OTT TV
Feb 15, 2018 by Barry Levine
The Connecticut-based firm has launched OptOut.TV, and about 40 other firms …