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Is the way you think about reach outdated?

Today, digital marketers believe they have to choose between scale and precision targeting. Oracle Data Cloud offers proof that they don’t have to. The more relevant the audience, the stronger the campaign performance will be. While we’ve found that maximizing reach is important, it’s all about Relevant Reach.Learn how to harness the power of Relevant Reach by carefully crafting an audience of the highest-potential buyers with data-driven targeting to push better campaign results.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download “Relevant Reach” from Oracle Data Cloud.

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The IVEP Association is readying an ambitious new smart video platform for web and TV

A frame of video with an overlaid IVEP smart object. A Canada-based non-profit association has the ambitious goal of launching a new kind of interactive video across several platforms, boosting its transactional transparency and financial viability with blockchain and tokens.As a step toward that goal, the Interactive Video and Experience Protocol (IVEP) Association has announced it has acquired a startup called ScreenJumper. This potentially expands the interactive capabilities of the open source format — but, first, let’s look at what IVEP is about.The IVEP Association, founded last year and based in both Toronto and Montreal, is an offshoot of the for-profit, Toronto-based DubDub, which creates shoppable content for video.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Migrating HTTP to HTTPS: A step-by-step guide

On February 8th 2018 Google announced that, beginning in July of this year, Chrome will now be marking all HTTP sites as ‘not secure’, moving in line with Firefox, who implemented this at the beginning of 2017.This now means that the 71% of web users utilizing either browser will be greeted with a warning message when trying to access HTTP websites.Security has always been a top priority for Google. Back in 2014 they officially announced that HTTPS is a ranking factor. This was big, as Google never usually tells us outright what is or isn’t a ranking factor, for fear of people trying to game the system.In truth, every website which stores user data shouldn’t need an extra incentive to prioritize security over convenience. In a previous article for Search Engine Watch, Jessie Moore examined the benefits and drawbacks of migrating your website to HTTPS, and determined that on net, it is well worth making the move.However, if you are yet to make the switch, and nearly 50% of websites sti…

Super Bowl ad rankings: Trust your gut or employ rational thinking?

The Super Bowl is the single most viewed televised event in the US. Every year, more than 100 million people tune in to see who will be crowned NFL champion. There is no bigger or brighter stage for impactful ad content, so it is no wonder that a 30-second commercial this year sold for an average of $5 million. With the stakes that high, brands fight tooth and nail for audience attention and, like most consumers, they want to make sure they get their money’s worth.Though the need for strong evaluative metrics is clear, the means of selection is less evident. Ad Meter, Real Eyes, YouTube, Ipsos (my employer) and many others all created rankings of winners — but each used a different system and got different results. This year, Amazon’s Alexa ad crowned USA Today’s Ad Meter rankings, while Tide, which did not even make the Ad Meter top 10, won out in the inaugural neuro study conducted by Ipsos.When you’re right, you’re rightWhile your first instinct may be to assume that one of these s…

New MarTech Today report: A Marketer’s Guide to Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

A visual metaphor for iPaaS solutions If you’re a typical marketer, you have quite a few tools and platforms that need to transfer data between themselves.You could use a major marketing platform and integrate the others, but the major platform may not have out-of-the-box integrations with everything you want. You could then ask your IT department to set up the point-to-point integrations you need.Or you could use an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) tool, which acts as a kind of data switchboard that talks to many tools for you.To help you sort out the world of iPaaS, MarTech Today has now released an intelligence report, “Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS): A Marketer’s Guide” [free, registration required]. The comprehensive guide includes a market overview, common features, how to choose an iPaaS solution and detailed vendor profiles.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Are keywords still relevant to SEO in 2018?

What a useless article! Anyone worth their salt in the SEO industry knows that a blinkered focus on keywords in 2018 is a recipe for disaster.Sure, I couldn’t agree with you more, but when you dive into the subject it uncovers some interesting issues.If you work in the industry you will no doubt have had the conversation with someone who knows nothing about SEO, who subsequently says something along the lines of:“SEO? That’s search engine optimization. It’s where you put your keywords on your website, right?”Extended dramatic sigh. Potentially a hint of aloof eye rolling.It is worth noting that when we mention ‘keywords’ we are referring to exact match keywords, usually of the short tail variety and often high-priority transactional keywords.To set the scene, I thought it would be useful to sketch out a polarized situation:Side one:Include your target keyword as many times as possible in your content. Google loves the keywords*. Watch your website languish in mid table obscurity and s…