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LiveRamp’s IdentityLink expands to a new frontier: Television

LiveRamp’s IdentityLink connects one customer data set with another via a persistent identifier, such as an email address.For instance, a brand might supply its customer list, and IdentityLink will connect it through the email or another solid identifier to other data about that customer, such as their mobile device ID or an identifying cookie. Now, the brand can directly and individually target its customers online.LiveRamp utilizes the term “people-based marketing” to describe IdentityLink. The idea is that its joined customer profiles don’t just target the few behaviors of a cookie, but the contours of a person who may also have offline purchases and other non-online attributes.This week, the San Francisco-based LiveRamp is expanding its IdentityLink universe to include television.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Facebook unveils Trip Consideration targeting for travel advertisers

Facebook has announced its ad platform will now offer an optimization option called Trip Consideration, which will target users who are in the early stages of considering a trip. The option rolls out as another addition to the options for travel advertisers, who also benefited from the launch of Dynamic Travel Ads in October of last year.Unlike Dynamic Travel Ads, which retarget site visitors, Trip Consideration reaches people identified to be in the initial stages of looking for a travel destination based on behaviors exhibited on Facebook or Instagram. This targeting aims to help advertisers reach millennials, in particular. The company says 68 percent of millennials found ideas for their most recent trip on Facebook, and 60 percent found them on Instagram.Setup and recommendationsAdvertisers must have the Facebook pixel implemented to take advantage of the new targeting feature. Trip Consideration appears as an optimization option with the Conversion campaign type:Advertisers can o…

Report: Just under 400 brands ran video ads on Snapchat Discover channels in past 3 months

Just 397 brands bought video ads on Snapchat Discover channels — which feature content from publishers such as ESPN, Cosmopolitan and BuzzFeed — between November 2017 and January 2018, according to advertising intelligence platform MediaRadar.That fewer than 400 brands bought ads on Snapchat Discover channels over the three-month period is notable when you compare that to competing social platforms like Facebook, which has more than 5 million advertisers; Twitter, which reported having 130,000 advertisers at the end of 2015; and archrival Instagram, which has over half a million advertisers.Snapchat’s advertising strategy for its Discover business has been to target big brands, with a pricing structure that matches more closely to television buys than performance campaign buys on other social platforms. In contrast, Facebook targets companies of all sizes — from local shops to global brands.The study shows Snapchat’s monetization strategy has been most effective in attracting media an…

Ranker: How to make a Google algorithm-proof website

Any SEO or webmaster who has ever had a website affected by a Google algorithm change – or feared being affected by one – has probably wished that they could find a way to make their website “algorithm-proof”.Still, surely there’s no such thing as a website that’s never impacted by Google algorithms, right? As long as your site is indexed by Google, it’s at the mercy of the algorithms that Google uses to determine website ranking, all the more so if you happen to rely heavily on organic search traffic for your business.The art – or science – of search engine optimization is about determining as best you can what those algorithms are looking for, and giving it to them.Yet one website believes it has found the formula for making its content “Google algorithm-proof”. Ranker is a website made up of dynamic, crowdsourced lists that users can vote on, about everything from pop culture to geography, history to sports, celebrities to science.And according to its CEO, Clark Benson, Ranker has …

How well do you know your customer?

I hate to break it to you, but you don’t know your customers as well as you think you do.  A marketer’s understanding of a customer is usually an ideal view pushed by the brand team — an aspirational view that everyone believes. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.You may even be able to spit out stats like average order value, or units per transaction, but that knowledge is narrow, the insights are few and the result is overconfident marketing built on a foundation of self-fulfilling, internal Kool-Aid drinking that completely misses connection and alignment with real customers.We have to break down that wall before we can move forward. It’s important to consider what you actually know to be fact and why you know it.  It’s easy for a spouted statistic to become a brand commandment, or for a survey that provides a complete and holistic view of your customer to quickly become the concrete and unassailable truth. So how do you separate fact from fiction?[Read the full article on Ma…

Maximizing conversion rates

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) has gained tremendous popularity in the last few years as more companies try to figure out a way to generate higher ROI from their existing online marketing campaigns… but it has not proven to be an easy feat.More companies are trying to conduct A/B testing as a means to increase conversions, but they discover that most experiments do not generate any significant increases in conversions. The 2017 CRO industry survey conducted by Invesp shows that fewer than 20 percent of experiments are successful. But that doesn’t have to be the case. It’s possible to create a structured approach to improving online conversions that can have a significant impact on sales and ROI.Take your campaign testing tactics and strategies to the next level with the Advanced Conversion Rate Optimization and A/B Testing workshop at SMX West. In this workshop, you’ll take a deep dive into the key components of a successful conversion optimization strategy. You’ll also learn abo…

How Progressive Web Apps could rule mobile ecommerce in 2018

Championed by Google since 2015, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are set to explode as an option for brands to increase traffic and conversions on mobile.According to a recent study, a 100-millisecond delay can cost a site 7% of its conversion rate, and Google frequently reiterates that when it comes to capturing consumer attention, every second counts.Looking after your customers with great user experience is also rewarded with a ranking boost, with Google announcing in that from July this year page speed will officially be a mobile ranking signal.Discussion of adopting PWAs are still in their infancy among some sectors and brands, perhaps because the technology is still relatively young and PWA capability issues persist.For instance, only now is progress being made with Apple now adapting its web browser engine to handle key features of PWA. As these barriers begin to dissipate, the reluctance from web developers will also diminish – paving the way for PWAs to become a key platform for r…

What is GS1 SmartSearch Schema markup and why should e-commerce sites use it?

By now most of us should be familiar with Schema Product markup which can be leveraged for listings on e-commerce sites.The benefits of implementing this are serving up your product data in a structured format that is search engine friendly and has the potential to gain rich results such as product rich snippets and rich cards for your product pages.Now there is a more advanced way to implement Schema Product markup which provides the benefits mentioned above and can also help your products gain additional visibility. Called GS1 SmartSearch, this advanced structured data type includes customer-facing attributes related to food, beverage, tobacco and healthcare, as well as to clothing and footwear.GS1 SmartSearchGS1 SmartSearch also allows you to highlight more elements than a normal Schema Product markup such as Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) details which can help improve the discovery of your products.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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Get inside your customer’s head: A guide to writing irresistible calls to action

Often, when we think of optimizing our call to action (CTA), we immediately think of landing page buttons and tweaking colors.However, your landing page CTA isn’t the only marketing CTA that matters.To get people to your landing page, you need them to click on your ads, which means you need a smart call to action in your ads.This is particularly important for paid search advertisers in situations where you can’t include imagery to convince people to use your business. To get online searchers to act, you are completely dependent on your paid search copy, including that all-important CTA.But how do you create the right text ad CTA?Should you go with an old standby like “Click Here!,” “Buy Now!” or “Sign Up Today!” or something more specific, like “Get Your Free Consultation Today!”?The answer is… it depends.As with any online marketing campaign, picking the right paid search CTA is all about getting inside a potential customer’s head. You need to understand the “why” behind a search and…

Wondering How To Automatically Post Instagram Stories On Facebook? Here Is How!

Do you want to learn how to make most out of Instagram stories?Social media is fun and worth exploring. Every day there is something new happening and if you are a blogger or a social media influencer, you would know how much effort you need to put in to be active on all social networks.With the rising number of social network and most of them supports features like video stories, live videos and so on, it’s really hard to be omnipresent. Mind it, I used the word hard and not impossible. A smart person will see this as an opportunity and find a way to share the same stuff simultaneously on many networks. I consider myself as a smart working guy rather than a hardworking one, and I often find various ways to get more done with same or little extra work.Here at ShoutMeLoud, I have shared numerous social media tips and tricks in the past. Today, I am extending this series to all the Instagram users. I’m sharing a trick for all the users of Instagram, who love to create stories on the wid…

Facebook gives more than 50 publishers access to ‘Breaking News’ label

Facebook is making another attempt to fine-tune the way its users consume news articles. Last November, the site gave a small group of local and national publishers the ability to include a “Breaking News” label on their stories. Starting today, Facebook is expanding its “Breaking News” label test run to more than 50 additional publishers in North America, Latin America, Europe and Australia.“If the expansion is successful, we may add more publishers,” writes Facebook product manager Joey Rhyu on the site’s news blog.According to the announcement, publishers with access to the label can include it on Instant Articles, mobile and web links and Facebook Live videos. Facebook says publishers can use the label once a day (but will have an extra pool of up to five indicators per month) and can choose to have it included on a story for up to six hours.The label comes with analytics so that publishers can see in their Page Insights how their “Breaking News” posts performed. Facebook says re…

Marketing Day: A Solix survey on GDPR readiness, customer data tool for SMBs & more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Last chance: SMX West kicks off next week. Be there!
Mar 5, 2018 by Marketing Land
SMX West is coming to sunny San Jose in just a few days, and we really hope to see you there! Join your SEO and SEM colleagues March 13-15 for in-depth learning and exceptional networking. You’ll leave stocked with fresh inspiration and the actionable tactics you need to get the job done.Solix survey supplies more evidence of GDPR unreadiness
Mar 5, 2018 by Barry Levine
Two-thirds of responding IT pros didn’t even know if personal data could be purged entirely from their systems.Bedrock Data unveils software to help SMBs unify customer data
Mar 5, 2018 by Barry Levine
The new Fusion software is designed to automatically resolve data from multiple sources, creating blended customer data that is ready for analytics.The rise of voice technologies means new opportuni…