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Snapchat’s @-tagging test could help brands & influencers build their follower numbers

Snapchat’s latest feature is giving users — along with influencers and brands — a new way to build on their follower numbers by adding the ability to tag another user in a Story.TechCrunch covered the new feature yesterday, reporting that users can now tag someone in a Story by adding another user’s handle when typing text over a photo or video. Anyone viewing the Story will see a “More” option at the bottom to be able to swipe up and see the tagged account’s handle, Bitmoji and an “Add” button to follow the account — making it easy to find and follow more Snapchat users.According to a Snap spokesperson, the feature is in “test mode” and currently works for any type of account, including “organic” brand accounts.TechCrunch says that, for now, the tags generate notifications as long as the person tagged is part of the test.The bonus for brands with this new feature is that any call-out from an influencer on the platform will make it more easy for the influencer’s audience to find and f…

Creating the best lead-gen website, step by step

Before I graduated from the Art Center College of Design, Lynda Weinman was my teacher for web design. Yes, THAT Lynda — who created and sold it for $1.5 billion to LinkedIn (just to give you some perspective on where I’m coming from).Back then, I was fortunate enough to be around creative geniuses tackling technology in new and innovative ways, which I only later found out was not the norm. Back then, we were focused on making a website look cool and on-brand, as well as delivering relevant messaging… but in this new day and age, the X-factor for websites includes the engineering of a seamless experience to make conversions as frictionless as possible through UX (user experience) and testing. The result? A multilayered experience around product-market fit that I like to call Brand-Response.Brand-response doesn’t stem from techy, click-baiting tactics… rather it stems from something way more primal and strategic: storytelling. This is how you can turn your branding into some…

Marketing Day: Twitter rethinks verification, Amazon acquires Ring & the AI journey

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:No, we can’t say Facebook CPMs are up because of the News Feed change
Mar 9, 2018 by Ginny Marvin Why new data doesn’t indicate whether people are spending less time on Facebook now. And what it does show.Twitter’s Jack Dorsey says the platform’s intention is to open verification to everyone
Mar 9, 2018 by Amy Gesenhues During a 45-minute livestream, Twitter’s CEO and three other executives answered questions around the site’s safety-abuse and misinformation issues.What’s the real strategy behind Amazon’s acquisition of Ring?
Mar 9, 2018 by Barry Levine For the CMO of CDP Treasure Data, it’s not just ‘the last mile.’ It’s really about more data to completely map the consumer experience.TVSquared adds ‘who’ to its TV performance tracking by partnering with LiveRamp’s IdentityLink
Mar 9, 2018 by Barry Levine Now, the service can track the digital…

No, we can’t say Facebook CPMs are up because of the News Feed change

It’s a frustrating truth: Sometimes a data set just can’t tell the story you want or think you should be hearing.On Thursday, a story in Recode relied on new data to suggest that Facebook’s change to its News Feed to de-emphasize commercial posts in favor of those by individuals may indeed be causing people to spend less time on the social network — just as CEO Mark Zuckerberg had said could happen when he announced the coming rollout on January 11.The canary in the coal mine? Shrinking ad impression growth and rising growth in cost for those impressions since the change in January and February. The story was picked up by multiple outlets.The conclusionsThe data showing changes in CPMs (the average cost per 1,000 ad impressions) and impressions in January and February come from a data set shared by AdStage, a cross-channel campaign reporting and automation platform and Facebook marketing partner.From the Recode story:The general thinking is that less time spent on Facebook typically e…

Accelerating your AI journey — 5 steps to get CMOs started

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) wave is rolling across the industry and, for CMOs who intend to stay two steps ahead of their competition, now is the time to get started with this new capability.As the focus of the Chief Marketing Officer shifts toward customer-centric, data-driven and performance-led campaign initiatives, the perception is that AI is yet another technology area that must be grappled with and understood.The reality, however, is that AI will not add complexity but instead should make it easier for the CMO to access insights and automation that influence sales, boost operational efficiency and increase customer lifetime value.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

via Marketing Land

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey says the platform’s intention is to open verification to everyone

rvlsoft / During a 45-minute livestream yesterday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey addressed a number of safety-abuse and misinformation issues currently plaguing the site. He was joined by three other Twitter executives: David Gasca, head of product health; Vijaya Gadde, head of legal, policy and trust and safety; and Del Harvey, head of trust and safety. The four spent most of the conversation taking questions from viewers and sharing how Twitter is focusing on the health of the platform.The site’s verification process came up twice during the call, once when a viewer commented, “I feel if everyone was verified, it would clean up this platform.” A second conversation happened when another viewer asked if Twitter will be verifying more people.“Short answer is going to be yes,” said Dorsey in response to the question. He prefaced his comment by saying that one of the intentions of the new verification process is to help people verify more identity details and to open verificat…