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Facebook introduces ‘store sales optimization’ and other ad improvements for retailers

Facebook is announcing three new offerings to drive mobile and offline retail sales. They’re really product evolutions or extensions of existing solutions previously introduced: store sales optimization, Tabs for Canvas and product categories for dynamic ads.All of them utilize Facebook interest and behavioral data for varying degrees of personalization.Store sales optimization uses machine learning “to help retailers show ads to people most likely to make an in-store purchase, even if they are not an existing customer.” Early customer Michael Kors used this in connection with a branded Instagram video campaign to generate an 11 percent incremental lift in in-store sales, which is significant — especially if these are new customers.Facebook unveiled new features for retailer advertisers on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is also adding personalization to its Collection ads. The new capability is called “Tabs for Canvas,” and when users click on product-centric ads in the News Feed, th…

Forecast: Amazon and Snapchat gain US ad revenues at Google and Facebook’s expense

According to new estimates from eMarketer, Google and Facebook’s hold over the US online ad market is loosening — slightly. The so-called duopoly’s combined share of US advertising will be a projected 56.8 percent in 2018, compared with 58.5 percent last year.The decline, if we can call it that, is attributed to the rise of Amazon and Snapchat. The data aggregator says that in 2018 “Amazon will cross $2 billion in US ad revenue for the first time,” capturing nearly 3 percent of US digital ad revenue. Roughly a third of the company’s revenues come from mobile devices.Amazon is increasingly focused on online advertising and sees it as a source of future growth.Snapchat will also see growth. Its share of US digital ad revenue is expected to cross 1 percent this year and exceed $1 billion for the first time. This represents more than 80 percent growth versus with a year ago. Still, Snapchat is much less of a threat to Google and Facebook than Amazon.As has been widely reported, Facebook’s…

How to set up event tracking in Google Analytics

Event tracking is one of the most useful features in Google Analytics.With just a little bit of extra code, you can capture all kinds of information about how people behave on your site.Event tracking lets you monitor just about any action that doesn’t trigger a new page to load, such as watching a video or clicking on an outbound link. This data can be invaluable in improving your site.There are two different ways you can set up event tracking in Google Analytics. One way is to add the code manually. The other is to set up tracking through Google Tag Manager.Both methods are doable without a developer, although you may find it easier to use Google Tag Manager if you have no coding experience.How to set up event tracking manuallyWhat exactly is an event? Before you start tracking events, it’s important to understand how they’re put together. Each event is made up of four components that you define. These are category, action, label, and value.CategoryA category is an overall group of …

All new! B2B Marketing Automation Platforms Marketer’s Guide updated for 2018

The latest edition of MarTech Today’s “B2B Marketing Automation Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide” examines the market for B2B marketing automation software platforms and the considerations involved in implementing this software in your business.This 48-page report is your source for the latest trends, opportunities and challenges facing the market for B2B marketing automation software tools as seen by industry leaders, vendors and their customers.Included in the report are profiles of 15 leading B2B marketing automation vendors, pricing charts, capabilities comparisons and recommended steps for evaluating and purchasing.If you are a marketer looking to adopt a marketing automation software platform, this report will help you through the decision-making process. Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download your copy.

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4 questions to launch your data-driven email strategy

I was at the grocery store getting supplies for my weekly steak night ritual. As I walked to the checkout, the teenager at the cash register looked at the t-shirt I was wearing.“‘Data is the New Bacon?'” he read off my shirt.“You bet data is the new bacon,” I said. “From just your email address I can guess up to 1,300 data points about you and use predictive modeling to find out what you’re interested in and how to advertise to you.”He gave me a typical adolescent look of disbelief. So, I went on, enjoying the spectacle of seeing him totally bedazzled as he bagged my groceries.“I can use that data to figure out how to advertise to you on different levels, too, from the sites you visit every day, from the Instagram accounts you follow to what you watch on TV,” I said.As I talked, I could see his mind explode.“Really? Just off my email address?”“Yep, just your email address. Give me your email address and your ZIP code, and it gets me even closer to you.”I chuckled to myself as I tr…

Facebook pilots program to help creators build advertiser relationships & drive fan engagement

Facebook is taking steps to make its network more appealing to content creators and influencers by piloting a product testing program built around creator needs. Scheduled to roll out over the coming weeks to a small group, the experimental features are aimed at driving more fan engagement for creators and helping them create revenue from their Facebook activitites.“We’ve been working closely with creators to understand what they need to be successful on Facebook,” write Facebook’s Vice President of Product Fidji Simo and the company’s Head of Entertainment Partnerships Sibyl Goldman. “To support them, we’re focused on three areas: helping them engage and grow their community, manage their presence, and build a business on Facebook.”To start, Facebook is experimenting with two different revenue-generating tools. One will allow creators to shop themselves to advertisers and brands for branded-content opportunities. Facebook says creators that are part of the pilot program will be able …’s Sparky bot/service finds reasons why bad reviews should be taken down

Online reviews can make or break a small company, which is why their marketers often keep a close eye on them.LA-based startup is out with a chatbot and service that helps pinpoint the reasons that Yelp, Google+ and Facebook might take down a bad review.CEO Curtis Boyd told me that, to his knowledge, this is the only automated bot/service that gives reasons a bad review might violate Yelp’s or others’ Terms of Service (TOS), which are the only reasons the reviews will be taken down.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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DatavizVR rebrands as 3Data, adds new features to its VR data visualization tool

For Tyler Cummings and Wallon Walusayi, inspiration for their virtual reality (VR) data visualization platform came from a desire to better understand the performance of their fantasy football teams.Now, after a successful two-year run with VR data visualization app DatavizVR, the duo is looking to expand its capabilities with a rebrand and product offering expansion.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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SEO tips for large ecommerce websites

Approaching SEO for large ecommerce sites can be overwhelming.With more pages than you can even get your head around and issues like product variants, complex filtering systems and expired products, SEO for ecommerce sites requires a different kind of SEO strategy.Let’s be clear. All of the same keyword research and onsite optimization practices apply to ecommerce sites as they would for your standard brochure site. That’s the first step in the process, and we won’t cover those points here.However, for ecommerce sites, it’s necessary to take things a step (or ten) further. In this post, we share our SEO tips for large ecommerce sites. Optimization for ecommerce takes time, but we are also providing tips to help streamline the process without scrimping.Here goes…Ensure your site is on HTTPSSafety first! Although this falls under general optimization for all sites, switching to HTTPS is particularly important for ecommerce sites. With exchanges of personal details and users trusting you…

Facebook suspends Cambridge Analytica, firm that exploited its data to support Trump election effort

In 2010 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg famously quipped that privacy, as a social norm, was dead. He was probably right but not in the way he intended.It’s not that people don’t care about privacy; they do, as much or more than ever. It’s just that they appear to have declining control over their data and how it’s used — or exploited. Privacy abuses and massive data breaches are probably the new normal, as the Yahoo, Equifax and now Cambridge Analytica episodes reflect.Last night Facebook’s deputy General Counsel Paul Grewal said in a blog post that Cambridge Analytica, a UK-based data and analytics firm centrally involved in the pro-Brexit and Trump campaigns, had been suspended for violating its policies. According to the post, University of Cambridge professor Aleksandr Kogan passed data obtained from a “personality prediction” app (thisisyourdigitallife) to Cambridge Analytica and others for political targeting purposes during the 2016 election campaign.Former Cambridge Analytica co…

Dashlane: The Best Password Manager To Improve Your Security & Productivity

Confidence is good but overconfidence is what makes most of us vulnerable and prone to getting hacked.It is the over-confidence that most of us use the same password on all websites we access. Even though we know it’s dangerous, and we are prone to hacking, we don’t want to take the hassle of creating a new password for every website we sign up on.Why will a hacker target me? I don’t have money, and I’m not that important.This is another psychological reason that we don’t take our own security as an utmost priority.In the initial years of my online career, I was the same and had a few passwords which I used on all the websites. Since my passwords were very, I considered myself safe. That despite the fact that I’m a computer engineer and know that this is not a good practice. It wasn’t like I was not aware of the security threat of using same passwords. It was just that I had no solution to my trouble.I signup on a couple of websites every day (part of my blogging career), and I can’t …