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Springbot opens a customer data co-op for retail SMBs

Springbot, a marketing automation platform for online stores, is trying to give small and medium-sized retailers access to the kind of data co-op their larger brethren enjoy.This week, the Atlanta-based firm is launching its Exchange, which it describes as the “first data cooperative for eCommerce SMBs.”The Springbot platform offers email, social media and other marketing tools for stores utilizing the BigCommerce, Shopify or Magento e-commerce environments to about a thousand retailers, mostly in the US.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]The post Springbot opens a customer data co-op for retail SMBs appeared first on Marketing Land.

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Hijacking Google search results for fun, not profit: UK SEO uncovers XML sitemap exploit in Google Search Console

In 2017, Google paid nearly $3 million to individuals and researchers as part of their Vulnerability Reward Program (VRP), which encourages the security research community to find and report vulnerabilities in Google products.This week, Tom Anthony — who heads Product Research & Development at Distilled, an SEO agency — was awarded a bug bounty of $1,337 for discovering an exploit that enabled one site to hijack the search engine results page (SERP) visibility and traffic of another — quickly getting indexed and easily ranking for the victimized site’s competitive keywords.Detailed in his blog post, Anthony describes how Google’s Search Console (GSC) sitemap submission via ping URL essentially allowed him to submit an XML sitemap for a site he does control, as if it were a sitemap for one he does not. He did this by first finding a target site that allowed open redirects; scraping its contents and creating a duplicate of that site (and its URL structures) on a test server. He then…

Google Surveys now available in more than 50 countries

Google announced on today that it is expanding its Google Surveys product and Surveys 360, its survey solution for enterprises, to more than 50 countries.Originally launched in 2012 as Google Consumer Surveys, the offering is designed to “… put quality market research in the hands of businesses of all sizes,” says Google. The Surveys 360 product offers the same survey solutions, with added advanced targeting, reporting and sharing features for enterprise organizations.Lightspeed GMI’s SVP of Global Marketing and Strategy Frank Kelly says his company will be using the surveys in geographic markets where the company has previously had difficulty collecting consumer research.“As a global company, we’re especially excited about the targeting expansion to over 50 new countries,” says Kelly in the announcement on Google’s Analytics Blog.In addition to expanding surveys to more than 50 countries, Google says it is now possible for users in more than 70 countries to purchase surveys, as it ha…

12 tips to improve your reputation strategy

To grow and stay ahead of your competitors, you need to take a hard look at your reputation strategy.The online reputation of your business hinges on a variety of elements. It’s an ever-evolving digital mix-up of comments, reviews, blogs, and more.It’s time to take a proactive approach to improve your online reputation. Not sure where to start? Here are 12 tips to make your business shine under any consumer microscope.1. Upgrade your Trustpilot accountTrustpilot continues to sway consumers, and you probably have built up a few Trustpilot reviews for your business. But are you making the most of your Trustpilot account?By upgrading your Trustpilot account from free to paid, you get more personalized features to net more ratings and reviews.Paid Trustpilot features include:Personalized email address from senderCustomizable review invitations to your customersRich snippetstar rating in TrustBoxTrustBox optimizationImported product reviewsTrustpilot paid features can make a big impact on …

Delivering optimized media-rich content for mobile

We all know the adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” meaning that a complex idea can be conveyed in just one image. The phrase was made popular nearly 100 years ago in an article about the power of images in advertisements, and the sentiment rings just as true in today’s always-on digital age. It’s been said that the human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text, and research supports that images directly impact mood and invoke a variety of emotions.This makes visual media, both images and video, a powerful tool full of marketing potential. According to YouAppi’s CMO Mobile Marketing Guide, 85 percent of digital marketers plan to boost their mobile marketing budget for videos in 2018 by 10 percent over 2017 levels. That’s to meet a marked surge of interest in videos, which are a superb medium for personalization and connections.Source: YouAppi’s 2018 CMO Mobile Marketing Guide During aninterview in 2017, Pinterest CEO Ben Silberman said, “A lot of the …

Marketing Day: Oracle & Google back in court, Facebook’s local news prioritization goes global & advertisers are still spending

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Oracle’s $9 billion Java lawsuit against Google back from the dead
Mar 27, 2018 by Greg Sterling Appeals court said that Google violated Oracle’s copyrights.Advertisers didn’t leave YouTube, and they won’t leave Facebook
Mar 27, 2018 by Nate Elliott Is Facebook in serious trouble with advertisers over data practices revealed in the Cambridge Analytica scandal? Contributor Nate Elliott expects the controversy to eventually blow over.Facebook’s local news prioritization in News Feed now rolling out globally
Mar 27, 2018 by Greg Finn Users across all locations and languages may now be seeing more localized news in their Facebook News Feed.Thinfilm provides first NFC-for-engagement data to Adobe Analytics
Mar 27, 2018 by Barry Levine The NFC tags, placed on products, can help deliver product info to smartphone-bearing shoppers.Senate Judiciary Comm…

Advertisers didn’t leave YouTube, and they won’t leave Facebook

Advertisers are threatening to leave Facebook because of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. But nothing makes advertisers stop buying successful ads. As long as Facebook delivers results, advertisers aren’t going anywhere.Revelations that Cambridge Analytica exploited Facebook’s data policies made this a bad week for the social giant:Investors punished its stock. Facebook’s share price fell 14 percent in a week.Regulators demanded answers. The FTC started investigating Facebook’s privacy practices. European regulators also announced inquiries.Advertisers threatened to leave. Brands like Commerzbank and Mozilla suspended their Facebook campaigns. The ISBA — which represents 3,000 brands, including P&G and Unilever — warned Facebook that it was deeply concerned and said: “This issue is a key priority for us and we are committed to keeping up the pressure on Facebook to deliver clarity and action.”I can’t predict what investors or regulators will do next. But advertisers aren’t going t…