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MarTech salary survey results — See how yours compares

MarTech Today and surveyed over 800 readers to gather salary data and assess the roles and responsibilities of marketing technology professionals. For the analysis, we filtered it down to only the 432 who identified their role as marketing technology, marketing operations or a combination of the two. We were looking for answers to the following questions:How much do marketing technology and operations professionals make?Is there a gender pay gap, and if so, where does it exist?How often do martech professionals get promotions?Read the full 25-page report to find the answers. Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download the “2018 Marketing Technology & Operations Salary Survey.”The post MarTech salary survey results — See how yours compares appeared first on Marketing Land.

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Study captures new consumer ‘hierarchy of needs’ facing brands

Given all the politics and polarization in the market these days, it’s a bit of a minefield for brands. Loyalty is down, according to many studies, and consumers seem generally less tolerant of brands making mistakes or otherwise behaving badly.However, in a new survey from mobile-location data company Blis, 52 percent of respondents say they’re more loyal to brands today than they were five years ago. Another counterintuitive data point is that women appear to be significantly less brand-loyal than men. But the study also has a range of interesting and more nuanced findings than “brand loyalty is up or down.”The survey of 2,000 US consumers offers a “hierarchy of needs” and values that consumers use to evaluate and make purchase decisions from retailers and brands. At the bottom — the most weighty or common considerations — are product quality and price. Less influential are the sellers’ values or “morals,” as a purchase consideration.Consumer Hierarchy of Brand NeedsAs reflected abo…

Facebook expands A/B ad-testing capabilities & adds reporting features

Facebook is adding new features to its A/B split-testing feature for advertisers and making it available from within the Quick Creation workflow.The A/B ad-testing option, launched in October of last year, was originally only available in the Facebook Ads Manager’s Guided Creation workflow screen. With this update, Facebook has added the split-testing option to its Quick Creation flow where advertisers can create ads in bulk.Engagement split testingFacebook’s A/B testing has allowed advertisers to test different ad formats, visuals, headlines and calls to action. Now, it will also support testing based on engagement objective.“We’ve added split testing support for the engagement marketing objective, so you can easily run a split test on ads optimized for post engagement, Page likes and event responses,” says Facebook,Additionally, advertisers can now run split tests focused on catalog sales, conversions, app installs, reach, video views, traffic and lead generation.Duplicate split tes…

Hyperlocal SEO: What is it, and how can you make sure you do it right?

It is likely that if you are reading this, you’ve heard of ‘local SEO’ and have an understanding of the importance for certain businesses to optimize their web presence to rank for locally specific searches.In a nutshell, ‘hyperlocal SEO’ is doing the same kind of optimization, but for smaller, more focused localities such as neighborhoods, towns, streets, and spots located near well-known landmarks – rather than ‘local SEO’, which would normally stop at cities, districts, or regions.The benefits are clear: the search journey is simpler for your customer, it’s easier to compete with other businesses for more niche hyperlocal search terms, and it should lead to more footfall to your door.Google is also aware of these benefits. In recent years it has responded to the mobile habits of users who are increasingly searching for businesses ‘near me’ or ‘near to…’ and who are more often using hyperlocal locations in their phrases.Today, Google rewards those sites who have serious hyperlocal S…

Everything old is new again: How some traditional brands have used martech to support growth

Every day we hear of more and more well-known traditional brands shutting their doors. There’s no shortage of thoughts as to why this is happening (retail apocalypse, anyone?), but in many instances, it’s a simple case of a brand not staying connected to its target.But there is hope. Some brands are re-evaluating their missions and finding commonality with today’s shoppers. In many cases, this means embracing marketing technology, and in some, recentering their core business around it.Sure, it’s a digital transformation. But it’s more.Having the foresight to back up, look at your business and see how martech could take your 50-year-old business into the next 50 years takes guts and a commitment to the brand’s core qualities, those that made it successful to begin with.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]The post Everything old is new again: How some traditional brands have used martech to support growth appeared first on Marketing Land.

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AI and machine learning: What you do and don’t need to know for SEO

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a field of technology that is surrounded by both hype and misconceptions.It is predicted that $60 billion will be spent by brands on AI technology by 2025, so this hype is having a direct impact on where companies allocate their budgets.A significant difficulty in defining the size of the AI market is in defining exactly where its boundaries lie. Although we tend to imagine eerily human robots that mimic our mannerisms, AI is actually a very broad field that encompasses a range of disciplines – some more relevant to search marketing than others.More often than not, it is embedded in software that can process vast amounts of data to make or inform more intelligent decisions.The headlines are typically reserved for AI applications like driverless cars and delivery drones, but this overlooks the fact that AI has the potential to improve every aspect of our lives.Machine learning, which is a subset of artificial intelligence, is built on algorithms that tak…

SEMRUSH Deal – 14 Days Free Trial Worth $199

SEMRUSH is one of the smartest and an award-winning SEO tool. This is perfect for an individual blogger, for agencies or for large SEO companies to take care of all their SEO need. Before I share this exclusive deal for SEMRUSH, let me share what SEMRUSH can do for you.SEMRUSH is an online SEO tool which offers multiple features like Keyword research, backlink checker, site audit to name a few. In one of my earlier post I have shared an exclusive hands on review of SEMRUSH, which you can read here.SERMUSH graphical interface makes it easier for you to quickly start working on it. One of the best feature of this awesome SEO tool is, you can check any website and find out which keywords that website is ranking for. You can further select the keywords to see other matrices such as difficulty, related keywords, AdSense CPC. [[Skip reading & use this link to get this special deal]] SEMRUSH Discount deal : Exclusive Trial of Guru AccountIn the past 6 years of my blogging life, I have se…

[Deal Alert] BlueHost Hosting Coupon: Save 66% + Free Domain

Bluehost Webhosting is officially recommended by WordPress hosting page, and it’s the best choice for your new WordPress blog. Before I share this special Bluehost coupon, let me give you a brief about Bluehost plans and packages.Skip everything & claim your discount nowBluehost offers 3 shared hosting package, and all packages come with one free domain name, Free SSL Certificate & PHP 7.0 support. Here are the packages:Bluehost Basic: Let you host 1 websiteBluehost Plus: Let you host up to 10 Websites ( Recommended plan)Bluehost Prime: Recommended for those who need privacy for domain.My recommendation would go for Bluehost plus package for 2 or 3 years term. Higher the term plan will be, you will get more saving. Moreover, Bluehost is cPanel hosting which also let you create the professional Email address for free. Bluehost offers free CDN for all your websites with the help of Cloudflare, and it will make your website load 3x faster than your existing speed. Moreover…

Four ways to remain productive when the AdWords interface changes

The new AdWords interface is creating quite a stir in the PPC industry because, while it’s pretty, it’s disrupting the work of lots of PPC professionals. A Mona Elesseily says, “[T]his is a workhorse for many of us, not a viewing platform.” Fortunately, advertisers who use third-party tools like Optmyzr have a chance to transition their workflows more gradually than those who rely entirely on the tools Google provides.At Optmyzr, we know that our PPC optimization software must do two things really well: save time and improve performance. Over the years, we’ve learned that achieving these goals requires different interfaces for different account managers. In other words, one solution does not fit all.Because so many Optmyzr users are experts who do PPC for a living, the tools tend to have lots of ways to tweak things based on individual strategies. But even users who leverage all the customizations sometimes just want a prebuilt solution that leverages the wisdom of the entire industry…

Consumers don’t want to think anymore

Customer expectations are changing drastically. With every new medium, technology or innovation, they already expect the next level of service.Expectations are moving so quickly that they’re outpacing the same technologies that are keeping retailers on their toes. At the customer’s core, he or she simply doesn’t want to think anymore. The customer doesn’t want to worry about slow load times, clunky payment experiences, shipping and long lines. The customer only wants to think about the product — and he or she wants it immediately without distractions.No industry is immune to these changing dynamics. While retail has seen the most change from every angle of the business model, grocery stores are experiencing urgency around payments, mobile checkout and scan-and-go technology. The banking and finance space is also playing catch-up from poor customer experiences and easy payment transfer options that Venmo has pushed into the customer mindset.But retail always seems to take these changes…

Facebook’s new Custom Audiences permission tool will require user consent confirmation

Facebook has confirmed a TechCrunch report that it is developing a tool for advertisers to verify they have gained consent to use email addresses uploaded via Custom Audiences.Facebook’s Custom Audiences make it possible for advertisers to target users on its platform by uploading lists of emails, phone numbers and other data and cross-referencing it against user profiles.According to Facebook’s director of corporate communications, Elizabeth Diana, the coming certification — or permissions — tool will require an advertiser and the agencies or other entities that obtain data to confirm that the third-party data in a Custom Audience has been responsibly sourced.Facebook’s Custom Audience upload interface does not require advertisers or agencies to confirm user data was rightfully acquired. Right now, users can see which advertiser lists they are included on by viewing the “With your contact info” tab in the “Advertisers you’ve interacted with” section of the Ad Preference settings page.…

The future of retail is Generation Z-dependent — and martech is the way to reach them

By now, it’s no secret that Gen Zs (born between the mid-1990s and the mid-2000s) value individuality, innovation and creativity above all else — especially when it comes to their purchasing habits.Despite their short attention spans, Gen Zs are efficient thinkers who have higher expectations when it comes to their shopping experience compared to older generations. In order to keep pace, retailers need to align their marketing strategies accordingly.Again and again, we’re witnessing some of the biggest industry giants of yesterday crumble under rapidly changing customer habits and expectations.It’s become a vicious cycle of disruption, then a period of content followed by dethronement. Just this past month, one of the largest book retailers — and one-time disruptor of the bookstore industry — announced that they are cutting staff in reaction to declining sales as Amazon and Walmart continue to eat up market share.Luckily for retailers, the recent rise of martech has made it much easie…

Marketing Day: YouTube’s TrueView ads, AI for customer service & the power of podcasting

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Lowest rates for SMX Advanced expire Saturday
Apr 2, 2018 by Marketing Land
If you’re craving a conference that skips the basics and dives right into the deep end of search marketing, look no further. Search Engine Land’s SMX® Advanced is coming to Seattle June 11-13. This conference has sold out every year for over a decade, and Super Early Bird rates expire this Saturday night.To make every conversion count, count every conversion
Apr 2, 2018 by Matt Lawson
Measuring conversions is critically important in digital marketing. Columnist and Googler Matt Lawson explains why sitewide tagging is crucial to making every conversion count.YouTube’s new TrueView for Reach option makes bumper assets skippable
Apr 2, 2018 by Ginny Marvin
With the latest TrueView offering, brand advertisers run their shorter video ad assets, including bumpers, as skippabl…

Lowest rates for SMX Advanced expire Saturday

If you’re craving a conference that skips the basics and dives right into the deep end of search marketing, look no further. Search Engine Land’s SMX® Advanced is coming to Seattle June 11-13. This conference has sold out every year for over a decade, and Super Early Bird rates expire this Saturday night. Book now to secure your seat and enjoy serious savings!Your All Access pass unlocks the complete SMX Advanced experience, including:Full access to 40+ sessions, keynotes and clinics.Actionable insights and tactics shared by the best and brightest in search marketing.Access to leading industry vendors, products and solutions in the Expo Hall.Exclusive networking opportunities.Top-shelf amenities, including hot lunches, WiFi and more.If you’re already planning to join us for SMX Advanced, do your wallet a favor: Register now and enjoy $500 in savings! This is the absolute best price we can offer for All Access passes. Seize your opportunity today.Psst… Don’t forget to join us for the 4…