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How Salesforce and Demandbase are handling GDPR for B2B

To get a sense of how B2B-oriented companies are responding to the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we checked in with Salesforce and Demandbase.While Salesforce is used for consumer-facing marketing and customer management, it is best known as the repository of customer data for salespeople calling on companies.“We look at GDPR as a huge opportunity,” SVP of Global Privacy Lindsey Finch told me, “not only for us, but for the industry.”She told me that Salesforce is building on its existing “sophisticated sharing model,” with lots of new audit fields. The ability to delete an identity across the platform has previously existed, for example, but a release in February made it “easier and more consistent.”[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]The post How Salesforce and Demandbase are handling GDPR for B2B appeared first on Marketing Land.

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How the acceleration of AI will drive digital transformation: Automation and personalization

As the digital world continues to shape and consume the physical world, the scope of digital transformation within businesses keeps expanding. We are in an era of unprecedented opportunity, and much of the growth we experience over the next decade will be driven by artificial intelligence. In fact, PwC predicts that AI will add $15.7 trillion to global GDP annually by the year 2030.Artificial intelligence is already a key driver of digital transformation across a wide range of sectors, from insurance to manufacturing and the automotive industry. The potential of this technology to shift business strategy to a truly customer-centric model remains largely untapped, but CMOs everywhere are increasingly aware of the need for an “AI-first” approach.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]The post How the acceleration of AI will drive digital transformation: Automation and personalization appeared first on Marketing Land.

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10 great reasons to attend SMX Advanced

The search marketing profession is defined by change. Tactics that work today are outdated next quarter. Platforms launch while others sunset. Pillars of the industry crumble in the blink of an eye. Serious search marketers know that in order to be the best versions of themselves, the smartest and most capable, they need to train. Hard.That’s why elite marketers like you attend the conference that speaks to an elevated level of experience, skips the basics and addresses the nitty-gritty of the search marketing universe: Search Engine Land’s SMX® Advanced.SMX Advanced is the show for serious digital marketersObsessed with SEO and SEM? We are, too. SMX Advanced has been the leading conference for SEO and SEM professionals for over a decade, helping thousands of marketing practitioners from across the world succeed with their search marketing endeavors. Our team has one goal: to deliver actionable insights to the marketing community.Here are 10 reasons why you should attend SMX Advanced …

Consumer groups file FTC complaint against YouTube for collecting kids’ personal data without parental consent

A coalition of 23 consumer groups filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission charging YouTube with violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) by collecting personal data on children without parental consent. YouTube is owned by Google.The complaint was co-filed Monday by the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC) and the Center for Digital Democracy.The groups say that Google doesn’t even make an effort to try to comply with COPPA.From the CCFC post announcing what it is calling a “landmark complaint”:The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, or COPPA, is the only federal law regulating how to handle kids’ online data, and its demands are relatively straightforward: if you run a site for kids, or if you know kids are using your site, you need to a) tell their parents exactly what kind of personal data you collect, and b) get verifiable parental permission before you gather any information from or about kids. There’s other stuff, too, but those…

An SEO’s survival guide to Single Page Applications (SPAs)

SEOs beware: if you haven’t heard of Single Page Applications (SPA for short), or if you have been resistant to learning about these JavaScript methods for creating websites, the time for hiding your head in the sand is over.Check out this tweet from Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller:The web has moved from plain HTML – as an SEO you can embrace that. Learn from JS devs & share SEO knowledge with them. JS's not going away.— John ☆.o(≧▽≦)o.☆ (@JohnMu) August 8, 2017John Mueller is correct. It’s not going away.A quick search on Google Trends for “Single Page Application” reveals the sharp rise in popularity and awareness of SPAs over time:Some developers are positively enamored with using JavaScript frameworks and libraries to create websites, and SPA popularity has been steadily growing.Take Angular (also known as AngularJS and Angular.js), for example.Here’s a Google Trends search for the Angular JavaScript framework showing the past 5 years, and Trends even recogniz…

AppNexus gives up MRC accreditations

The Media Ratings Council (MRC) has revoked AppNexus’s accreditations. The ad technology platform has also withdrawn from the accreditation process as of March.The accreditations were pulled in March after having been suspended in September 2017 “until compliance with requirements for General Invalid Traffic detection and filtration has been established”.The company has lost accreditation for all metrics. “Accreditation revoked for all previously accredited metrics (Desktop Display Served and Viewable Ad Impressions and related viewability metrics); accreditation had been suspended in September 2017. AppNexus has withdrawn from the accreditation process,” noted a press release on accreditation actions for the first quarter of 2018 from the MRC on Thursday.The MRC announced that Facebook and Instagram were both granted newsfeed Served Ad Impressions accreditation in desktop, mobile and mobile app. Cox Digital COMET (formerly Gamut), WebSpectator and Adloox lost or withdrew some or all…